Sunday, November 28, 2010

" I Do " or " I Am Not Sure " Mindset

"When we are old one day and we can't find anyone to take care of us, I will sit beside you on a bench and listen to your narration about how good you were when you were young! I don't mind what type of food we will be eating, I also do not know how to complain about anything, all I want is just to hold your hand tightly as I am your wife! I have dedicated my whole life to you, I had been your faithful follower ever since I was young, although I have seen many life events and happenings in this world, I do not find one thing that is more important than YOU! My dedication to you makes me realises that happiness is when we have " noises " around. When the departing moment has come, I will have to let you leave before me as it would be heartbreak for me to see you drop your tears for me! .......................". This is the lyric ( translated from a popular chinese song ) of a beautiful and meaningful song which I had just listened to a moment ago.

How many couples can really stick to their marriage vow nowaday? Before the marriage, many couple will tell each other that they will love and take care of each other till death separate them apart! I do not have the world divorce survey record, but by looking at the current scenario in the world, I have a feeling ( my feeling only! Please don't quote me! ), the divorce rate may have increased over the years. This beautiful and "modernised" world is full of many attractive and seductive things which can really blind and confuse the mind of the people nowaday! Money, luxurious lifestyle, sensual pleasure and sexual pleasure, these are some of the irresistable factors which can break up a family!
I like this beautiful and meaningful song very much as it reminds me of my late beloved mother. I can firmly say that my beloved mother fits in well to the description of the song. She had dedicated her whole life to my dad and our family. Her patience, her tolerance, her " take care of others first " attitude has really earned our highest respect! My beloved mother and father were a "victim" of the ancient mindset! Their marriage was pre-arranged by my grandparents. They did not have a chance to choose their life partner. Although my late beloved mother was an illiterate, she perfomed her duties as a wife very well. She went through all the "up and down" of life together with my dad. As for my dad, he also perfomed his duties as a husband and father very well. Although my dad was very bad temper, he did not neglect his duty as a good husband and father! No matter how busy he was, he will definitely find some time to be with us everyday. My highest respect to both of them!
I do hope to see that young couple can spend more time for each other every day. Communication is crucial for young couples as without it their hearts will start to wonder or fall apart easily. Based on my observation, nowaday, many younger couples are chasing for their dreams, some even work till they do not have time for each other! In my opinion, this is extremely dangerous as no one can guarantee whether the " lonely " heart of your beloved partner will start to wonder or be attracted by this modern society one day? Hahaha...... . Take care!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The " Surrender " Mindset

A friend of mine just told me that he has surrender himself to his party and the leadership of his party. He will let his party to decide his future! What a great sacrifice by surrendering himself to his party and the leadership? Well, I am a bit puzzled over the word " SURRENDER "! I really do not understand what did he mean by surrender himself to the party and the leadership? ???????????

During my course of work, I did come across a no. of people who like to "surrender" themselves to their employer! They will just do whatever their boss tell them to do. Although they are aware that what they do will not give them the desired results or is not right, they will still blindly carry out the task which their boss told them to do. I really do not know why they need to do so?! To me personally, we are selling our services to our employer, if they do not appreciate it, why should we sell our service to them? It would be better for us to sell our service to someone who really know how to appreciate it. In this manner, both your employer and you would be happy.
Based on my shallow understanding, we can surrender our material things or even our physical body to anyone. However, should we also surrender our wisdom to others? Maybe different people may have different views! I hope my beloved readers will share your viewa with me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

" Believe or Do Not Believe "

