Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which One Should We Detoxify First? Mind or Body?

It is quite common for us to come across advertisement on "DETOX" program nowaday. Generally, all these detox programs only focus on "detoxification" of our physical body and not our Mind. Well, I believe there is nothing wrong for us to detoxify our body if it is under the advice and proper guidance of a qualified medical professional.

Now, the question is : What about our Mind?! Do we need to detoxify our Mind? As we all know, Mind is the fore-runner of all worldly things, if we do not detoxify our Mind, what will happen to this beautiful world?

If our Mind is under tremendous stress, can we have clear thoughts? When we are having mental stress, we may lost control of what we are eating and also the quantity that we are consuming? I do come across people suffer from this " Depressed, eat and grow fat! " unhealthy behavior. Some may even lost control of what they do? Since their mind are uncleared, emotion will take over the control of their physical action! Just imagine how dangerous it is if our physical action is controlled by our emotion instead of a clear mind! All these " un-mindful " actions will eventually lead us to all types of "Suffering"! Well, I also strongly believe that mental stress is the main cause of all worldly sickness and human suffering!

Lastly, a very good questions for us to ponder :- Since MIND is the fore-runner of all wordly things, should we detoxify our Mind first or should we detox our body first?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Is this The Right Mindset?

I saw this interesting phrase in one of the advertisement recently. I was wondering what does that mean?

1. Do they mean ladies who are without perfect and full assets will not look sexy and feel confident? Or

2. Do they mean ladies will only look sexy and feel confident with perfect and full asset?

3. What do they mean by perfect and full assets?

What is the linkage between "sexy" and "confident"? I think ( my thinking only! I may be wrong! Please correct me if I am wrong!) this phrase has created a wrong view for the ladies? I am aware that some ladies risk their life and pay a hefty sum of money to go for "modification" of their assets! Some of them have to face the consequences of landed up in the hospital because of complications. I salute their "Courage" to go for the "modification" process but I do not appreciate their act!

Just a piece of sharing, I have seen ladies without perfect and full asset but they are the CEO of some big corporations! For this type of cases, how do we measure the "confidence" of the lady CEOs'? I have also seen ladies without perfect and full asset but they are sexy models. What does that mean?

Ladies, let's be back to the basic! What is the actual function of your assets? Is it for beautification, exhibition or some other more meaningful and wholesome purpose! Why should the ladies go for "modification" to convert their "Natural" asset to a "Semi-Natural (artificial)" asset? Unless it is for medical or " life and death " reason or else do you think it is worth for the ladies to spend their money to convert their "Natural" asset to a "Semi-Natural" asset?

Generally, I do not agree that " Sexy " , " Confident " and " Perfect and Full Asset "are linked in any way!

What are your views?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A " Contradicting " Mindset

Is this a sad occassion? Getting ready to be cremated?

Most of us like to celebrate birthday. What about "Dead" day? I have never heard of people saying the word "Happy Dead Day". Maybe someone who is reading this post will say that I am a psychological imbalance or mad person! However, I would appreciate if all of you can share with me your views on this "stupid?!" question : How do you know the deceased won't be "migrating" to a much happier plane of existence? From what I understand and aware, when a person dies, the beloved family of the deceased will invite the most reverend religious teachers to perform "the last and the best bon voyage" rite for the deceased to "migrate" to another "Happier" plane of existence! Don't you think we should celebrate for the deceased if he is going to the next happy plane of existence?! Just to quote a few incidences, when someone passed his examination, we celebrate, when someone gets married, we celebrate, but when someone is "migrating" to the next happier plane of existence, we feel extremely sad, cry and don't celebrate!!!

When a baby was born, everyone in the family were so happy. The only person feels sad is the new born "Hero or Heroine"! The minute he "landed up" in this world, he encounters "pain", sad and cry loudly! Maybe from the pain he encountered, he is aware that he is born in a "Suffering" world! Crying is a "passport" for his entrance to live in this beautiful yet suffering world. However, the family members welcome this new born baby to this suffering world with a big celebration! A real happy occasion for the family! By the way, just a silly thought, how many of us will celebrate if we are aware that our child is going to live in a suffering world?

