Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The “ Wrong Is Right “ Mindset

Just watched a movie and one of the sayings of the main actress in the movie really makes me to think seriously on what she said. The actress was teaching her daughter to tell lies to cover her own wrong doing. Her daughter disagreed with her. However, she told her daughter that if everyone is telling the same lies, the lies become the truth. Although this happened in the movie, however, I strongly believe this is happening in the world now.

I had a friend who is a Purchasing Manager of a multinational company. He told me that every month the company's suppliers' will automatically bank in some money to his bank account. I asked him why the suppliers' give him the money? I shared my view with him that it is not right to accept this type of money. He said he didn't ask from them and they give him the money willingly. I asked him again why the suppliers' want to reduce his own profit to give him the money? He said that was not his problem and insisted that he didn't ask from them. Is this a right thing right or wrong thing right?

If we were to read the news on the media, there are many corruption cases, cheating cases etc etc. happening in the world now. Are all these acts the right conduct of a person? It seems that all this cases are increasing day by day.

Just a thought, if this type of "Wrong Is Right" mentality continue to grow, what consequences do we have face later on.

Kindly share your view.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The “ Never Ending Competing “ Mindset

I was attending a wedding dinner when I overheard someone trying to show off that he had just bought a big bungalow house in a prestigious area in the city recently. I did rejoice with his achievement however, I was wondering will it really makes a person happy when he or she possesses a big bungalow house in a prestigious area? How long can his or her happiness last?

Does happiness really come from what type of property we possess or how much money we have? In my humble opinion, I believe happiness depends on individual’s definition of contentment level. Just an example, for a young man who comes from a poor family, a small car will make him very happy, however for a young man who comes from a wealthy family, a small car will not make him or her happy as he or she would prefer to have a luxurious high power car.

Well, I believe we really need to define our contentment level. If we can’t define our contentment level, we will never find long lasting happiness.

Some may say that the “never ending competing” mind will lead us to improve our live. I do not know whether is it true? Anyway, I do quite often come cross many "like to compete" type of people died of serious sicknesses like heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure. Some of them can't even have the opportunity to enjoy what they have struggle so hard for. I do not know whether did the never ending competing mind causes them to have high stress which gave them all these sicknesses. 

For those who have different views, please share your valuable views with me. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Pray For Miracle" Mindset

Watching the recent Olympic Men's Double Badminton final prompted me to ponder about this thought, " Which party should the Almighty help? ". Malaysian team or the China team?

I saw many supporters of the Malaysian team were praying hard for their team to win. However, I also believe that the supporters of the China team will also pray hard for their team to win. With this type of last minute "emergency" prayer, I believe the supporters of both the teams were really putting the Almighty in a difficult situation. If the supporters of both the teams were from the same faith, I believe it is easier for the Almighty to decide. However, if the supporters were from different faith, it would be a situation where the supporters were really creating problem for their Almighty?

Sometime, I really do not know why should we trouble the Almighty to handle all our problems? I believe all religious teachings do provide guidance to their devotees on how they can live in a "problem or stress" free way. However, how many of the devotees really practice what their religious teachings guided them?

Any views on this?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

" Learn One Thing Do Another Thing " Mindset

"What would you do if someone were to throw your holy scripture into the toilet bowl and flush it away? ". This is a very sensitive and good for thought question posted by one of the participants to the religious teacher. Without any hesitation, the religious teacher replied the participant with the below answer with a beautiful smile : " I will call the plumber in to clear the clog in the toilet drainage ".

" Don't you think we should fight back to protect the holiness or supremacy of our holy scripture? ". This is the second question posted to the religious teacher. For this question, the teacher replied with some interesting questions for the participant to reflect whether is it neccessary to fight back. The questions given by the teacher was : "Will the fight back give us more happiness and make the world a better place to live?". What would be the consequences if we were to fight back? Will this brings any good to the world or the future of mankind in this beautiful world?".

This question always linger on my mind : " Does the Almighty One agrees to this type of emotional based behavior? ". Based on my shallow understand, holy scripture always guides us to spread love, forgive those who sins against us and tell us that it is our duty to guide those lost souls to be on the right path. Well, instead of following the right teachings by the Almighty One, what I can see is a totally different picture in this beautiful world now. I believe the holy one wants to see us live in a peaceful and harmonious environment. I also strongly  believe that the Almight, Compassionate and Merciful One does not want to see bloodshed in this beautiful world. I believe the question now is : "Should we shoot at the lost sheeps or should we guide the lost sheep?". Is it right for us to shoot at the lost sheep? What is the difference between us and the lost sheep if we to shoot at them? Are we also considered as lost sheep since we have deviated from the teachings of the Almighty One? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Nowaday, most of the people are very emotional based! They can lost their cool and calm mind easily. When things do not turn out to be what they are hoping for, they will find ways to get what they want even it is a wrong way! They are not concerned about the consequences they are going to face later on. I really do not know what had happened to the human world now? Is this the right approach? What is the right thing people should be doing now? Can anyone help to clarify for me?

I do not have the slightest intention to criticise or insult anyone or any parties with this post. It is just my own reflection. Please ignore this post if it is not in your favor.

