Monday, April 27, 2009

Bloggers Unite For Hunger And Hope

Most of us are lucky that we can have proper meals everyday. Have we ever think of those who are not so lucky like us?

Do we know how many people die of hunger every year? How many adults and how many children die? Well, well, my next two important questions are :
1. Do We Want To Die Of Hunger?
2. Do We Want To See Our Younger Generation To Die Of Hunger?

I believe many of us will be saying that as a layman, we can't do much. This heavy task should be the responsibility of the World Leaders! Yes. I agreed to certain extend. If we were to just leave this task to the world leaders will it be effective? If there are just one thousand world leaders, how much can the world leaders contribute? If they do not eat at all, they can only help to save five thousand meals per day ( if they take five meals a day ) I believe if all of us in the world were to play our part in helping the world leaders to fight this "Hunger" war, the end results will definitely exceed our expectations! So, let us put all our hearts and souls together to support this excellent meritorious deed! Kindly refer : Bloggers Unite-Hunger & Hope

How do we play our part? I believe one of the areas we can look at as a lay person is the way we do "Celebrations". Be it festive celebration, birthday celebration, wedding celebration, celebration for achieving academic excellence etc..... . I believe for all these functions, large amount of food and drinks will be served. I had personally seen that large amount of food were thrown away after the celebration. Well, I do not mean we cannot celebrate all this functions with food, however, if we can celebrate all these functions together with those who are struggling to find food and reduce food wastage, not only it is a noble act which can give you "un-erasable" memories of happiness for life, at the same time, you are also helping the world leaders to make the world a better place for the unlucky one. Let us just take an example : If you were to spend US$1000.00 for a party, and because of your compassionate heart, you contribute or use part of the money e.g 10% of the total budget to buy some food for the poor. Don't you agree with me that this noble act will make you much more happier? As the saying goes, " What goes around comes around!". Who knows your generosity will be rewarded later with a bigger surprise!
Last but not least, let us pull all our mental energy together and wish :

Friday, April 24, 2009

What A "Kia-su" ( Scared To Lose ) Mindset

Two days ago, one of my neighbors asked me whether will I be interested to buy a bigger and more prestigious house? I asked her why? She told me that many people in our housing area has already shifted to the new housing estate next door. According to her, the houses at the new housing estate are bigger, more prestigious and it is a gated community! She also told me that the houses there are for wealthy people with certain status in the society. Anyone who stays there will be respected by the society.

In our so-called modern society, there are many people who have fallen into the trap of being scared of others measuring their wealth and status. In their mind, we must not let others to look down upon us. We must stay in a prestigious house, drive a luxurious car, enjoying good food at luxurious restaurants, playing luxurious games and with many maids serving the family so that others can look up upon us. Well, I believe there is nothing wrong to aim for that status if we can do it in a proper and legal manner.

I did come across a businessman who told me that we must buy prestigious house and luxurious car first so that others can look up upon us and trust us. He also said that image is very very important. According to him, we just need to pay for the upfront money and the rest we can get the loans from the financial institution. His view is that if we don't have the so called right image ( his perception towards image is different from mine ), we can't be in business. He also emphasized that people look at appearance to judge a person. I agreed with him to certain extend. To me, you can "blind" people with all these temporary wealth or assets ( I said temporary is because as long as you still haven't settled your loans, the assets does not belongs to you! ), however if we can't deliver what people expect you to deliver ( in terms of your products, services or payments ), do you think you can have a good image or reputation in the market? I have doubts over it.

This was what happen to Susan Boyle, one of the participants in the British Got Talent contest. Susan did not have an outstanding appearance when she was on the stage ( I salute her for showing the "Real Me" attitude! ). All the three judges were sceptical over her ability to sing. Well, I believe I do not need to highlight what happened to her next. All the media are busy publishing her story now.

Do we really need people to measure our own happiness? Do we mean the society must have people with this type of "Kia-su" ( scared to lose ) attitude only can progress? I would leave it to my beloved readers of this blog to give the answer. Everyone has a choice in life! We should not let others to control our own destiny!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Is In The Mind Of A "Free-Thinker"?