Don't you think we are contradicting ourselves? Anyone like to share your views?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To "Let Go" Or Not To "Let Go"?!

In life, we are bound to come across many crossroads!

During our college day, we have to choose what course to pursue? After graduation, we have to decide what type of job we will like to apply for? After securing an employment, what type of person should we look for as our life partner? etc etc ............................ .

One of the recent incident was that a friend of mine was contemplating whether to quit his current employment or not to do so?! I asked him what is the " challenges " he faced at his workplace till he has come to this crossroad?!

He told me since the day his company was taken over by a new company, his new superior is "pressurizing" him everyday. He feels that his new superior doesn't have good chemistry with him and is finding ways to make him quit! He also feels that he is one of the "second class citizen" in the new company!

I told him there are two ways to resolve his problem:

1). If he can't let go the unhealthy thought of his new superior is finding ways to make him quit, it is high time for him to leave the new company. It doesn't make sense for him to drag himself to work everyday! Also, if he were to drag himself to work, I don't think he can perform his duty well! Why should he live with this type of suffering?! He should control his own destiny!

2). If he can let go the unhealthy thought and have the confident and substance to prove his worth to the new company, there is no way his new superior can do anything towards him. He should continue to stay on with the new company!

We must learn to let go all our wrong views and wrong doing! If we do not let go, the consequences could be detrimental to our body and mind!

How "Big" Is Your Problem?

If you feel you are living in hardship, please look at the girl in the photo, Qian Hong Yan. This small girl lost both her legs in an accident! She walks with her hands and the rubber ball below her waist is use to protect her lower body.


For those who are always unhappy with their life, I would suggest that you put the photo in front of your working desk, look at the photo whenever you are feeling down! Think : Is your problem more critical than the small girl in the photo? I believe you will immediately feel more relief and thankful that your problem is not as big as the small girl!

Most of the times, we feel we are having very "big" problem in life. But, when we cool down and analyse our problem, the problem we have is just a small problem.

I believe most of the problem we have are "mind-made"! Therefore, it is important and advisable for us to make peace with our mind at all times! When you have a peaceful mind, your thoughts will be as clear as the crystal! With a clear mind, nothing can pull you back!

Who Created The Economic Downturn?

1. Who created this economic downturn? Is it a natural phenomenon? Is it created by "Man"? Is it created by other beings ( apart from mankind ) from somewhere else? Or ...................

2. Where are all the money gone to? Who keeps all the money?

3. With due respect to all the economics and financial professionals and specialists in the world, I believe all of them are aware that almost every 10-12 years there will be a "RECESSION" taking place, are there any stumbling blocks, hindrances or obstacles to hold them back from coming out with the preventive measures?

4. What remedial actions should we implement to "neutralize ( since we can't totally eliminate )" the effect of this recession?

5. How should we do it?

6. How should we prevent the recession from recurring again?

7. What should be the role of the world leaders in helping to overcome and prevent this type of situation?

8. What should be the role of the rest of the people in this world?

Someone has created the mess in this world. Someone else needs to clear out the mess! Who is this "Someone"?! Can we stop this "Someone" from doing it again? If yes, how to do it? If no, what should we do to neutralize the effect?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can Love Alone Stop The War?

An interesting question to think of : Can Love Alone stop the war?

1. How many of us will keep quiet and do nothing if one of your family members were to hit by someone?

2. How many parents will keep quiet and do nothing if their child were to hit by another kids?

3. How many of us will keep quiet and do nothing if your husband or wife were to love other peoples' spouse?
We love our "OWN" family members. All parents love their "OWN" children. All husbands and wives are only allow to focus their love towards their "OWN " spouse!

