Saturday, April 30, 2011

What A " Victimising " Mindset!

This morning when I was renewing my medical insurance policy, my agent told me that the premium has been increased. I have to pay more for the same amount of sum assured. When I asked her the reason for the increase in premium, she told me that the reason is because many policy holders misuse their insurance claims and thus the insurance company is suffering huge losses. In order for them to recover from the huge losses, the insurance company has to increase our premium. What an interesting reason the insurance company is giving to their valuable customers. The insurance company is transferring their "liabilities" to their "Valuable & Healthy" customers! Hahaha...... .

Looking for "scapegoat" seems to be one of the distinct human behaviors! I understand that some of my beloved readers may disagree with my above view. Well, I do not rule out that there are some exceptional cases! However, how many "exceptional" people can we really meet in this beautiful world? I do not have an answer!

Can anyone share your views please?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What An " Easily Convinced " Mindset

Recently, my neighbor's husband bought a set of very expensive " wonder medicine " for her. According to my neighbor, her husband told her that this medicine can cure cancer and also help to cure her back pain. She requested me to explain to her the contents of the brochure. As I was also interested to know what this " wonder " medicine is, I read through the brochure word by word very carefully. On the first page of the brochure, they highlighted the benefits of promoting this product. On the second page, they highlighted the benefits of " beautification " and " anti-aging " after consuming the " wonder medicine". On the third page, they highlighted that scientists believe that some of the contents of this " wonder medicine " can prevent cancer and ......... . However, I did not come across any proven cases or evidences written in the brochure that this " wonder medicine " can cure cancer. After I had gone through the whole brochure, I found out that this so called " wonder medicine " is actually a supplement sold by the direct selling agent. Well, I am not here to criticise or insult any direct selling company. What I wish is that the direct selling company should set up a code of ethics and provide proper training to their agents as not to mislead their potential customers. I also hope that anyone who wish or are selling health food or supplement, they should not begin with " Profit or Money " as the end in mind. They have to always bear in mind that they are dealing with health food which will either improve the health status of their customers or they are going to destroy the life of their customers! I believe all potential customers of all these wonder products should be more cautious about the functions of the product! Whether is it use as a supplement or is it a real medicine. There are many wonder medicines available in the market which contains steroids and need to be prescibed by a qualified medical practitioner and not to be simply sell to the customers.

Lastly, we should not be blinded by the " convincing " talk by any sales agents! We should verify all the facts and data before purchase or consume any products. In God, we trust, however, with people, we need data and facts to justify what they said.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The " Simply Let Others To Control " Mindset

Many people like to despise their own country and admire those " super-power" countries because they are the strongest and supposed to be the most advanced nation. Well, I really do not know whether is it true that there are no unhappy people in a "super power " countries. Does happiness really come from staying in a " super power " country? Do we really need to stay in an advanced country only can we find happiness? Do we mean we can't find happy people in the under-developed countries? I do not have an answer!

I believe as long as we can't define our own contentment level, we won't be able to find happiness in this world! We will be just like a lost soul in the sea. Just to share a real life story with my beloved readers, my brother in law is a retired man and he leads a simple life after his retirement. He is staying in a small comfortable house and driving a 20 years old car. All his children were professionals. When his friends saw him still using the old car. They asked him why is he still using the same old car? To his friends, changing car is not a problem to him at all. He gave his friends two reasons : 1. the car is still in good condition and can take him anywhere he likes. 2. He doesn't need to service any car loan anymore, why should he look for all this burden again? According to my brother in law, he is happy with his old junk! Hahaha.... . Well, my brother in law can find his happiness in his old car, however, how many people can do that? Nowaday, many people just can't resist the temptations of the world and the worst case is that they can't stand the challenges of people measuring their status in the society and their wealth. All these have caused many people to lost their mind!

I believe the choice is in our our hand, should we let others or external factors to control our happiness or should we create our own happiness from within ourselves? Please share your views.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What A " Problematic(?!) " Mindset!

I believe it is interesting to know about the political scenario nowaday. If we were to group the "infotainment" produced by some of the politicians, it can only be categorised into 7 categories. 1. " Backside " case , 2. " Front side " incident, 3. " Corrupt " practises, 4. " Criminal " case, 5. " Color " case, 6. " Religion " case and 7. " Cronism " case. They just keep on highlighting, highlighting, talking, talking and amusing the public but there were no solution in place! Knowing the problem, highlighting the problem, chanting the problem, married with the problem, have children with the problem, and when comes to solution of the problem, another set of problem will be highlighted to cover or divert the attention of the people away from the previous problem! Hahaha... . What an interesting human act! It is true that we are living in a world of "Challenges"! From one challenge to another challenges, e.g we have to tell a bigger lie to cover a small lie.

What an interesting world we are living in now? Creating bigger problem to cover a smaller problem! I do not know when will human being learn from all these lessons?