Thursday, October 8, 2009

The " End Of The World " Mindset

Recently, I received an email from a friend with the title :

" Life is short for the human race because... the End Of The World is Year 2012 "

I wonder is it important for us to know when will be the end of the world? I believe this type of message will create discomfort or panicky situation for the people. As I can still remember, I have been hearing people saying about the end of the world is coming soon for many many years. However, after some time, a new message will come out to tell people that the Divine Being loves mankind so much that He is sending someone down to the Earth to save all the mankind.

I believe whatever arises in this world, there will definitely be an end to it one day! Change is the only constant in this world! This is a fact and I believe no one can deny this fact! Anyway, I believe if we have done our part as a good human, why should we worry about the end of the world! If it is really true that the world is going to end by the year 2012, can anyone do anything to STOP the process?

As we are aware, there are many many people "leaving" this beautiful world every minute and every second! In fact, we also do not know when will be our turn to depart from this beautiful world?!

Mankind really has an interesting and funny character! They just do not want to focus on how to live now but worry about what is going to happen next! They have forgotten that all the "tomorrow" begins with today!

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