I received the horoscope for the year 2011 from a friend recently. I am wondering is this really important to us? Some people believe that it is good for us to know what is ahead of us! However, I believe that there is no one who can really guarantee the accuracy of the horoscope. I have an experience to have encountered with two sets of contradicting horoscope a few years ago. One horoscope predicted a good year ahead for me. The other horoscope predicted a very bad year for me. I was caught in the middle of nowhere! Should I believe the first set of horoscope or the second set? The first set was predicted by a well known local feng shui master, the second set was predicted by a renowned Hong Kong feng shui master. At the end of the day, I decided that why should my life be controlled by the horoscope? Come what may and I will face it accordingly! I believe if something bad is going to come to me during the coming year, why should I run away from it? Who knows it may become worse if I were to run away from it? It would be better for me to face and resolve it when it arises! I strongly believe that any bad events will be a thing of the past if we were to find ways to resolve it! Nothing in this world is permanent, same goes to our problem. If we were to put in the right efforts to define our problem, determine the actual cause of our problem, find the right solution and the right processes to solve our problem, our problem can definitely be resolved Anyway, I did not encounter any serious difficulties or problems during that year. Maybe it is because I have prepared myself mentally to face the challenges ahead of me.
Well, our mental wave is just like the radio wave, if we were to tune the frequency to the respective radio station, the station will go on air. Same goes to our mind, if we were to continuously focus or worry about something bad is going to happen to us, it will definitely come to us sooner or later! A simple reason is that we are tuning our mental frequency to the frequency of the "bad thing". Why should we waste our precious time to do such an unwholesome act to ourselves? How many horoscope in this world can really predict accurately all the incidences that are going to happen? Mankind tends to worry about the unwholesome thing, if there is a prediction in the horoscope that we are going to die next year, will it affect us? I would like to leave the answer to the readers of this post! Please share your views!
Lastly, I would like to say that believe or do not believe in the horoscope is a matter of choice! No one should control another over their belief system!
Think positive, Act positive and you will achieve Positive Results for the year 2011!".
May all beings have a Great and Fantastic Year 2011 ahead!

Friday, November 19, 2010

An Interesting " Tuition " Mindset!

Just saw an interesting banner on the roadside advertises that a private tutition centre has produced many many many full " A " ( Distinction ) students. Based on what I understanding, many of the "full distinction" student just took up one or two subjects in the private tuition centre, however, the tuition centre is highlighting to the public with this great academic performance banner.

I do not know why are there so many private tuition centres have been set up in the country nowaday? Some of the interesting questions which appeared in my mind when I saw the advertisement were : What is the main cause of this sudden bloom of the "tuition" industry? Are there any problem with our education system? Are the teachers incompetent to teach the students? I am wondering why some of the tuition teachers who are from the public school can produce great "A" students in the tuition centre whereas they can't do it in the public school? etc........ . Is the blooming business of the private tuition centres an indication that the current education system and or the competency of the teachers need to be reviewed and improved accordingly? I really do not know! Maybe a survey from the parents should be carried out to assess the situation.
Anyway, I believe education begins at home. Parents should not just delegate this responsibility to the private tuition centres. They have to supervise, guide and ensure that their children do their homework. As the saying goes, " Charity begins at home ", I believe it is also appropriate to say that " Education begins at home! ". Anyone wants to share your comments?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Have A " Considerate " Mindset!

I was speechless when I heard one of my friends told me that his neighbors really made him annoyed when they burnt the firecrackers the whole night through. His sleep was interrupted. He was having severe headache the next morning.

Recently, one of the religious devotees celebrated their religious festival in our country. With due respect, we shared their joy in celebrating the festival. However, if their happiness of celebrating the festival becomes the sorrow of others, I believe it is not right! According to my friend, his neighbor even throw the firecrackers into his house compound which exploded with very loud "bang" in his car porch which is just in front of his bed room! He was really mad about it! I believe we should be considerate towards each others when we are celebrating any festivals?

Mankind, be it of any race or any religious group, has high tendency to lost themselves and making wrong perception of others when they are celebrating any events! They will think that others will not mind if they are making huge noises because they are celebrating an event! Well, I believe whether others will mind or not, we have to respect the privacy of others. Be discipline in our own behavior and do not bring unhappiness to others is the utmost important aspect of our life! I have to emphasize that there is nothing wrong to celebrate any happy events, however, we must not bring any unhappiness towards others!

Just take an example, how many accident cases happen every year when people are celebrating the arrival of the coming new year and or any religious festivals? Do we want any of our family members to be the victims of these events? I still remember when I was young, during chinese new year, they will be many people lost their home due to fire because of firecrackers! Do we want to be a victim of this type of the fire?

May all beings be free from selfishness and be considerate of others' well-being!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who Creates The " Depressed " Mindset?

Depression seems to be in the rise in this modern society now! What has gone wrong? What are the causes of Depression? How should we prevent it from happening? How should we treat it?

I really do not know what has gone wrong in this so called "Modern Society". In fact, I also do not know why some people need to "show off" that they are living in a moden society?! How does the modern society benefit mankind? I cannot deny to certain extend that the modern society has improved the living standard in terms of material gain, sensual pleasure and or sexual pleasure of the people! However, in terms of human value, morality and health, I really do not know how people can reap any benefits from it! Nowaday, we can see more violent "killing" cases, vice activities and "modern" sickness ( are the "modern" society people more healthier tha the so called "Non Modern" society?) !