I have been hearing people saying that they are "Free-Thinkers". I do not know what is the actual meaning of "Free-Thinkers? Free to think? Think To Be Free? Or ............ ?

What would a "Free-Thinker" think at his last thought moment? As all of us are aware, life is not certain, death is certain, I am wondering how the "Free-Thinker" (since they are not Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist or etc...) is going to leave this world? I do not mean they can't leave the world, however, I am thinking of the process of how they leave this world. For most of the religions, when a person died, they will pray to their GOD to bring the departed one to be with HIM. For other religions, they may perform the religious rite to transfer their good merits to the departed one so that he / she can be re-born in a higher ( better ) plane of existence. But for the "Free-Thinker", how?

For those with a religion, there will have some religious principles guide them in their life. However, for the "Free-Thinkers", what will be their guiding principle in life???

I have seen quite a no. of free thinkers do their prayer when they are in serious trouble. I do not know who they are praying to? Anyway, I do strongly believe that if a person has a religion, at least he has some guiding principles to refer to when he faces any critical challenges in his life. Also, his religion may also help him to "detoxify" his soul and or mind.

Agree? Disagree? Please share your valuable views. Thank you.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can We Really Have "Eternal Life"?

Many years back, some religious groups were aggressively promoting the message of we must strive towards "Eternal Life". I was puzzled over the saying. Can we really have eternal life? What is the definition of Eternal Life? Do they mean our "Soul" and or our "Mind"will live forever or the physical body will live forever?

Anyway, I do not know why should we live forever? Can living forever in the world makes us happy? I remember one of my friends told me this meaningful words, "It is not how long we stay in this world that's matter. It is how much good we did and how much fun we have by doing it that will make us happy. We are here for a good time and not a long time!". Agree or disagree? Please share your views.

Personally, I don't really understand the intention of the religious groups to promote the message of striving towards Eternal Life? However, I do notice that they don't use the same message now.

Anyway, I believe the Nature will take its own course. In order to balance up the nature, there is life and also there is Death! There is Sunrise and also there is Sunset............. . I believe no one can stop any of the natural processes! Can you?

Just hope to end this post by sharing this quotation, " The Past Is Gone, The Future Is Yet To Come, LIVE NOW! "

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What An Innocent "Suicidal" Mindset

Some people think that when they die, their problem will be solved automatically! However, when they die, what is dead is only their physical body. I do not know whether their problem will be solved automatically or not after their physical body is dead? Personally, I believe there are two parts of a human life, one part is our physical body, the other part is our soul and or our mind (for those who disagree with this view of mine, please share with me your view/s. Thanks in advance.). When our body is dead, I believe our soul and or our mind will definitely leave our dead body. Now, an interesting question is : can our soul or our mind die? Well, if our soul and or our mind can not die, then who can assure us that our problem will be solved automatically after we are dead?!
One more interesting question is : does the Divine Being ( for those who believe there is a Divine Being) encourage or allow this type of cruel and irresponsible act? If yes, then everything will be fine. If not, what will be the consequences? Will the consequences be worse than before he / she dies? As for those who believes in the Laws of Cause and Effect, do you think this person who has committed "killing of himself" can be reborn in a better plane of existence? I have doubt over it!
I believe that we should leave this beautiful world with a serene physical body and peaceful soul and or mind. I do not believe any of us would like to leave this world with an ugly body with widely open mouth, open eyes and a confused mind. Agree?
Anyway, if we don't love our own life, who will love our life? We must be thankful and value every minute and every second of our existence in this beautiful world!
Do good, avoid evils, purify our Soul and or our Mind. If we can do that, not only we will leave the world without any regrets, we will also make the world a better place to stay!
Last but not least, what do we expect to see in our eulogy during the final journey of our life? Do you want others to remember you as a bad person who has done much harm to the society or a good person who had done much good to the society? We have a choice!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Could a "Comparing" Mindset Help?