What can we derive from the above examples? Is Love "SELFISH" ? Can "SELFISHNESS" stop the war? I wonder!

I believe Love must always come hand in hand with Kindness! If it is love without kindness, it is a selfish love! I don't believe it can help to stop the war. However, I strongly believe that Love With Kindness can help stop the war!

What's your view ?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Know Thyself Before You Get To Know Others!

Do you know where is this historical site (as shown in the photo) located at in Malaysia?

Nowaday, many people in our country are taking advantage of the current low air fare season to visit foreign countries.

However, how much do they know about our own country? My neighbour was telling me what he saw during his China trip two days ago. He told me the tourist guide brought him to a place where he was surprised to see the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. After he has finished telling me his good exposure during his China trip, I asked him has he been to Ipoh? His reply to me is "No" and followed by a statement of what so great about Ipoh? He continued to tell me that we must always visit other countries to upgrade our knowledge! I agreed with him only to certain extend.

Basically, I agree with my neighbour that we have to gain exposure to increase our knowledge. But to certain extend, we must also know of what is around us!

Many years back, the show "Anna and the King" was shot in Ipoh. I believe not many Malaysian are aware where the shooting scene are located! If the foreigner knew where are all the beautiful scenary in Malaysia and we Malaysian do not, how would we feel? I am aware that some of our people are promoting other countries ( to the extend to show off they have visited other countries ) in our beloved country, an act which they have unintentionally perform to help the foreign countries to increase their revenue. But, what have we done to help our own country?

I was amazed when I was asking some foreign expats on the information of their country. They know about their country very well. I supposed, it is high time for us to get to know our own country first before we visit other country!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What Type Of Lifestyle Do We Want?

A few months ago, I saw in the newspaper that some professional financial consultants and planners were saying that in order for a Malaysian to retire, he or she needs to have at least RM1million in his or her bank account.

I do not know how far this is true?! However, I am wondering what would happen to those who do not have that amount of money in their bank account? Can they retire? Just take an example of the labourers or clerical staffs, how much do they earn per month? Will they be able to save RM1million for his retirement? I remember there was an incident where a Judge in a competition asked the young contestants of the contest how many years would they take to earn one million ringgit? The key word used by the judge here is "EARN" and not save! The young contestants were stunned and do not know how to answer him.

I am not under-estimating the professionalism of the professional financial consultants and planners, however, I just wish that they will not simply publish or announce their " suggestions or proposals " in the newspaper. I understand that the ultimate aim of all these professionals were to help their company to market their products. However, I am more worried about the side effects of the announcement! Will it create fear or panicky situation for those who are unable to earn that much for retirement? Will corrupt practices increase in our society if people can't achieve the propose RM1million target for retirement?

What type of lifestyle are we looking at for our retirement? We have to define our own ideal situation and no one can help or stop us from achieving it. However, I believe whatever lifestyle we have decided, we must ensure that it is a right livelihood so that we don't live in the shadow of "Fear ( CANNOT eat and sleep well )" for the rest of our life!

May all Malaysians be well and happy all the times!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The " In-Laws " Mindset

