Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who Creates The " Depressed " Mindset?

Depression seems to be in the rise in this modern society now! What has gone wrong? What are the causes of Depression? How should we prevent it from happening? How should we treat it?

I really do not know what has gone wrong in this so called "Modern Society". In fact, I also do not know why some people need to "show off" that they are living in a moden society?! How does the modern society benefit mankind? I cannot deny to certain extend that the modern society has improved the living standard in terms of material gain, sensual pleasure and or sexual pleasure of the people! However, in terms of human value, morality and health, I really do not know how people can reap any benefits from it! Nowaday, we can see more violent "killing" cases, vice activities and "modern" sickness ( are the "modern" society people more healthier tha the so called "Non Modern" society?) !

Nowaday, people are chasing for materialistic gain and fame, they have ignored the two little important words of life, they are : "Needs" and "Wants"! They spent more time chasing for their "Wants" instead of what they "Needs"! The more they spent their valuable time to chase after their wants, the more stressful they are at the end of the day! I still remember the analogy where someone told me the businessman are just like a cyclist! Once they are on their bicycle, they can't stop their feet movement! They have to continue to cycle till they reach their destination! If they stop cycling, they will fall! Mankind continues to chase after their "wants" is just like a cyclist! However, a cyclist has an ending point whereas people's want does not have any ending point! If they can achieve or get what they want, they will be on top of the world! However, if they do not get what they want, will they be happy? I believe the effect of long term unhappiness and living in the shadow of fear of others looking down upon or tease them will eventually lead them to Depression! Please correct me if I am wrong.

Should we lead our own life or should we let others to manage and or control our life? We have a choice! If we could have a clear mind, we definitely know how should we lead our life! Do not let our ego and pride lead us to terrible consequences - Depression!

May all beings be free from "Mental" and "Bodily" suffering always!

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