Thursday, March 26, 2009

A " Contradicting " Mindset

Is this a sad occassion? Getting ready to be cremated?

Most of us like to celebrate birthday. What about "Dead" day? I have never heard of people saying the word "Happy Dead Day". Maybe someone who is reading this post will say that I am a psychological imbalance or mad person! However, I would appreciate if all of you can share with me your views on this "stupid?!" question : How do you know the deceased won't be "migrating" to a much happier plane of existence? From what I understand and aware, when a person dies, the beloved family of the deceased will invite the most reverend religious teachers to perform "the last and the best bon voyage" rite for the deceased to "migrate" to another "Happier" plane of existence! Don't you think we should celebrate for the deceased if he is going to the next happy plane of existence?! Just to quote a few incidences, when someone passed his examination, we celebrate, when someone gets married, we celebrate, but when someone is "migrating" to the next happier plane of existence, we feel extremely sad, cry and don't celebrate!!!

When a baby was born, everyone in the family were so happy. The only person feels sad is the new born "Hero or Heroine"! The minute he "landed up" in this world, he encounters "pain", sad and cry loudly! Maybe from the pain he encountered, he is aware that he is born in a "Suffering" world! Crying is a "passport" for his entrance to live in this beautiful yet suffering world. However, the family members welcome this new born baby to this suffering world with a big celebration! A real happy occasion for the family! By the way, just a silly thought, how many of us will celebrate if we are aware that our child is going to live in a suffering world?

Don't you think we are contradicting ourselves? Anyone like to share your views?


  1. You are right in many things you said. If a person dies and we know that they are saved and going to heaven then yes we should and most are. Being a black christians we call it celebrating their Home Going. Family and friends get together after the person is buried and we have a repass which is really a nice way of saying a party. We that are left behind are sad because we will not see that person again for a long time and we miss their presents on earth. And then you have death of young people and parents that have to bury their children and that is always going to be a sad time.

    But you are right if they are going to a better place then were we are now we should celebrate

  2. Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for your sharings. I believe "Death" is just a transitional process in our life.

    Just an humble opinion from me, I believe there is no such thing as black or white christian in God's kingdom. Everyone is the same. Please correct me if my opinion is wrong.

    May God be with you and your family always.