My friend is exploring with the idea of inviting me to conduct a seminar on how to resolve the " In-Laws " problem recently. A seminar which I have never come across or heard before. I believe this is a very interesting and taxing program which requires the facilitator to handle two group of "extremists"! My friend told me that a very high no. of his clients and the employees of his clients are having the "In-Laws" problem. Either the parent-in-laws are not in good term with their son/daughter-in-laws or vice versa. I told him I really need to think through carefully and do some serious research before I can either accept or decline his invitation.
Frankly, I do observe and agree with my friend that there are many " In-Laws " problem nowaday. Below are two recent real cases of "In-Laws" problem :
Case no. 1.
Recently, I came to know that my aunty is facing this type of "In-Laws" problem. Her daughter-in-laws cannot see her eye to eye and refuses to stay together with her. The daughter-in-laws demanded her husband ( the only son of my aunty ) to move out from his parent house. Being the only son in the family who has played his part well to take care of his parents, my cousin brother is caught in a dilemma situation now. On one side is his parents whereas on the other side is his beloved wife! My cousin brother's wife does not want her husband to divide his love and attention between her and her in-laws. My aunty feels that her daughter-in-laws is instigating her son to leave them.
Case no.2
A few days ago, one of my friends told me that his wife was complaining to him that she cannot tolerate with his mother anymore. She told my friend his mother is a real "busy body" and is controlling her life unnecessary. She feels very irritated and annoyed with this type of "CONTROL". As she is the only daughter in her family, she was given total freedom to do whatever she likes before she married to my friend. After her marriage, she is now under what she considered as under the the control of her mother-in-laws. She can't get used to this type of lifestyle. She told my friend to tell her mother to stop all these crap or else she will have to say goodbye to my friend forever.
Oh! What a "SUFFERING" world they are living in now? What had happened to this beautiful, wonderful and peaceful world? I remember someone told me this before,"War begins from the HUMAN mind and War can only be stopped by The HUMAN mind"!
Well, I am not in a position to comment who is wrong or who is right as I do not know the actual situation. I can't be listening to only one party's view! What I feel is that there maybe some differences in principle and value in the above cases.
May all beings find time to calm down themselves so that they can have a clear mind to find the right process to achieve their defined happiness!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An " Entangled " Mind

I do not know why human being like to create problem to entangle themselves! The so called "modern society" created(?!) by mankind are killing themselves. In terms of health aspect, more and more sickness are being identified. In terms of environmental aspect, instead of preserving the nature, we are destroying the nature.

What has gone wrong with the human mind? Why can't they think of things that are more constructive to mankind and the environment?

Some of the examples of mankind trying to "hurt or destroy" themsleves are :

1). Instead of putting more focus on educating the younger generation on how to creating a better world, some of the leaders are guiding or encouraging their people to focus on "hatred" and creating wars!

2). Mankind are spending too much of their valuable time and money to develop "new or modern" medicines which try to "challenge" the Law Of Nature! Sometime, the side effects of the new medicines will not show sign immediately. Incidences like this had happened before and the only thing the manufacturer can do is just to recall all those unsold stock! What happen to those who had consumed the medicines then?

I am extremely sad to see that mankind is doing thing like " a dog chasing its tail "! We make ourselves busy going round and round with this non-value added activities!

We must stop all these non value added activities immediately!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A " None Of My Business " Mindset

I am utterly sad whenever I heard of any parent saying that as long as they have provided proper shelter and financial support to their children, they have done their part as a good parent! I believe apart from providng them with the financial support and shelter, what they should provide for the children are the guidance to them on how to evaluate what is right, what is wrong and most importantly show them their concern and love!

As we are aware, many of the "social illness" in our current society are due to parents with this type of " I provide the financial support and shelter, the rest none of my business" mindset. They just couldn't care about what their children are doing. They are more concerned about money, money and more money! They believe that money can buy everything in this world.

I do not disagree that money is important to us. However, I disagree that our other responsibility as a parent should be overtaken by "money-chasing" activity.

I remember some parents told me this before: " Yes. Financially we are sound now. However, I have neglected my family. I did not do my part to help build family value and family bonding among my children. They do not behave like a family members. Their friends are more closer to them than the family members! "

Do we want to face the same situation?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A "Complain" Mindset

I was wondering whether the purpose of some of the people born in this world is just to complain! I was really amused when I was having my breakfast in a restaurant near my house this morning. I was there for about 20 minutes. Over the 20 minutes, I heard people complaining about the Government, their employers, their employees, their spouse, their parent-in-laws, their "children"-in-laws, their maids etc....... .

This leads me to think about : why are they living in such a miserable life! So.... unhappy and got so..... much to complain! I believe whenever there is something for us to complain, there must be something that really irritate or upset us!