Nowaday, people are chasing for materialistic gain and fame, they have ignored the two little important words of life, they are : "Needs" and "Wants"! They spent more time chasing for their "Wants" instead of what they "Needs"! The more they spent their valuable time to chase after their wants, the more stressful they are at the end of the day! I still remember the analogy where someone told me the businessman are just like a cyclist! Once they are on their bicycle, they can't stop their feet movement! They have to continue to cycle till they reach their destination! If they stop cycling, they will fall! Mankind continues to chase after their "wants" is just like a cyclist! However, a cyclist has an ending point whereas people's want does not have any ending point! If they can achieve or get what they want, they will be on top of the world! However, if they do not get what they want, will they be happy? I believe the effect of long term unhappiness and living in the shadow of fear of others looking down upon or tease them will eventually lead them to Depression! Please correct me if I am wrong.

Should we lead our own life or should we let others to manage and or control our life? We have a choice! If we could have a clear mind, we definitely know how should we lead our life! Do not let our ego and pride lead us to terrible consequences - Depression!

May all beings be free from "Mental" and "Bodily" suffering always!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What a " Wonderful " Mindset!

I was shocked when I heard a young mother told a salesgirl at a departmental store that her life has devastated after she had given birth to her first baby.

Nowaday, many young couples married based on " ideal " and or " romantic " concept. What they want is just to hold each other hands till death separate them apart. They do not want any additional family members to "interrupt or destroy" their " ideal " or " romantic " life!

Well, it is fair that if they do not want to have any additional family members, they have to take extra or additional precautions. They just can't have "pleasure" and do not want to face any "pressure" and also do not want to take any precautionary steps!!!

What a wonderful mindset does this mother has? Blaming the children for her own negligence and poor planning! Is it right? Isn't it funny? Just a silly thought, will their children blame them for bringing them to this world? Will their children condemn their for this irresponsible statement?! Many young couples nowaday are seriously looking for treatment for not able to conceive! I believe for those who can conceive and have a healthy baby, they should be grateful for it!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

" To Be Positive " Or " To Be Realistic "?

I believe many of us will have great difficulties to choose between to be positive or to be realistic when we are facing challenges! I had come across many businessman who are facing this problem. They are usually lost at this crossroad! Just to share a good example is : recently, one of my friends who was once upon a time a well known property developer has been greatly affected by the economic slowdown and is facing a real serious financial problem. One of his creditors has filed a petition to the Court to wind up his company. He is very frustrated and he told me that why nobody can see the future like what he sees! According to him, the total gross development value of all his projects has exceeded RM4 billion and why the people do not want to give him a chance! Currently, he is not only facing the problem with the creditors, he is also facing the problem with his bankers. He has been given one month to resolve the issue with the said creditor if he wants to stop the winding up petition! As the amount involved is too large, I really do not know how he is going to settle the matter with the said creditor! Some of my friends who are financial advisers told me that unless he is willing to dispose off some of his projects or there is a "white knight" to rescue him, or else that's the end of his company. From what I am aware, this friend of mine is highly egoistic and very "kiatsu" type of person, I really do not know whether he will take the advice of the financial advisers?! Anyway, that's his life and I wish him all the best!

I believe many of us will face or had faced this type of situation before where you have to choose between to be positive or to be realistic! How to be positive if you are avoiding reality? How to face the reality if you are not positive? It is a real tricky question! Anyway, I believe they have to come in pair!
Anyone has any views to share?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Is This " Right Thing Right " ?

Teachers can go into politics!

I believe this is a real interesting topic to discuss about. I do not know how many people will support and how many of people will oppose the idea! If a teacher were to join a political party, I really do not know how he can segregate his duty as a teacher and a politician?!

I believe teachers are the most important person in our life, they teach us what is right and what is wrong! By joining a political party, can the teacher have an impartial views towards what he sees and what he does? I do not know.

I believe the duty and the responsibility of a teacher is not just restricted to helping the students to achieve academic excellence. They have to help to inculcate moral values, discipline and provide the right guidance to the students to lead a right and healthy life!

Have you ever seen a politician who praises his opposition party for doing a good job? I do not know! So far what I have seen is politicians busy "digging" another party faults and highlighting them to the whole world so that they can gain more supporters! In order for the politicians to do it, they will have to instill hatred towards all the members within the party so that they will dislike the other party and help them to "dig" whatever that are unfavorable to the opposition party!

