Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Who Created The Economic Downturn?

1. Who created this economic downturn? Is it a natural phenomenon? Is it created by "Man"? Is it created by other beings ( apart from mankind ) from somewhere else? Or ...................

2. Where are all the money gone to? Who keeps all the money?

3. With due respect to all the economics and financial professionals and specialists in the world, I believe all of them are aware that almost every 10-12 years there will be a "RECESSION" taking place, are there any stumbling blocks, hindrances or obstacles to hold them back from coming out with the preventive measures?

4. What remedial actions should we implement to "neutralize ( since we can't totally eliminate )" the effect of this recession?

5. How should we do it?

6. How should we prevent the recession from recurring again?

7. What should be the role of the world leaders in helping to overcome and prevent this type of situation?

8. What should be the role of the rest of the people in this world?

Someone has created the mess in this world. Someone else needs to clear out the mess! Who is this "Someone"?! Can we stop this "Someone" from doing it again? If yes, how to do it? If no, what should we do to neutralize the effect?

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