Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mind Over Matter!

A photo to show how powerful we are if we were to focus our mind! Apart from strengthening our physical body to perform the act, what is important here is our Mind.

Just like a cancer patient, apart from seeking medical treatment, I strongly believe that if he /she were to train his / her mind not to be affected by the sickness, the chances of recovering will be much higher! Do not let the sickness of your physical body affects your mind! Instead train your mind to be stronger so that you can neutralize the effect of the sickness. If he / she can neutralize the effect of the sickness and also couple with the medical treatment, I believe the sickness will eventually fade away from the body. The above is just my view!

I always believe that in whatever we do, if we think we can, we surely can. If we think we can't, we will be living in our own shadow of FEAR! If that is the case, how are we going to have the right motivation to move forward? How are we going to achieve our desired or planned results?!

Anyone disagree with me? Please feel free to share your views.

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