Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Which One Should We Detoxify First? Mind or Body?

It is quite common for us to come across advertisement on "DETOX" program nowaday. Generally, all these detox programs only focus on "detoxification" of our physical body and not our Mind. Well, I believe there is nothing wrong for us to detoxify our body if it is under the advice and proper guidance of a qualified medical professional.

Now, the question is : What about our Mind?! Do we need to detoxify our Mind? As we all know, Mind is the fore-runner of all worldly things, if we do not detoxify our Mind, what will happen to this beautiful world?

If our Mind is under tremendous stress, can we have clear thoughts? When we are having mental stress, we may lost control of what we are eating and also the quantity that we are consuming? I do come across people suffer from this " Depressed, eat and grow fat! " unhealthy behavior. Some may even lost control of what they do? Since their mind are uncleared, emotion will take over the control of their physical action! Just imagine how dangerous it is if our physical action is controlled by our emotion instead of a clear mind! All these " un-mindful " actions will eventually lead us to all types of "Suffering"! Well, I also strongly believe that mental stress is the main cause of all worldly sickness and human suffering!

Lastly, a very good questions for us to ponder :- Since MIND is the fore-runner of all wordly things, should we detoxify our Mind first or should we detox our body first?

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