I believe this group of people should find an answer for the below questions:

1. What are the things that really irritate and upset them?

2. Why should they continue to stick on to this type of "Complain" mindset and lead a miserable life?

3. Why can't they reflect what had gone wrong and what should be done to remedy and ensure the same problem will not reccur.

Nobody can take away our right to lead a happy life unless we surrender our right! We must not let others to control or manage our happiness!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Be Postive To Face The Economic Downturn!!!

The recent world economic downturn has created fear for everyone! The question now is : What should we do to help revive the economy?

1) Should we continue to sit and focus on the negative aspects like what most of the media are doing i.e publishing scary and worrisome news to tell the whole world about which conglomerate is going down, which company is going to downsize their workforce, which company is going to reduce workdays drastically)? or

2) Should we focus on the positive approach i.e on the process of "what should and how to" revive the economy? Some of us may think that what can we do as a layman! Well, I believe if we are confined to this sort of mindset, there is no way the economy is going to recover! The recovery of the world economy begins with me! If everyone in this world were to start to put in a little bit extra effort to help revive the economy, the resultant forces will definitely be very impactful.

Do not just leave it to the world leaders to handle or shoulder the economy downturn. Let's work hand-in-hand together with the leaders to resolve this unfavorable conditions.

I believe by continuously highlighting to people on how bad the current economy scenario is does not help to resolve the problem. What we need to do is to convert the current problem into a "process ( the "how the situation arises" )" so that we can identify the "stumbling blocks" or "bottleneck" which cause the problem and find an appropriate solution to resolve it!

Do not take problem as a problem, if you do so, it will demotivate or deter you from moving forward! We should treat problem as a "CHALLENGE", then we will have the motivation to find out the root cause and the appropriate processes to resolve it.

In the course of my duty, I have encountered many managers who have this mindset of saying "CANNOT " before they try! Maybe they do not know the process of how to do it or they are living in the state of fear! They fear that if they fail again, they will be penalised! My previous many encounters reveal to me that we can break our own mindset if we have the right approach! I have personally guided many managers to break the negative mindset and seen their progress. I am extremely happy for them! It is not the fees that they paid to me which makes me happy, it is their success of breaking their mindset that really make me happy!

"Rising, Falling, Rising, Falling...........". The world is in a state of constant change or impermanence, why should we stick to our view or behavior permanently.

I sincerely hope that the media can shift the focus on highlighting the negativive aspect to a more positive one. Examples : providing ideas to corportions on how to create more customers, how we can improve our own productivity etc..... .

One more most important thing the media should do is to guide people on how to reveal their talent and creativity! I believe all of us are aware that the Jewish are good businessman! Some may say that they are the one who have conquered the business world and are in full control of the world economy! I don't have any way to verify the statement. However, why people are having that sort of impression?????? I believe it is their creativity in doing business that make them excel in the business world.

Any comments?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do Your Part To Help The "Sick" World To Recover

Nowaday, we can read from the magazines and newspaper that the World is seriously "ILL"!

The world is currently infected by the "sick" worm, bacteria and viruses! I believe all of us are aware that there are many types of viruses and worms that are attacking the computer industry nowaday.
As for people, some of them are infected by the more sophiscated "worms (greed)" and "viruses (hatred)". The attack and over-powered by the "worm (greed)" and " viruses (hatred)" has caused many people to make un-sound decision and behave in-humanely. This type of behavior has created a mockery in this peaceful world.
A good question for all of us to ponder: Should we wait till we are on the death bed then only we realize that we have not done a single good thing to help save the world?
I strongly believe that all of us must understand that if we want the world to recover, all of us have to do our part! We can't just leave it to the Leaders ONLY!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Type Of Richness Do You Want?

Can we really sleep soundly like the cat as shown in the photo if we were to be filty rich in terms of wealth?