Can a person who will instill hatred towards other guides us on the right path? Please share your views!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

" Tools " vs " Heart "

I just heard of an interesting story about my friend's parent in laws. Her parent in laws like to quarrel everyday. It seems like a daily affair where they will "poke" at each other and start the quarrelling. Both their age add up is more than 140 years old. With their age I do not believe that they do not know how to communicate! People with more than 70 years of communicating experience still have problem in communicating with each others?!

We can invent the best and most advanced comminucation tools in the world, however, if people refuse to communicate or "no heart" to talk to each others, the tools become useless! I still remember I had seen a documentary program about a shipyard which is about 100 years old. One of the directors of the shipyard told the interviewer that when they started the shipyard, they did not luxury of having the communication tools such as handphone, walkie talkie or any wireless devices, however, they still complete the ships and delivered to their customers on time!

What is the real cause of communication problem now? The communication tools or the " Heart and Attitude " of the people?

Anyone to share your views?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

" I Don't Care " Mindset!

" Paralysed Girl Gets RM800,000 "

The above was the headline highlighted in one of today's newspaper. A tragic accident more than 10 years ago left the girl paralysed from the chest down.

I believe different people may have different views towards the above news. Some people may say that what is the point of getting the compensation where you are paralysed? Some may say, "Wow, got so much money! ".

Sometime, I do not understand why some people can take life so lightly. They thought that every problem can be solved by money! Recently, I met with an accident. My car was "banged" by a pick up van from behind. The very first thing the driver said when he came out from the car was : " Just dented only. No problem la, you can claim from my insurance company. My insurance company is very efficient, you can get the claim very fast! No need to worry! ". I was utterly disappointed with the attitude of the driver! He did not even ask me whether I or the passengers in my car were hurt? He was more concern about the car! The worst part was that, he did not even regret over his mistake and apologise! In his mind, he thought that he has insurance coverage, why worry?! Insurance company will help him to solve his problem! I was sad to find out later that, he is a "horrible" driver! He has bad driving attitude and used to knock at people very often!

I believe some people need a critical incident to attain realisation! Sometime, it would be too late for them to realise if that critical incident were to take place. Why can't people "wake up" by themselves? Any good advice for this type of people?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Is This An "Illogical" Or "Logical" Mindset?

" What would happen if your "Golden Dragon" fish dies?" I asked my friend who is a devout follower of feng shui when I visited him recently. My friend just ignored my above question and turn his back to me. I believe he was unhappy over my question. He is a person who is very superstitious. He might think that my question will bring him bad luck! Hahaha..... .
I do not know why some people think that their life can be improved by rearing fishes, putting plants in their house etc etc.... . I do not know what would happen if their fishes or plants die, will their life be affected? Well, I believe no one can control or guarantee the life span of the fishes and plants so that they won't die before we die?
Should we control our life or should we let the external factors to control our life? My friend is rearing the golden dragon fish, however, his life is controlled by the fish? We are the "servant" or "maid" to the fish? Is it logical? I do not know! Please share your valuable views.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Rite!

What a wonderful thing to be tagged by Lian of Loving Kindness @ Samsara. Thanks Lian for your kind thought. I will do my part accordingly.

The rules of this little tag game are:

1) Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder.
2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it
4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

So, I will tag the following people for the game:

2) Alma - Live, Love, Laugh With Philly 5113
3) Sara - The Breathing Post
4) Kim - Stuff Could Always Be Worse
5) Md Abdul Maleque - Physiofuru
6) Grace D Chong - Leaves Of Grace
7) Colin Myles - Grow and Succed
8) Say Lee - Going Global

The above picture is the 8th picture in my photo file. I just love this photo because it reminds me that all of us will have to go through this last rite! The above last rite was for my mum. It was a simple but meaningful ceremony where the prayer was done before her body was being sent to the crematorium. I am glad that mum lived till the age of 92. I really do not know how many people in this world can live till the age of 90 now.
Mum, if your consciousness is still around us, may I take this opportunity to wish you, "May You Be Well And Happy In Your Next Life! Please do not worry about us!".

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where Does Happiness Come From?

I just came across the below thought provoking statement :

Ask yourselves, ''Why was I born?'' Some people don't know. They want to be happy but the suffering never stops. Rich or poor, young or old, they suffer just the same. And why? Because they have no wisdom. The poor are unhappy because they don't have enough, and the rich are unhappy because they have too much to look after.

