Saturday, November 20, 2010

" Believe or Do Not Believe "

I received the horoscope for the year 2011 from a friend recently. I am wondering is this really important to us? Some people believe that it is good for us to know what is ahead of us! However, I believe that there is no one who can really guarantee the accuracy of the horoscope. I have an experience to have encountered with two sets of contradicting horoscope a few years ago. One horoscope predicted a good year ahead for me. The other horoscope predicted a very bad year for me. I was caught in the middle of nowhere! Should I believe the first set of horoscope or the second set? The first set was predicted by a well known local feng shui master, the second set was predicted by a renowned Hong Kong feng shui master. At the end of the day, I decided that why should my life be controlled by the horoscope? Come what may and I will face it accordingly! I believe if something bad is going to come to me during the coming year, why should I run away from it? Who knows it may become worse if I were to run away from it? It would be better for me to face and resolve it when it arises! I strongly believe that any bad events will be a thing of the past if we were to find ways to resolve it! Nothing in this world is permanent, same goes to our problem. If we were to put in the right efforts to define our problem, determine the actual cause of our problem, find the right solution and the right processes to solve our problem, our problem can definitely be resolved Anyway, I did not encounter any serious difficulties or problems during that year. Maybe it is because I have prepared myself mentally to face the challenges ahead of me.
Well, our mental wave is just like the radio wave, if we were to tune the frequency to the respective radio station, the station will go on air. Same goes to our mind, if we were to continuously focus or worry about something bad is going to happen to us, it will definitely come to us sooner or later! A simple reason is that we are tuning our mental frequency to the frequency of the "bad thing". Why should we waste our precious time to do such an unwholesome act to ourselves? How many horoscope in this world can really predict accurately all the incidences that are going to happen? Mankind tends to worry about the unwholesome thing, if there is a prediction in the horoscope that we are going to die next year, will it affect us? I would like to leave the answer to the readers of this post! Please share your views!
Lastly, I would like to say that believe or do not believe in the horoscope is a matter of choice! No one should control another over their belief system!
Think positive, Act positive and you will achieve Positive Results for the year 2011!".
May all beings have a Great and Fantastic Year 2011 ahead!

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