My simple-minded view is that if we were to be filthy rich, our mind will always be living in the shadow of FEAR! Fear of being kidnapped, fear of death, fear of losing all the wealth, fear of our shareholders cheating us, fear of family members treating us like their "ATM (automated teller machine)", fear of bodyguard betray us and............ . I do not mean that poor people do not have fear! Please do not get me wrong. I am also not suggesting that we should live in the state of poverty. What I am suggesting is : we should define what type of richness we want?

Some people may like richness in terms of materialistic life and some may like richness in terms of spiritual aspect! As for me personally, I hope to balance up both aspects!

There is no wrong or right answer here. It is choice of each individual! We just have to bear in mind that whatever we want, we have to "pay" for it! There is no free lunch in this world!

Does Anger Make Us Happy?

Does anger make us happy?

I came to know of a relative who was strike with heart attack after quarelling with his son! He was half paralysed after the incident.

I understand that it is not easy for us to eliminate anger from our mind and heart. But, this does not mean that we can let our anger to control us! It hurts our mind and health.

I do not believe anger can help us resolve our problem. Instead, I have seen many incidences where anger really blind people from making good decision!

I strongly believe if we are aware that anger is going to "possess" us, anger will not have the slightest chance to "possess" us. A simple analogy is : if we are aware that there is a robber following us from behind, will you allow him to rob you? I believe we will prepare ourselves with maximum protection from being robbed by the robber. Don't you think so?

Friday, March 6, 2009

An Innocent Mind - Happy All The Time

Just want to share with you this wonderful video which I received from a friend showing a cute toddler dancing happily without any worry!

How nice if we adult can also do that?!!!! I believe if we adults were to do that, we will be charged with posting indecent photo in the blog! Hahaha........

Have a Great and Happy Day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mind Over Matter!

A photo to show how powerful we are if we were to focus our mind! Apart from strengthening our physical body to perform the act, what is important here is our Mind.

Just like a cancer patient, apart from seeking medical treatment, I strongly believe that if he /she were to train his / her mind not to be affected by the sickness, the chances of recovering will be much higher! Do not let the sickness of your physical body affects your mind! Instead train your mind to be stronger so that you can neutralize the effect of the sickness. If he / she can neutralize the effect of the sickness and also couple with the medical treatment, I believe the sickness will eventually fade away from the body. The above is just my view!

I always believe that in whatever we do, if we think we can, we surely can. If we think we can't, we will be living in our own shadow of FEAR! If that is the case, how are we going to have the right motivation to move forward? How are we going to achieve our desired or planned results?!

Anyone disagree with me? Please feel free to share your views.

A Typical Mindset Story

An interesting true story to share:

A few days ago, Jack, one of my friends was stopped by a policeman when he was driving his bright red Volkswagen for supper. When he has stopped his car, the first question posted to him by the policeman was : what is at the back of your car? Without any delay, Jack told the policeman that it was an Engine. Unhappy with his reply, the policeman asked him the same question again. He replied him with the same answer. This time, the policeman was annoyed and scolded him for making a fool out of him. With anger filled up his mind, the policeman ordered Jack to open the back compartment of his car. After Jack had opened the back compartment and upon seeing what is inside the compartment, the policeman feel so.............................embarrassed.

The moral of the story is : Do not set our mind or assume that things are always like what we think! Wrong mindset kills!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You are Responsible!

If animals can take care and protect their children, why not us - a Human Being?

If we do not stop this act, how can we consider ourselves to be more supreme or more cultured than the animal?

Let us work together to stop all these violent acts towards our younger generation and guide them to make the world a better place to stay!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Should We Let Emotion Control Us????

How does war start?

Do we want to stay in a war zone?

If we can't control our emotion, we will be living in the shadow of fear and sorrow!

Why should we let "Emotion" be our " Master " instead of we be the " Master of our Emotion "?

Choose your choice! We can either be the "Master Of Our Emotion " or let " Emotion Be Our Master "!