I just couldn't disagree with the above statement! Where is the cut off point? Different people may have different perception! Happy or unhappy is a stage of mind!
Any disagreement? Please share your view.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The "Never Ending Problem" Of Mankind!

"What are the causes of mankind's never ending problems?"
My opinion is : our moral conduct! I believe there are few important moral conducts we have to observe in order for us to eliminate or not to create new problems! There are :
1. Taking the life of others because they are the "stumbling block" towards our progress!
2. Taking things that do not belong to us.
3. Commit sexual misconduct!
4. Not truthful in our speech!
5. Taking intoxicating foods or drinks.
How can we lead a peaceful life if we to break the above moral conducts? We will always live in the shadow of fear! Just to share some examples : If we have killed someone, we are afraid of people taking revenge, if we steal or taking things that do not belong to us (which includes accepting bribe!), we will worry that people may find out and report to the authority, if we have committed sexual misconduct, we will worry that we may contract life threatening diseases and also scare that our spouse may find out and be divorced! If we were to tell lie, we will worry that others may find out the truth and we have to continuously create a big lie to cover the previous lie. If we were to take intoxicants such as drugs, we will worry that our employer may find out and terminate our service and also we will worry that police may arrest us one day!
Any disagreement? Please share your views.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can We Escape From Reality?

"Looking forward for a firmer, softer, smoother & more radiant skin that acts up to 15 years younger? Back by clinical studies, this amazing product, the first in the market, will be launched in April'10 with 4 pages advertisement in 5 major prestigious magazines. Contact the undersign now for a personalized consultatio.... ."

I saw the above advertisement a few days ago. I am wondering what are the "active ingredients" of this product? This amazing product really challenges the ageing process?! As for side effects, the advertiser did not mention anything about it! I really do not know how far it is true.

Anyway, I believe those who are scare of growing old will be attracted by this advertisement! I am wondering how would a 80 years old man look like after using the product? An old face with a young skin? I am really curious and interested to find out one day!

Well, why are people so afraid to grow old? What is the problem of growing old? The below interesting question always linger in my mind whenever I come across this type of situation, "Do we have problem when we were young?".

Please share your views!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Which Is More Important? Yourself or Your Belongings?

I just came across an article in the newspaper that a pet owner has decided to spend RM10K for advertisements just to locate his lost pet.

When a person lost his belongings such as properties, pets or any material items, it is natural that he will be panic ( lost his or her mind) and do whatever they can just to search for it! However, when a person has lost himself, do you think he will be panic and find ways to search himself? Usually, they will just keep quiet over the issues and let thing takes its own course.

I really do not know whether human being is more concerned about losing "things ( such as money, properties, pet, fame etc...)" that are outside their body and mind rather than within their body and mind!
Anyone has any ideas to share?

Monday, February 22, 2010

" How Should We Leave This World? "

" How Should We Leave This World? ".

I believe the above question is a very scary question for some of us to think about! I do not know how many of us really think of the question before. Anyway, I believe this is a very meaningful question which all of us should reflect on! Whether we like it or not, we have to face it one day! Life is uncertain, Death is certain!

Should we leave this world with regrets? Should we leave this world with a beautiful smile on our face? Should we leave this world with our mouth and eyes open widely? Should we leave this world with lots of worries? Should we leave this world with multiple injuries and blood all over our body? Well, many people think that we should not waste our time to think of this question! However, based on my experience of seeing people on their last thought moment, my view is that we should think of this meaningful question before the time comes! I had seen how the "yet to be reborn" people struggle during their last thought moment. It is a very painful and pitiful sight!

I believe no one will believe our life is so fragile that we depend largely on our breath. No one can tell us when our "breathing system is going to breakdown!", no one can and no one may! Just to share a real story of my aunt. This aunt of mine was so healthy and strong that she will go for her Tai Chi exercise every morning. Yesterday afternoon, she told my cousin to go to the opposite shop to buy her some foodstuff. My cousin immediately went over to the shop and bought her the foodstuff. After my cousin returned from the shop, he saw my aunt sleeping motionlessly on a reclining chair. He went over to call her and found that she has left the world. Thirty minutes ago, my aunt was talking to his son and thirty minutes later, she has left the wordl. No one was there to bid farewell to her. Anyway, I was told by my cousin that my aunt left the world with a beautiful smile. May she be well and happy in her next life!

