Sunday, October 4, 2009

The "Image" Mindset

A few days ago, a real estate agent told me he was shocked when he met one of his potential clients. He told me I would not believe his client is a multi-millionaire if I were to meet him. He told me that his client is a elderly farmer living in a rural area. He is living in a wooden house with his wife. All his children are either doctor or engineer. Although all his children are professionals, financially well to do, living in the niche housing estate and driving luxurious car, he still maintains a very low profile life style. He does not wear branded dress or shoe, he does not have any credit card, he does not wear any expensive watch, he does not go to any porch restaurant except when he is invited for function. However, he owns a large piece of land in a prestigious urban area.

I have seen many people when they are a bit well to do, they will try to show off. One of my neighbours belongs to this group of people. When he was just an insurance agent, he was driving a national car which is just 1500c.c. . When he was promoted as Agency supervisor, he immediately changes his car. He is now driving a branded 3000c.c luxurious car. From what I understand, his income is not stable and he is having difficulty in repaying his car loan. However, according to him, it is alright if he is not rich, but the image must be maintained! I really do not understand what does he mean! Do not have enough money to service the car loan, but still insist to drive the luxurious car because of "Image".

I know of another businessman, whenever he didn't service his car loan, he will hide his car somewhere. He insisted that he will not sell the car because "IMAGE"! Well, I do not understand the theory behind all this "Image" matter.

I believe we must live within our means! Why should we let our life to be measured, managed and controlled by others? If we succumb to others' measurement, we will start to commit ourselves heavily without oursleves knowing it just to live up to the expectation of others. Are we doing any justice to ourselves!

Any disagreement? Please share your views.


  1. In my job I come into contact with clients ranging from people who literally have nothing and are struggling to people who have more money than they really know what to do with and everyone in-between. When I read this I immediately thought of the in-betweeners, the middle class or whatever label one chooses to use. I generally call them the "Pretend Clan".
    They are the ones that constantly have to prove their worth to everyone else by always having better cars than their neighbours, the newest gadgets, the designer clothes etc. They also tend to be the hardest clients to deal with simply because their own egos take control. The people with mostly nothing or the very rich do not behave like that and interestingly enough they are also the most genuine and down to earth.
    It all boils down to one thing; lack of self esteem or the need for validation from others, hence the need to constantly comparing themselves to others. This is coming from someone who is trying to leave the "Pretend Clan"

  2. Thanks for sharing your valuable view. I fully agreed with your view.

    I sympathise those who would let external forces to control their life! Maybe they are ignorant of what they are doing!

    May all of them "wake up" soonest possible and be well and happy always.