Friday, October 30, 2009

Who Makes Our Life Miserable?

My friend told me that he advised his son not to come back to our country after he has graduated from his study in foreign country. I asked him why and he told me all the negative apects of our country. What a pessimistic person my friend is! I strongly believe we should not look at thing in only one aspect! We should look at thing in totality!

Based on what he told me, my opinion is that he has forgotten that he was born in this country, he had his education in this country, he was married in this country, all his children were born in this country, he earns his living in this country to support his family and ............. no matter what negative views he has on this country, he still live comfortably in this country and support all his children to study in foreign country! If our country is so bad like what he said, I believe he won't be able to survive in this country! Based on what I know from him, he has 3 landed properties in the niche housing estate rented out to expatriates. I really do not know why he is still having such a negative view towards the country! In my opinion, if he were to open up his mindset and look at thing in totality, maybe he will change his view.

I believe my friend is not the odd one. Many people are also having this type of mindset. People tends to be so "forgetful" that they are now enjoying a good living! They just like to pick up one or two issues which are not to their benefits and harp on it!

I remember of a story which I read a few weeks ago, the story goes like this : There is a man who met a President of a well developed country and asked him what he wanted to do with his neighboring small country. The President told him that he is going to have war with the country, kill all the citizen who go against him and also a bicycle repairman so that his country can take over the small country. The man immediately asked the President why he needs to kill the bicycle repairman??????????

The moral of the story is that : mankind tends to look at extreme or some small mistake made by others and focus or harp on it. Just imagine why can't the man asked the President why he intends to kill so many people instead of just concern about the bicycle repairman?!

For those who possess the mindset of looking at thing in one aspects, I believe it is high time for them to learn to look at thing in totality so that their mind will not be clouded and become pessimistic! Life is uncertain, death is certain! Why waste our precious time just to focus on negative thing and make our life miserable!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Should We Watch Our Mind?

I do not know what the buddhist monk was talking to the young lady in the middle of the night i.e 11.45pm. However, based on the banners which were sticked on the wall, he claims himself to be the Chief Abbot of a renowned temple in China. He also claims himself to be an expert in Feng Shui and can predict the future of a person. I really do not understand why a Chief Abbot of a renowned temple in China is providing this type of service to the public?!
Well, I believe there are many ways to look at this photo.

A) Negative View

1. Is the above monk really a Chief Abbot of a temple? Why is he still hanged around outside his temple in the middle of the night? How can we verify his identity?
2. Is the above buddhist monk "qualified" to do the counselling work?
3. Can the above monk guide the young lady on the Right Path? Will he make the matter worse?

B) Positive View

1. The buddhist monk is so kind-hearted that he even help people in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I believe for those who are having problem and really really in need of the spiritual guidance, he or she must go to the right place to seek for assistance.

I believe when people are in trouble, their mind are confused and they can't differentiate what is wrong and what is right! This is the moment when those so called " intelligent holy people " will take advantage of the sitution. Recently there were many cases reported in the newspaper that bogus monks are creating fear for those who seek their assistance and cheat them of their money accordingly. Anyway, I believe as long as we constantly watch our mind and are mindful of what we are doing, we won't fall into this type of trap!
Any views to share?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The " End Of The World " Mindset

Recently, I received an email from a friend with the title :

" Life is short for the human race because... the End Of The World is Year 2012 "

I wonder is it important for us to know when will be the end of the world? I believe this type of message will create discomfort or panicky situation for the people. As I can still remember, I have been hearing people saying about the end of the world is coming soon for many many years. However, after some time, a new message will come out to tell people that the Divine Being loves mankind so much that He is sending someone down to the Earth to save all the mankind.

I believe whatever arises in this world, there will definitely be an end to it one day! Change is the only constant in this world! This is a fact and I believe no one can deny this fact! Anyway, I believe if we have done our part as a good human, why should we worry about the end of the world! If it is really true that the world is going to end by the year 2012, can anyone do anything to STOP the process?

As we are aware, there are many many people "leaving" this beautiful world every minute and every second! In fact, we also do not know when will be our turn to depart from this beautiful world?!

Mankind really has an interesting and funny character! They just do not want to focus on how to live now but worry about what is going to happen next! They have forgotten that all the "tomorrow" begins with today!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The " Right Or Wrong Path " ?

"It doesn't matter how you earn your money. As long as you are rich, no one will question you!". This is the exact words one of my friends told his son. I do not know will this words imprint in his son's mind. I am really worried that his son may misinterpret what my friend has told him.