I just love the meaningful sentences in this beautiful photo which I received from a long lost friend recently.
In fact, this is a reality of life. Most people just like to compare their life with others. Some of them eventually landed up in the state of mental anguish.
Can comparing our life with others make us happy????
Real Story No.1
Recently, my aunty told me that she has already shifted to her new two and a half storey semi-detached house which her son bought one year ago. Many other relatives was admiring her for staying in such a comfortable new house. However, what I came to know is that since the day they shifted in to the new house, she doesn't have much chance to see her son and daughter in law. Previously, when they were staying at a condominium, she can see them everyday. Now, her son and daughter in law will straight go up to their bedroom which is on the top floor of the house after they have come home. When they have gone up, they will not come down as they say it is too tiring for them to climb up and down the stair again. As for my old aunty who has knee problem, she also can't afford to climb the staircase too much. She have to wait for them to come down only got chance to see them.
Well, for those who are admiring her, do they know what my aunty is facing now. She feel that her son and her are staying very far apart now. She feels very lonely and no one to talk to. Is she happy? Based on "surface or appearance", my aunty should be lucky and happy, however, the type of suffering she has to go through no one knows. She told me she has to take care of her grand daughter and also take care of the house. She does not have a maid. Personally, I do not admire her life at all.
Real Story No.2
One of my childhood friend is an illegal money lender. Currently, he is staying in a bungalow in a gated community. He has a driver, a bodyguard and two maids in the house. Many people admire him for being so rich. However, he told me he is living in the shadow of fear everyday. He scares that people may plan to kill him as his subordinates used to harrass those people who can't repay them the money, he scares that people may kidnap his children, he scares that robbers may rob his family so on and so for. Based on external view, many people will say that he is a very lucky man. However, no one knows what type of mental torture he has gone through.
I believe we are not born in this world to compare our life with others, moreover, by comparing our life with other, it does not help us to lead a better life! So, we need to be ourself and live our life to the fullest and most importantly, DONT COMPARE!!!
Agree? Disagree? Please share your view. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a "Pitiful" Mindset?!

I was not surprised when someone told me Suzie, an ex-colleague of mine has been admitted to hospital because of liver and kidney problem recently. Suzie is a fanatic towards slimming and anti-ageing products. Personally, I salute Suzie's courage towards trying all the types of newly invented slimming or anti-ageing products. She will buy and try the newly invented slimming or anti-ageing product without second thought if someone tells her the new product can make her slimmer and young! The best human "guinea pig" I have ever come across! However, I totally disagree with her way of managing her health. Suzie is also very choosy over the food she takes. I do not know whether does she really understand the word "Balanced Diet"? I also wonder whether she can understand the two words, "Deficiency" and "Overdose"?!

I do agree that there is nothing wrong if a person likes to be pretty and have a slim figure. However, if it is at the cost of our health or life, I wouldn't advise anyone to try it.

It is no doubt that we need good "maintenance" program for our physical body, however, if the program is going to go against the Law Of Nature, do you think it is worth for us to pursue with it?

From the picture, we can see that from birth to old age and to the the last day of our life, it is a complete natural process. If we do not believe it is a natural process and we insist to go against it, what will be the consequences we have to face? Just take an example of 70 year old lady who goes for "modification ( either through intake of new drugs or newly invented equipment! )" of her face so that she can look like a young lady. Yes, I believe with the current advanced technology, a person can modify the whole face to look young and dress like a young lady, however, what about other parts of the body? Face like young girl but other muscles of the body are sagging, what would be the consequences like? Organs in the body are also aging and perhaps some has started to mal-function...What a suffering world? Hahaha........ .

Just take another example : what would happen if the 70 year old lady were to allow Nature to take its own course and age gracefully, do you think she will be more acceptable or respectable by the younger generation?
I believe there are two major parts of a human life, one part is our physical body, the other part is our way of thinking and experience. How would the society view a "modified young face" with an elderly man mentality? Overgrown young man or .......?

