Sunday, November 28, 2010

" I Do " or " I Am Not Sure " Mindset

"When we are old one day and we can't find anyone to take care of us, I will sit beside you on a bench and listen to your narration about how good you were when you were young! I don't mind what type of food we will be eating, I also do not know how to complain about anything, all I want is just to hold your hand tightly as I am your wife! I have dedicated my whole life to you, I had been your faithful follower ever since I was young, although I have seen many life events and happenings in this world, I do not find one thing that is more important than YOU! My dedication to you makes me realises that happiness is when we have " noises " around. When the departing moment has come, I will have to let you leave before me as it would be heartbreak for me to see you drop your tears for me! .......................". This is the lyric ( translated from a popular chinese song ) of a beautiful and meaningful song which I had just listened to a moment ago.

How many couples can really stick to their marriage vow nowaday? Before the marriage, many couple will tell each other that they will love and take care of each other till death separate them apart! I do not have the world divorce survey record, but by looking at the current scenario in the world, I have a feeling ( my feeling only! Please don't quote me! ), the divorce rate may have increased over the years. This beautiful and "modernised" world is full of many attractive and seductive things which can really blind and confuse the mind of the people nowaday! Money, luxurious lifestyle, sensual pleasure and sexual pleasure, these are some of the irresistable factors which can break up a family!
I like this beautiful and meaningful song very much as it reminds me of my late beloved mother. I can firmly say that my beloved mother fits in well to the description of the song. She had dedicated her whole life to my dad and our family. Her patience, her tolerance, her " take care of others first " attitude has really earned our highest respect! My beloved mother and father were a "victim" of the ancient mindset! Their marriage was pre-arranged by my grandparents. They did not have a chance to choose their life partner. Although my late beloved mother was an illiterate, she perfomed her duties as a wife very well. She went through all the "up and down" of life together with my dad. As for my dad, he also perfomed his duties as a husband and father very well. Although my dad was very bad temper, he did not neglect his duty as a good husband and father! No matter how busy he was, he will definitely find some time to be with us everyday. My highest respect to both of them!
I do hope to see that young couple can spend more time for each other every day. Communication is crucial for young couples as without it their hearts will start to wonder or fall apart easily. Based on my observation, nowaday, many younger couples are chasing for their dreams, some even work till they do not have time for each other! In my opinion, this is extremely dangerous as no one can guarantee whether the " lonely " heart of your beloved partner will start to wonder or be attracted by this modern society one day? Hahaha...... . Take care!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The " Surrender " Mindset

A friend of mine just told me that he has surrender himself to his party and the leadership of his party. He will let his party to decide his future! What a great sacrifice by surrendering himself to his party and the leadership? Well, I am a bit puzzled over the word " SURRENDER "! I really do not understand what did he mean by surrender himself to the party and the leadership? ???????????

During my course of work, I did come across a no. of people who like to "surrender" themselves to their employer! They will just do whatever their boss tell them to do. Although they are aware that what they do will not give them the desired results or is not right, they will still blindly carry out the task which their boss told them to do. I really do not know why they need to do so?! To me personally, we are selling our services to our employer, if they do not appreciate it, why should we sell our service to them? It would be better for us to sell our service to someone who really know how to appreciate it. In this manner, both your employer and you would be happy.
Based on my shallow understanding, we can surrender our material things or even our physical body to anyone. However, should we also surrender our wisdom to others? Maybe different people may have different views! I hope my beloved readers will share your viewa with me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

" Believe or Do Not Believe "