I can still rememeber a goldsmith shop in the biggest shopping complex in our country many many years ago. The owner of the goldsmith shop was living in a luxurious house and was driving a luxurious car. He sold his gold products at a cheaper price than all his competitors. All the customers were crazy over his products because of the cheaper rate. His business was overwhelming and the shop was packed with customers everyday. One day, the owner was caught, he was identified by the Police as the mastermind for all the robbery of the goldsmith shops in the country. People admire him because of his richness! Yes, it's true that no one questions him where he got the gold and the money. When he was caught by the Police, no one pities him. All his customers also start to worry whether will they also be in trouble because of purchasing the "stolen products" from him.

Based on the above real life story, I believe we really have to guide our younger generations on what is the "Right Thning Right". If we were to tell our younger generations the above words, we have to make sure that we say it clearly so that they won't misinterpret our words. No ambiguous words should be used to guide our younger generations.

We have to make sure we don't mislead or misguide our younger generations, or else the world will be in great trouble.

The " Sexy Is Pretty " Mindset

Two days ago, one of my colleagues told the senior colleague to wear a more sexy dress to her wedding dinner. She told the elderly colleague that she will look more pretty if she wear more sexily! I really do not know how the young lady define pretty and sexy? Pretty is Sexy? Sexy is Pretty?

Nowaday, we can see many advertisements in the media which encourage ladies to "modify" their body or skin so that they can look more pretty! I remembered what my mother told me before. She said we must maintain natural beauty all the time rather than to focus on artificial beauty. If we maintain natural beauty, we do not need to worry about side effect later. If it is a "modify" beauty, we will be living in the shadow of fear. We do not know the side effect of the "materials" used for modification purpose! Most of the "materials " used for the modification purpose will not show their side effect immediately. The side effect will only surface after a period of time! I have come across a lady who went for bust enhancement program and later diagnosed with breast cancer. I do not know whether it is a coincidence or a side effect.

Recently, I came across another real life interesting story of a middle-aged lady who went to seek consultation from a so-called face reading expert. She requested the expert to anlayse her future based on her face. After analysing her face, the first question the expert asked her was : "Did you "modify" your nose, your eyelid and remove any moles on your face before?". The lady said yes. According to the young lady, she had done some minor surgery to make her nose higher and to have double eyelid. She has also removed two moles on her face. According to the expert, the accuracy of analysing her future based on her "modified" face will be affected. He told her that if she has a flat nose, her life will be more easier. He also told her that the two moles which she had removed are the "lucky moles"!

I believe we should feel proud of what we have. We are unique in our own way! Why should we modify our body or wear sexily to project that we are pretty? If your spouse hold on to the view that sexy is pretty, you have to find a way to ask your spouse this question : Would you still love me if my face is full of wrinkles and all my muscles are sagging? Hahaha..... .

Do we mean an old lady with all the muscles sagging and can't wear sexy dress is not pretty? I do not think so. Just to share with all my blogger friends, my mother who was at her death bed at the age of 94 years was very pretty! Although she can't wear sexily on her death bed, the love she showered on us made her pretty forever and ever!

Any disagreement? Please share your view.

The "Image" Mindset

A few days ago, a real estate agent told me he was shocked when he met one of his potential clients. He told me I would not believe his client is a multi-millionaire if I were to meet him. He told me that his client is a elderly farmer living in a rural area. He is living in a wooden house with his wife. All his children are either doctor or engineer. Although all his children are professionals, financially well to do, living in the niche housing estate and driving luxurious car, he still maintains a very low profile life style. He does not wear branded dress or shoe, he does not have any credit card, he does not wear any expensive watch, he does not go to any porch restaurant except when he is invited for function. However, he owns a large piece of land in a prestigious urban area.

I have seen many people when they are a bit well to do, they will try to show off. One of my neighbours belongs to this group of people. When he was just an insurance agent, he was driving a national car which is just 1500c.c. . When he was promoted as Agency supervisor, he immediately changes his car. He is now driving a branded 3000c.c luxurious car. From what I understand, his income is not stable and he is having difficulty in repaying his car loan. However, according to him, it is alright if he is not rich, but the image must be maintained! I really do not understand what does he mean! Do not have enough money to service the car loan, but still insist to drive the luxurious car because of "Image".

I know of another businessman, whenever he didn't service his car loan, he will hide his car somewhere. He insisted that he will not sell the car because "IMAGE"! Well, I do not understand the theory behind all this "Image" matter.

I believe we must live within our means! Why should we let our life to be measured, managed and controlled by others? If we succumb to others' measurement, we will start to commit ourselves heavily without oursleves knowing it just to live up to the expectation of others. Are we doing any justice to ourselves!

Any disagreement? Please share your views.