Monday, October 26, 2009

Should We Watch Our Mind?

I do not know what the buddhist monk was talking to the young lady in the middle of the night i.e 11.45pm. However, based on the banners which were sticked on the wall, he claims himself to be the Chief Abbot of a renowned temple in China. He also claims himself to be an expert in Feng Shui and can predict the future of a person. I really do not understand why a Chief Abbot of a renowned temple in China is providing this type of service to the public?!
Well, I believe there are many ways to look at this photo.

A) Negative View

1. Is the above monk really a Chief Abbot of a temple? Why is he still hanged around outside his temple in the middle of the night? How can we verify his identity?
2. Is the above buddhist monk "qualified" to do the counselling work?
3. Can the above monk guide the young lady on the Right Path? Will he make the matter worse?

B) Positive View

1. The buddhist monk is so kind-hearted that he even help people in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I believe for those who are having problem and really really in need of the spiritual guidance, he or she must go to the right place to seek for assistance.

I believe when people are in trouble, their mind are confused and they can't differentiate what is wrong and what is right! This is the moment when those so called " intelligent holy people " will take advantage of the sitution. Recently there were many cases reported in the newspaper that bogus monks are creating fear for those who seek their assistance and cheat them of their money accordingly. Anyway, I believe as long as we constantly watch our mind and are mindful of what we are doing, we won't fall into this type of trap!
Any views to share?

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