Let's face the "Reality"! I believe if we are mindful on what we are eating, we will have less worry about any sickness, if we have less worry, we would be more happy. It is through happiness that a person's face would be more serene and radiant!

I came across the below "Reflection Before Taking Food" verses in one of the retreats which I had attended sometime ago. I would like to share with all of you. I believe that if all of us were to follow the verses accordingly, we will lead a more healthy life and also look more radiant and serene. Whoever hope to give it a try, please recite the verses slowly with full concentration and full understanding! Please "Pause" and absorb the sentence before you go to the next sentence.
May All Of You Be Well And Happy Always!

" Worth Following Award"

I am so glad to receive the above award from Anish of Actuate Life. This is really motivating especially to a new kid in the "blog"! Hahaha.... . Thank you so much Anish.
This award is given to blogs that you would highly recommend to other readers and the rules are as follows:

Give this award to three of your favorite blogs. Choose ones you make a point of reading as often as possible!

When you nominate them you have to write a short description of the blog (just a few sentences) and why you nominated that blog.
Link to each of your choices as well as the blog that nominated you. Spread the love!
Well, I would present the first award to Anish of Actuate Life, Anish is a good writer. His blog covers a wide range of topics which relates to our daily life.
The second award goes to Jean of Lazy Mum -Yummy Bites, In her blog, she shares with us her fast, economical and easy to cook recipes. Her recipes are great for us especially in this economic slowdown situation.
The third award goes to Renee of "", Renee's wondeful blog provides a lot of valuable information on how elderly people should prepare for the "second half" of their life.
Congratulations to all of you!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A " Loss " Mindset

I am really curious to know what would happen if Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad and Siddharta Gautama were to live in the world now? Some of the questions which always linger on my mind are :

1. What would be the critical and important sermon they would preach if they are living together in the world now?

2. What would they think about the current world situation?

3. Would they be asking their followers and disciples to respect other religions, spread " LOVE " towards other religions?

4. Will they use their great compassion to "melt" the Devil and Demon hearts?

5. Will they insist their disciples and followers to destroy or kill those who do not have the same belief?

6. What would the Divine Being do if human beings continue to be "blinded" by the evil thoughts?

7. Will there be an end to this "Good vs Evil" war?

8. By sending those who have committed misconduct to a "SUFFERING" place sufficient enough to "rehabilitate" them?

9. What would the Merciful Divine Being do to save the mankind?

10. Will the Divine Being just let the unfavorable things to happen as they consider there is no way or they should not rescue mankind?

11. Will the difference in idealogy of the religions hinder mankind to work together for a better tomorrow fo mankind?

I believe all these questions are REAL! If different religion were to try their best to fight to be on top of the others, I believe the world will be in a mess! As we are aware, some religious extremists may even institute a war which will cause the killing of many human life just to show people that their religion is more supreme than the other!

Will the Divine Being "encourage" killing of human just to show others that they are more supreme than the others? Does the Divine Being has a way to stop all these unnecessary acts? How would the Divine Being handle those who have committed the misconduct? Destroy them? How to destroy them?

Some may say we must not question the Divine Being ( I do not have the slightest intention to do so!) or we, as human will not be able to understand the holy act of the Divine Being. However, if the merciful Divine Being does not want to help mankind to stop all these unnecessary acts, can mankind stop these acts by themselves?

The above are just my silly thoughts, it should not be treated as an insult to any religion. I believe I am not the only person in this world that is having all these questions in mind.

Anyway, I strongly believe that religion does play an important role to make our world a better place to stay!

I expect to receive many comments for my above post. I am open to any constructive views. Do share your views.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A "Holy War" Mindset

Whenever I heard of the word "Holy War", the below questions will immediately come to my mind:

1. What is that so "Holy" about "War"?

2. Who has created this word "Holy War"?
3. If there is anything stated in the Holy Scripture about "Holy War", did we interpret the meaning correctly?

