Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The " Simply Let Others To Control " Mindset

Many people like to despise their own country and admire those " super-power" countries because they are the strongest and supposed to be the most advanced nation. Well, I really do not know whether is it true that there are no unhappy people in a "super power " countries. Does happiness really come from staying in a " super power " country? Do we really need to stay in an advanced country only can we find happiness? Do we mean we can't find happy people in the under-developed countries? I do not have an answer!

I believe as long as we can't define our own contentment level, we won't be able to find happiness in this world! We will be just like a lost soul in the sea. Just to share a real life story with my beloved readers, my brother in law is a retired man and he leads a simple life after his retirement. He is staying in a small comfortable house and driving a 20 years old car. All his children were professionals. When his friends saw him still using the old car. They asked him why is he still using the same old car? To his friends, changing car is not a problem to him at all. He gave his friends two reasons : 1. the car is still in good condition and can take him anywhere he likes. 2. He doesn't need to service any car loan anymore, why should he look for all this burden again? According to my brother in law, he is happy with his old junk! Hahaha.... . Well, my brother in law can find his happiness in his old car, however, how many people can do that? Nowaday, many people just can't resist the temptations of the world and the worst case is that they can't stand the challenges of people measuring their status in the society and their wealth. All these have caused many people to lost their mind!

I believe the choice is in our our hand, should we let others or external factors to control our happiness or should we create our own happiness from within ourselves? Please share your views.

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