Friday, March 20, 2009

Know Thyself Before You Get To Know Others!

Do you know where is this historical site (as shown in the photo) located at in Malaysia?

Nowaday, many people in our country are taking advantage of the current low air fare season to visit foreign countries.

However, how much do they know about our own country? My neighbour was telling me what he saw during his China trip two days ago. He told me the tourist guide brought him to a place where he was surprised to see the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. After he has finished telling me his good exposure during his China trip, I asked him has he been to Ipoh? His reply to me is "No" and followed by a statement of what so great about Ipoh? He continued to tell me that we must always visit other countries to upgrade our knowledge! I agreed with him only to certain extend.

Basically, I agree with my neighbour that we have to gain exposure to increase our knowledge. But to certain extend, we must also know of what is around us!

Many years back, the show "Anna and the King" was shot in Ipoh. I believe not many Malaysian are aware where the shooting scene are located! If the foreigner knew where are all the beautiful scenary in Malaysia and we Malaysian do not, how would we feel? I am aware that some of our people are promoting other countries ( to the extend to show off they have visited other countries ) in our beloved country, an act which they have unintentionally perform to help the foreign countries to increase their revenue. But, what have we done to help our own country?

I was amazed when I was asking some foreign expats on the information of their country. They know about their country very well. I supposed, it is high time for us to get to know our own country first before we visit other country!

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