Whenever there is a war between two countries, I believe both countries would be very suspicious over one another. Their peoples' minds will be full of desire and hatred! It is a "WIN-LOSE" situation, i.e either your country is going to win or my country is going to win! With this type of focused(?!) mindset, I believe they will surely involve their most advanced war equipments in the war. They will not have mercy but to kill just for the benefits of getting what they want! Is "KILLING" a "HOLY" act? Innocent people died, people lost their families ........and so on. Is this considered " HOLY "?

I do not believe the word "Holy War"is created by the Divine Being! I believe it comes from the mind of the Human Being! Well, any human being with a sound mind should know, if the Divine Being is promoting "Love" and " Peace " on this Earth, how could they instigate Human Beings to engage in a cruel war?!

I do believe that we, Human Beings really need to understand the real or actual meaning of the word "Holy War"( if there is any! ) as stated in the Holy Scripture.
My personal view is that holy war is a war within ourselves where we have to eliminate or neutralise all our defilements ( evil or unwholesome thought such as : killing people just to get what we want, robbing people wealth, engage in sexual misconduct, cheating people, taking drugs etc ....! ) in our mind. I consider this as holy war because it does not hurt anyone. Moreover if everyone were to do good, avoid evil and cultivate their mind , the world would be a better place to stay! As all of us are aware, we have to go through some difficult processes to strengthen our mind, however, the long lasting effect after the process is that your mind will be like an unshaken rock.

From birth till the last day of our life, we are engaged in "civil war" within ourselves all the time. Why should we create another physical War again in the world? I believe it would be better for us to spend our valuable time to do more constructive work which can help us to make the world a better place to stay!

Anyone want to share your views?

Monday, April 6, 2009

A " Wondering " Mind!

I remembered when I was young, I was asked to recite the below verses during our Bible classes:

" Our Father In Heaven, Holy Be Thy Name, Your Kingdom Comes, Your Will Be Done On Earth As In Heaven, Give Us Today Our Daily Bread, Forgive Us Our Sins As We Forgive Those Who Sin Against Us. Do not Bring Us To The Test, But Deliver Us From Evils!" ( Please forgive me if I have made any un-intentionally errors 0n the verses! )

I just can't emphasize enough of the words which are highlighted in RED. These are extremely good verses if we were to follow and practise it accordingly.

The world will be a better place to stay if all of us were to practise it sincerely (from the bottom of our Heart)! We must learn how to "FORGIVE" and "FORGET"! This is a very powerful verse which can help us to stop the Wars!

I also wish to highlight this meaningful sentence, "Maaf Zahir Dan Batin ( Please Forgive Our Wrong Doing Which We Had Committed Both Physically And Mentality ), which the Muslim in our country will say to their parents on the first day when they are celebrating their completion of their Fasting ( Holy ) month. If we can follow this meaningful verse as to seek for forgiveness for our wrong doing and ensure that we won't commit the same wrong doing again, the world will have lesser human problem! Don't you think this is beautiful?

All these beautiful guidance can be found in all the religious teachings. Why are we still busy to go round and round to search for an answer to end the human misery???

An "Unfair" Mindset!

My neighbour's husband told her not to buy and cook brinjal now. Her husband told her brinjal is very expensive now. I was taken back by her husband's statement. As I know, this neighbour of mine is a very thrifty lady whereas her husband like to spend lots of money drinking with his friends every night. Most of the time, he will go out alone in the evening and let his wife stays at home alone. What on earth could he give his wife's this type of instruction? He can spend lots of money drinking with his friends every night ( sometime till midnight! ) and he doesn't allow his wife to buy and cook her favorite food just because the price of brinjal has increased by 3% per kilogramme. I believe he also doesn't know brinjal is a favorite food of his wife!

