Friday, November 5, 2010

Have A " Considerate " Mindset!

I was speechless when I heard one of my friends told me that his neighbors really made him annoyed when they burnt the firecrackers the whole night through. His sleep was interrupted. He was having severe headache the next morning.

Recently, one of the religious devotees celebrated their religious festival in our country. With due respect, we shared their joy in celebrating the festival. However, if their happiness of celebrating the festival becomes the sorrow of others, I believe it is not right! According to my friend, his neighbor even throw the firecrackers into his house compound which exploded with very loud "bang" in his car porch which is just in front of his bed room! He was really mad about it! I believe we should be considerate towards each others when we are celebrating any festivals?

Mankind, be it of any race or any religious group, has high tendency to lost themselves and making wrong perception of others when they are celebrating any events! They will think that others will not mind if they are making huge noises because they are celebrating an event! Well, I believe whether others will mind or not, we have to respect the privacy of others. Be discipline in our own behavior and do not bring unhappiness to others is the utmost important aspect of our life! I have to emphasize that there is nothing wrong to celebrate any happy events, however, we must not bring any unhappiness towards others!

Just take an example, how many accident cases happen every year when people are celebrating the arrival of the coming new year and or any religious festivals? Do we want any of our family members to be the victims of these events? I still remember when I was young, during chinese new year, they will be many people lost their home due to fire because of firecrackers! Do we want to be a victim of this type of the fire?

May all beings be free from selfishness and be considerate of others' well-being!


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