Monday, February 22, 2010

" How Should We Leave This World? "

" How Should We Leave This World? ".

I believe the above question is a very scary question for some of us to think about! I do not know how many of us really think of the question before. Anyway, I believe this is a very meaningful question which all of us should reflect on! Whether we like it or not, we have to face it one day! Life is uncertain, Death is certain!

Should we leave this world with regrets? Should we leave this world with a beautiful smile on our face? Should we leave this world with our mouth and eyes open widely? Should we leave this world with lots of worries? Should we leave this world with multiple injuries and blood all over our body? Well, many people think that we should not waste our time to think of this question! However, based on my experience of seeing people on their last thought moment, my view is that we should think of this meaningful question before the time comes! I had seen how the "yet to be reborn" people struggle during their last thought moment. It is a very painful and pitiful sight!

I believe no one will believe our life is so fragile that we depend largely on our breath. No one can tell us when our "breathing system is going to breakdown!", no one can and no one may! Just to share a real story of my aunt. This aunt of mine was so healthy and strong that she will go for her Tai Chi exercise every morning. Yesterday afternoon, she told my cousin to go to the opposite shop to buy her some foodstuff. My cousin immediately went over to the shop and bought her the foodstuff. After my cousin returned from the shop, he saw my aunt sleeping motionlessly on a reclining chair. He went over to call her and found that she has left the world. Thirty minutes ago, my aunt was talking to his son and thirty minutes later, she has left the wordl. No one was there to bid farewell to her. Anyway, I was told by my cousin that my aunt left the world with a beautiful smile. May she be well and happy in her next life!

My dear friends, do you agree with me that we should reflect on the above question seriously before the time comes? Please share your valuable views!