Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The "FEARING" Mindset

" If you do not follow what the Divine Being says or disobey His Instruction or Order, He will punish you by sending you to a "Torturing Place" later!"

The above statement sounds interesting! I do not know who "created" the statement. What I am interested to know is "how does the person who said that statement knows the Divine Being can get angry and send the person to Hell?". The Divine Being is supposed to be compassionate and treated all human like His own child. However, if the above statement is true, I am wondering how could the Divine Being does such a cruel thing? It is just like a mother who is angry with his child and kill the child just to stop him from further annoying her! It seems to me that they are many self-proclaimed messengers of the Divine Being who are here to convey the message of the Divine Being nowaday. Some of them use the tactic of "FEAR" to threaten people so that they will become their follower. Some of them use "LOVE" to win over the heart of the people! If the people do not succumb to "Threat", they will use "Love"! Anyway, if the Divine Being can get angry, then what is the difference between Him and us, the Human Being? I believe many self proclaimed messengers have already "humanized (?!)" the Divine Being.

Anyway, why should we be a "Divine Being Fearing" human? I believe as long as we practise "Avoid Evil, Do Good and Purify our Mind / Soul ", we should not worry so much about the consequences we have to face later. I believe we should "fear not" by upholding good moral principle and value "! Please share your view.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The "Study One Thing, Do Another Thing" Mindset

Recently, I wrote to two religious societies seeking their help to find an Accountant for my friend's company. I wrote to them because they are located near to my friend's office. In my mail to them, I stated clearly that I am not a recruitment agent or a headhunter. I do not collect any fees from my friend. My intention is just to help anyone who is out of job and is desperately looking for a job for survival.
I was shocked to receive the below replies from them :
1. You are not a member of the society. As such we will not broadcast your mail to our members.
2. As a policy, our society do not post any non related and non-activity driven emails in our noticeboard.
I respect their organizations' policies. In fact, they should have the right policies to ensure the smooth running of their organizations.
One thing I do not understand and or still confuse is that all the religions in the world teach us to be good, be compassionate and help those who are in need of help. I wonder should the above societies need to review their policies? Are their policies in line with their religious teaching? Are the policies of the societies just to promote members' get together gathering, hold religious seminar, listening to religious sermons, organize fund raising campaign for the societies, conduct hymn singing sessions, organize religious retreat and organize "once a year" festive trip to orphanage and old folks' home? I do not know. I am just wondering what can we realize if we were to just study hard about the Holy Scripture and we do not practise what is taught in the Holy Scripture?
I believe in this economic downturn, there will be many people who are out of job. I believe one of the areas where the religious societies can help the society is to help those people who are out of employment to get back a job. As we are aware, some of the people who were being retrenched were the sole breadwinner of the family. I do hope that the religious societies should also include community service as one of their main objectives!
Policy is " Man Made"! If the policy is no more applicable or deviated from the main Teaching, I believe that society should review the policy accordingly! Anyone disagree? Please share.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A " Strong And Courageous " Mindset

Soh : I will let the past go!

Soh Cher Wei, the lady holding the joss-stick in the picture is a STRONG and COURAGEOUS lady. My highest respect to her.

To find out more of her story , please click on the link : Soh : I will let the past go !

Soh Cher Wer is the fiancee of Mr Teoh Beng Hock, the ex-political secretary to Selangor exco member Ean Yong Hian Wah, who died on July 16 after falling from one of the floors of Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

The below two statements by Soh :

1. She has made her peace over her fiance Teoh Beng Hock’s death and will now remember their happy times together instead."

2. " I told myself that I did not need to cry. I will let the past go ".
has really earned my highest respect.

Just imagine how many of us can really focus on " Remember the happy times together" and " Let Go " what we have especially the beloved ones? It is not easy for us to do so. As for Soh, I believe Soh has realized and accepted the fact that she will never see Teoh again in this life. No one knows what lies ahead for her, she needs to be strong to face the future challenges.

"Let Go" is an easy phrase to say! Many of us can even use the phrase to advise people who are facing adversity. However, I do not know how many of us can really let go when we are facing the same type of situation. We must cultivate our mind so that we can realize that all things in this world are subjected to Impermanence!

Lastly, may I take this opportunity to wish Soh,


and as for Teoh,


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Should We Cultivate "Good Begets Good" Mindset?

Recently, I saw a lady who went to seek blessings from a religious teacher. She cried and told the religious teacher that someone has cast a spell on her recently. According to her, she has lost her appetite to eat and also can't sleep well now. Her health is deteriorating and she feel dizzy the whole day. She requested the religious teacher to do some blessings for her. The religious teacher complied to her request. One week later, the lady came back to tell the religious teacher that the bad spell has come back again.

I do not underestimate the power of " blessings or black magic ". However, can "blessings and or black magic" solve our problem permanently? Well, I do believe that blessings does boost up our spirit. As for "black magic or charm ", it may tame down our senses at time, however, the consequences we have to suffer is immense! Just to share a real story of my friend : Many years back, I had a friend who likes to play around with "black magic". One day, one of his subordinates quarrelled with him, he told me that he was so upset and he enagaged a medium to cast a spell on this subordinate. His subordinate did not know about it. A few weeks later, his subordinate met with an accident and lost one of his limbs ( I do not know whether was it a co-incidence?! ). Since then, my friend has become so "guilty conscious" that he always like to distant himself from all his subordinates and colleagues. He just don't like to hear about the story of this subordinate. I believe he is living in the shadow of FEAR! He scared that his other colleagues and subordinates may find out he had cast a spell on this subordinate. I believe there is no word in this world that can express the mental anguish he has to go through after the incident!

