Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Overcoming The "Unknown"

We are living in an " Unknown " world! We do not know how long can we live in this world? We do not know what will be our future like? We do not know who will be our spouse one day? We do not know how we will leave this world? We do not know who we will be one day? We do not know............ etc. There are so many unknown in our life!

How should we face the unknown? I believe we should live in the PRESENT and forget about the unknown!!! I still can remember what Master Ogui said in the movie, "Kung Fu Panda" - "Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a gift. That is why today is known as PRESENT! Live life to its fullest in the present moment and we will not regret at the end of our life!
As the saying goes, "Good begets good, Bad begets bad", I believe if we were to do good, avoid evils and manage our evil thoughts so that it is under control, there is nothing for us to worry about the unknown! The future unknown is the results of what we do today!

Anyone disagree, please share your views.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The "Happiness" Mindset

Below are the excerpts from a heart touching article which I received from a friend recently :
"Bai Fang Li, died 93 years old, lived in poverty. Yet he donated an aggregate sum of RMB350,000 to universities and schools in Tianjin to help 300 poor students in need."
For almost 20 years, he paddled his tricycle earning yuan by yuan to save up for his donations.
"It's alright I suffer,"he said, "but let the poor kids go to school".
90 years old, he arranged his last saving of RMB 500 neatly in a box and handed to Yao Hua school, saying, "I cannot paddle anymore. I am not able to donate anymore. This shall be my last .......". All the teachers and student in the school wept.
I believe not many of us will do the same thing as Mr. Bai Fang Li did! Anyway, I believe even live in poverty, the beloved Mr Bai was happy all the times!
I belive happiness will arise in our heart when we can define our own level of contentment and are not scare of others measuring our success and our wealth. Happiness does not come from external factor. It is in ourself!
Anyone disagree? Please share your thoughts.