My dear friends, do you agree with me that we should reflect on the above question seriously before the time comes? Please share your valuable views!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can We Improve " Human Touch " With Advance Communication Tools?

I was watching a documentary film in the television recently. The program talked about how the Chinese from China have created their business empire in one of the states in our country. According to some of them, when they started their shipyard, they built all the ships without any engineering drawings, any advance equipments and tools! What really impressed me about what they said is not how they built the ship but the TEAMWORK of all their employees! How all the employees can stick together and work towards one common goal?

Human being knows the importance of TEAMWORK. They are aware of the best ways to work together, however, when there are differences in views, most of the people will tend to forget the most effective way to resolve their differences. They tend to stick to their own views and refuse to open up their mind to listen to the views of others.

With the advancement of the information technology, advance telecommunication tools and equipments, I believe people should be able to work together more closely. However, I am a bit disappointed to note that although with the advance tools and equipments, people can communicate more effectively, however, the " human touch " does not seem to get closer. In fact, it is getting wider and wider!

One of my friends who owns a three storey house told me this real life story. Everytime when dinner is served, he has to use his handphone to call all his children on the top floor to come down to have dinner together. After the dinner, all his children will run up to the top floor again to do their own work. As my friend is suffering from knee problem, he could not run up and down of the staircase too frequently. He and his beloved wife will have to stay at ground floor to watch television. He told me he regretted to buy the three storey house as he is now having lesser contact hours with his children. He can just communicate with his children via handphone!

Is communication tools or equipments the only way to improve human relationship? Anyone care to share your view?

Monday, January 25, 2010

" Human Beings Are Saddists ?! "

I do not know what to say when I heard one of my friends said that " Human Beings Are Saddist!". Well, what was in my mind at the time was this question : Is it true?

Anyway, I do notice that whenever we see someone making any mistake, we will laugh! Just take an example of the show " Mr Bean ". Why people laugh when they see Mr Bean making mistake or silly act! Is it that they are happy???? I really do not know the reason behind! Can anyone enlighten me on this? Why should we be happy when we see others making mistake or fail in whatever they do?

Whenever there is War, the winner will be very happy when they see that their opponent has been defeated! When in business, the businessman will be very happy to see their competitors fail in their business! When there is any sports competition, the winning party will be very happy to see that their opponent is defeated. It seems finding others' mistakes or weakness is the most happiest thing for us in this world!

I understand that there are always two sides of a coin. However, do we need to be very happy when we see others fail?! I do not have the answer. Anyone can share your views?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What An Unclear Mindset?

A few days ago, I read from the newspaper that some religious fanatics had carried out the arson attack on the places of worship of other religion. I am deeply sadden by the incident.

I remember many many years back I came across a saying by a wise man i.e " you can destroy the place of worship of a religion, however, you can't destroy the religious teaching as they are in heart and mind of the devotees!". I pity the building! Hahaha.....

If we are unhappy or unsatisfied over any issues, it would be better for us to find out the causes of the problem rather than to release our frustration and anger on the buildings, tables, chairs and so on. I believe if we can clearly define our problem, we can find the causes of our problem, and if we can find out the causes of the problem, we can definitely find a solution to resolve the problem.

We are human, we have a mind, we are not like the dogs and cats where they can't think rationally. We should engage our mind power to resolve problem. We should not let our emotion to control us!!!

Any different views? Please share.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Thoughts", "Words" And "Action" !

" May I be free from enmity
free from ill-will and un-trouble
may I keep myself happily
may I keep myself happily ...................

May all my neighbours be free from enmity
free from ill-will and un-trouble
may they keep themselves happily
may they keep themselves happily................

May all beings be free from enmity
free from ill-will and un-trouble
may they keep themselves happily
may they keep themselves happily! "

I heard someone reciting this wonderful verses this morning. I believe if all of us were to recite this verses SINCERELY and MINDFULLY ( that is with full concentration and the awareness of what you are reciting ) every day, the world will be a much better place for us to stay!

Well, I believe some people may be asking why the above verses start from " May I be free from ..... " and not from " May we be free from...... "? I believe this is a very good and valid question! Some school of thought think that this is rather selfish! However, there are also some school of thought think that we should practise : "It Begins With Me! ".

Anyway, I believe the main focus here is not on whether the verses should start from " May I be free from ...... " or " May we be free from........ ". The main focus should be on whether the person who is reciting the verses is really sincere and mindful about what he or she is reciting!

A good question for reflection : " How many of us really align our thoughts and our actions ? "