As for me personally, I am more concerned to know why people would want to a cast a spell on us? Also, the most important question is, " Why You and Not Others "? I strongly believe that for any "effects" that we get, there must be some causes or reasons behind. What are the reasons or causes which make people to be so unhappy or jealous over us? Did we intentionally hurt anyone physically or mentality? What are the things that we didn't do it right? I believe most of the people will be more focussing on why people want to take such a horrible action towards us instead of what we have done wrong? Man always blinded by our own "selfishness". What we have done towards others we just want people to forget about it, but whatever people has done towards us, it is just so difficult for us to forget about it!
As the saying goes, if we do good towards others, others will reciprocate accordingly. I believe strongly with this saying! Anyone has different view? Please share your view.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Should We Worry About " FATE " ?

Recently, a friend of mine told me the story of a lady who committed suicide a few months ago. He told me that the lady committed suicide because she was living in the state of "FEAR"! According to my friend, this lady went to consult a fortune teller about her life before she committed suicide. The fortune teller told her that she has to be extremely careful when she reaches the age of 28. According to the fortune teller, the lady will be encountering a traumatic situation which will endanger her life at that age. This lady was so worried that she couldn't sleep and eat well. She was at the age of 25 then. She suspected that she will have a short life after the consultation and she told everybody that she will not live past the age of 28. Eventually, she went into "Depression". A few months before she committed suicide, she started to see images at every corner of her house. Sometime she will talk to her ownself for a few hours and told her family members that she was talking to some spirits. She even told some of her family members that one of the spirit wanted her to be with him soon. Since she is mentally unstable, everyone just ignore what she said. The next thing her family knew was that she has committed suicide at the age of 27!

I believe that there are many incidences like this happening around the world everywhere, everyday and every minute! Those who do not have the ability to control their own destiny and or fate, other people will take over their control. What a pity?!

It is a fact that we should keep ourself happy all the times. Most of the time, things that make us unhappy are things that were already passed and/or things that are going to happen. I believe the above stated lady was trapped in this type of situation. She had neglected the fact that we are here in this world for a good and valuable moment and not for a long time, we do not live forever. We should put our concentration on what we can do and not focussing on the non value added thought on how long can one live!
Anyway, does it really matter how long we can live? Why should we spend our valuable time to focus on things that no one can really give us an exact answer? Why can't we put our concentration on what we can do rather than to cry over the past or worry about the future? As the saying goes, if you want to know what you had done in the past, you are experiencing the "results or fruit" now! If you want to know about your future, the present moment is the "processing time"! We have to be realistic and live in the present moment! I believe if the above stated lady can let go about what the fortune teller told her and do not worry so much about her future, she will not go into Depression!

If our mind is clear, no one or no unwholesome thoughts can take over your life! As we can see from some of the cancer patients, if they have a strong mind to "fight" the war, the chances are there for them. If their mind were to tell them to give up and they really give up, I do not believe there is a slightest chance for them to survive!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Tribute To Michael Jackson - The King Of Pop

The passing away of Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop is a great loss to the music industry and the entertainment world. His professional showmanship, his passion towards music, his drive, his energy and the songs he composed had really shaken the world. Michael Jackson was also a great samaritan. He had donated much of his fortune to help the poor and the children.
Although there are many controversies around him, I believe Michael has done his job well in this world. His untiring efforts to bring joy to the people in the world has really gained my highest respect! I believe his below four great songs have really touched the hearts of many of us. They are : We Are The World, You Are Not Alone, Heal The World and Earth Song. The songs are so meaningful, beautiful and inspiring. Through these few meaningful, beautiful and inspiring songs, Michael delivered an important message to all mankind in the world, that is we need to be back to the basic human nature, that is to show respect, love and be generous towards all mankind in this world!
Although Michael Jackson has left us physically, his high spirit can never be erased from our mind! Let us put our hearts together to bid farewell to this Great Man!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Can A Clear Mind Help?

" Chicken comes first or an egg comes first? "

Recently, I came to know about an interesting organization where this question will definitely be posted to a candidate when he or she comes for an interview. According to the founder of the Group, this question is important to him. He always use this question to assess whether the potential candidate has the same alignment with him in terms of belief, value and philosophy. If the candidate is having different view from him, he will not employ the candidate eventhough he has good academic results. This is really an interesting way of checking a person's belief, value and philosophy of a person.

Nowadays, we can see many young couples break off after they have married for just a few years. I believe at the time when they were courting, everything was so............... beautiful! They were living in an idealistic dream! I have a friend who was having this similar problem. When they were courting, he will eat whatever his girl friend eats eventhough he didn't like the food. When his girl friend tells him she doesn't like to have baby, he agreed with her. After having married for two years, they told me that they just couldn't stay together anymore. He told me he can't eat what she eats everyday. He has totally different taste bud from her. He told me his parent is requesting him to have at least one baby. If he wants to have a baby, he has broken his promise to his wife. If he doesn't want to have a baby, he will disappoint his parents as he is the only son in his family. He is in a dilemma now, he really doesn't know what to do!

If we were to have a clear mind like the enterpreneur as stated above, I believe we will have a own set of "selection criteria" to be focus on. If we have identified the so called "selection criteria", the chances of we going wrong can be minimised. Well, be it in business, working environment, or choosing a life partner, we must have a cool and clear mind.