Hope to hear some valuable and constructive criticism and comments from my beloved visitors. Cheers!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The " Let Go " Mindset

"Let go"

You should not worry too much, you should learn to let go!
The past is gone, the future is yet to come, live now!
Don't worry be happy!

The above statements are the normal advice we would give to other who approaches us with a problem. I believe it is easy for us to advise anyone who approches us with a problem to let go. However, how many people can really understand the real meaning of "let go" and the worst part is that how many people really know the process on how to let go! Is committing suicide when we are facing problem a way of letting go? Can we consider hiding ourselves somewhere when we are facing problem a way of letting go?  

One of my friends who is suffering from Depression came to our house. He told me that the psychologist he is seeking treatment for told him that he must learn to let go whatever problem he is facing now. I believe giving advice to others is easy. However, when we are facing the same situation, can we really let go? I believe we will be caught in a situation of do not know what to do, confused, fear, lost .........etc.

An interesting question we should always reflect on : " How many problem or problems can we or should we hold on in our mind? ". I believe no one can really give us an accurate answer!  

Well, if a problem really cannot be resolved after we have put in much effort or already exhausted all avenues, what should you do next? Can committing suicide solve our problem? Sometime, I do wonder are we born in this world just to face and accumulate problems? What is the puropose of us born in this world? Is the function of our mind is just to be a "warehouse" to store problems? I believe it is not so.

Based on my observation, people who can solve their problem are those who find ways to shift their negative (reactive) thought to positive (proactive) thought. Instead of feeling sad, the person will focus on how happy he will be if he resolves his problem. By doing so, he charge himself with more positive energy and his "unhappy or sad" mind will become happy. With this sense of happiness in mind, his mind will start to anlayse what are the causes to his problem? With the analysis and right understanding, he can then see thing clearly and sensibly. Also, with the right understanding of the causes of his problem, he is then able to let go (discard or eliminate) all those non value added ideas or concept or fear in his mind. With the letting go of all the non value added things in his mind, he can now focus on doing the right thing right to lead a happier life. 

May All Beings Be Well Happy Always!

What A " Cancerous " Mindset!

I have been hearing people saying that in order for us to cure a cancer patient, the only way is to "destroy or kill" all the cancer cells in the body. I do not know whether is this a myth or a truth? Recently, I came across a video clip about how a Chinese physician uses the Origin-Point Therapy to help cancer patient to recover from the sickness. According to what the physician said, destroying or killing all the cancer cells by injecting or consuming the advance medicine may weaken the health of our body. He said that there were many obvious cases where the cancer patient went through surgical operation and a series of advanced medical treatment, their body immediately became very weak. They have to be isolated from the crowd, they will lose their appetite for food and they are also "banned" to eat certain type of food during the treatment period. What a suffering stage the patients have to go through! According to the physician, the increase of cancer cells in our body is just an INDICATOR to hint to us that our health is deteriorating and it is time for us to find ways to strength our health and not destroying the indicator. However, due to our misconception and fearful nature, most of time, we will find ways to destroy the indicator instead of finding ways to strength our health! According to the physician, cancer cells were already existed in our body since the day we were born. If cancer cells can really kill us, we will be dead since the day we were born. Hahaha....... . A good example would be our car, there are certain lights (indicators) installed in our car's dashboard to highlight to us if there are faulty areas in our car engine, however instead of repairing the faulty areas or parts, we tell our technician to disconnect the light because we think that if the light is disconnected, our car will be alright. A good question for us to reflect on : Should we repair the faulty parts or should we just disconnect the indicator?  

Well, human being tends to find ways to "destroy" or "chase away" their own relatives, friends or colleagues if he suspected that they are not committed to be with him. However, did he ever think of what has gone wrong and how should he strengthen the relationship instead of destroying the close link between him and others? Was it because he did not do the right thing right that had caused them to lost confident in him and leave him? I do not have an answer. What I can say is only this : "Whenever we point our fingers to others there are three fingers pointing back at us.". We need to think seriously what causes us to face this type of situation? We should not just put the blame on others. We are hitting at our ownself  and not others if we do not take the initiative to review what has gone wrong and just assume that others are wrong!

Any disagreement? Please share your view.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The " Bullshitting(?!)" Mindset

Argue, argue and argue. Condemn, condemn and condemn. Insult, insult and insult! This is the real scenario happening in the policitcal arena nowaday. Some politicians think that by using these tactics they can win over the confident of the voters to be on thier side! Can argue, condemn or insult really bring us the results we want? I do not have the answer.

It has been ages that we human like to think that people can easily be confused and convinced through just mere talk. However, if we still think that we can cover our own mistake through "bullshitting", I believe we have to standby to face more consequences.

As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words. We need to show people that what we had done and be honest to tell people what we have not done or have oversighted. Based on a good reason, we can seek peoples' consent to grant us more time to accomplish the tasks. By trying to divert others' attention by condemning what others had not done or had done wrong, I believe it can't help us to cover our own mistake. Some how or rather, the mistake will be " exploded " one day!

In God we trust, people needs data, facts, physical evidences to justify for what they have done.

Any disagreement? Please share your views.