I received the horoscope for the year 2011 from a friend recently. I am wondering is this really important to us? Some people believe that it is good for us to know what is ahead of us! However, I believe that there is no one who can really guarantee the accuracy of the horoscope. I have an experience to have encountered with two sets of contradicting horoscope a few years ago. One horoscope predicted a good year ahead for me. The other horoscope predicted a very bad year for me. I was caught in the middle of nowhere! Should I believe the first set of horoscope or the second set? The first set was predicted by a well known local feng shui master, the second set was predicted by a renowned Hong Kong feng shui master. At the end of the day, I decided that why should my life be controlled by the horoscope? Come what may and I will face it accordingly! I believe if something bad is going to come to me during the coming year, why should I run away from it? Who knows it may become worse if I were to run away from it? It would be better for me to face and resolve it when it arises! I strongly believe that any bad events will be a thing of the past if we were to find ways to resolve it! Nothing in this world is permanent, same goes to our problem. If we were to put in the right efforts to define our problem, determine the actual cause of our problem, find the right solution and the right processes to solve our problem, our problem can definitely be resolved Anyway, I did not encounter any serious difficulties or problems during that year. Maybe it is because I have prepared myself mentally to face the challenges ahead of me.
Well, our mental wave is just like the radio wave, if we were to tune the frequency to the respective radio station, the station will go on air. Same goes to our mind, if we were to continuously focus or worry about something bad is going to happen to us, it will definitely come to us sooner or later! A simple reason is that we are tuning our mental frequency to the frequency of the "bad thing". Why should we waste our precious time to do such an unwholesome act to ourselves? How many horoscope in this world can really predict accurately all the incidences that are going to happen? Mankind tends to worry about the unwholesome thing, if there is a prediction in the horoscope that we are going to die next year, will it affect us? I would like to leave the answer to the readers of this post! Please share your views!
Lastly, I would like to say that believe or do not believe in the horoscope is a matter of choice! No one should control another over their belief system!
Think positive, Act positive and you will achieve Positive Results for the year 2011!".
May all beings have a Great and Fantastic Year 2011 ahead!

Friday, November 19, 2010

An Interesting " Tuition " Mindset!

Just saw an interesting banner on the roadside advertises that a private tutition centre has produced many many many full " A " ( Distinction ) students. Based on what I understanding, many of the "full distinction" student just took up one or two subjects in the private tuition centre, however, the tuition centre is highlighting to the public with this great academic performance banner.

I do not know why are there so many private tuition centres have been set up in the country nowaday? Some of the interesting questions which appeared in my mind when I saw the advertisement were : What is the main cause of this sudden bloom of the "tuition" industry? Are there any problem with our education system? Are the teachers incompetent to teach the students? I am wondering why some of the tuition teachers who are from the public school can produce great "A" students in the tuition centre whereas they can't do it in the public school? etc........ . Is the blooming business of the private tuition centres an indication that the current education system and or the competency of the teachers need to be reviewed and improved accordingly? I really do not know! Maybe a survey from the parents should be carried out to assess the situation.
Anyway, I believe education begins at home. Parents should not just delegate this responsibility to the private tuition centres. They have to supervise, guide and ensure that their children do their homework. As the saying goes, " Charity begins at home ", I believe it is also appropriate to say that " Education begins at home! ". Anyone wants to share your comments?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Have A " Considerate " Mindset!

I was speechless when I heard one of my friends told me that his neighbors really made him annoyed when they burnt the firecrackers the whole night through. His sleep was interrupted. He was having severe headache the next morning.

Recently, one of the religious devotees celebrated their religious festival in our country. With due respect, we shared their joy in celebrating the festival. However, if their happiness of celebrating the festival becomes the sorrow of others, I believe it is not right! According to my friend, his neighbor even throw the firecrackers into his house compound which exploded with very loud "bang" in his car porch which is just in front of his bed room! He was really mad about it! I believe we should be considerate towards each others when we are celebrating any festivals?

Mankind, be it of any race or any religious group, has high tendency to lost themselves and making wrong perception of others when they are celebrating any events! They will think that others will not mind if they are making huge noises because they are celebrating an event! Well, I believe whether others will mind or not, we have to respect the privacy of others. Be discipline in our own behavior and do not bring unhappiness to others is the utmost important aspect of our life! I have to emphasize that there is nothing wrong to celebrate any happy events, however, we must not bring any unhappiness towards others!

Just take an example, how many accident cases happen every year when people are celebrating the arrival of the coming new year and or any religious festivals? Do we want any of our family members to be the victims of these events? I still remember when I was young, during chinese new year, they will be many people lost their home due to fire because of firecrackers! Do we want to be a victim of this type of the fire?

May all beings be free from selfishness and be considerate of others' well-being!