There are a few good questions for us to think :

1. How does this husband value his wife?
2. How many kilogramme of brinjal can his wife eat per meal? How much will it costs?
3. How many cans or bottles of beer will he drink per night? What will be the total cost of all the beers? As a matter of fact, I have seen him drinking more than a dozen cans per night!
4. Is he fair to his wife?
According to her husband, he will not be able to live in this world if he doesn't have friends! All his friends are good drinkers!
I believe there are many this type of "self-centred" persons in the world. This type of person can forgo his family and just to be with all his “drinking" friends!
There was one incident where this beloved husband of my neighbour had a bad experience when his friend "persuaded" him to work in foreign country with a sunbstantial compensation package. Without any hesitation and discussion with his wife, he went straight to that country. After he has gone there, he discovered that he would be working alone there. He was so lonely that every night he called his wife to tell her that he wants to come home! Now, he is back at home, however, he has forgotten his "suffering" and has reverted to his old habit! He is spending even more time with all his "drinking" friends than his beloved wife now!
I am wondering, if he is strucked with a critical illness one day, who will take care of him? His friends or his wife?
What type of "UNFAIR" mindset does he has? When happy hour time, he will be with all his friends and neglect his wife! When he is having problem, he will look for his beloved wife!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A "Simply Delegate" Mindset

This is another "interesting but sad " story which was published in the newspaper lately.

I sympathize with all the busy parents who do not have time to be with their children.

I fully agreed with what the writer Peter Chong said, that is : "Maid may be good in doing household chores but it is not her duty to bring up your children. ....."

A few good and critical questions for us to reflect :

1. Do you want to see how your children grow up?
2. Do you want to play a part to help your children to grow up?
3. What would be the conseqeunces if you "delegate" your parental duties and responsibilities to the maid?
4. If you were to "delegate" all your parental duties and responsibilities to your maid, can you expect your children to be close or respect or love you?
5. How would you feel if your children were to call your maid "Mum or Dad" and call you "Aunty or Uncle"?

I am particularly concerned over the first sentence of paragraph 5, i.e " The young girl always had her way and the maid had no power to stop her". Personally, I have seen and heard many young children telling their maids that they are not their parents, they don't have the right to control them!!! Maybe their parents have told their beloved children before that their maids have no authority or right to control them. Should we leave it to the children to grow up themselves without giving them proper guidance in life?
Nowaday, many parents hope that their children would be a professional like doctor, engineer, accountant or..... one day . However, how many parents really spend some quality time to help their children to achieve the goals?
One of our family friends told me this story before. He said he was asking his young daughter what she wants to be a few days ago? He was expecting his daughter to give him a reply she wants to be at least a Teacher. However, he said he was extremely disappointed when his daughter told him she wants to be a maid one day. He asked her why, she replied, "Aunty said to be a maid is better, no need to go to work outside. It is an easy job and also can sleep in the afternoon when Papa and Mama not around! Hahaha.......... . An innocent mind that has been influenced by the maid. Do you want your child's innocent mind to be influenced by your maid?
Please do not get me wrong that I am looking down upon the maid's career. I respect the maid's job ( a job not many of us would want to do! ). I also understand that not everyone can be a doctor, engineer, teacher or....... . What I am trying to highlight is that if we hope to see our child to be a professional one day, we can't "delegate" our duties and responsibilities to our maid!
Another story was about Kelvin, one of my ex-colleague, he told me he was extremely sad when he came back from his overseas assignment one morning and his son, a toddler told his maid that "uncle" is back. As he is a Regional Sales Manager, his job requires him to travel frequently around the region. Most of the time, he is not around in the house. Well, what can I say to him? I only can sympathize him as he is a man who won't listen to advice!
Last but not least, I would like to invite all parents to ponder over the above critical questions and come out with a plan on what you and your spouse should do next!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Type Of Family Values Do We Want?

I saw this article in the newspaper one week ago. Anyone disagree with the headline? As for me, I fully agreed with what Dr.M.A.Nair said. I salute Dr. Nair 's wisdom.

Have we ever come across any kids who leave their parents because they are poor? So far, I have haven't come across any incident like this!

I have come across many incidences where parents are just focusing on providing the " material love" to their children, and eventually their children are not close to them ( their children just provide the financial aids to them ) when they retired. Now, they are complaining that :

1. They are very lonely after their retirement and no one to talk to

2. They don't have chance to meet with their grandchildren. According to them their children were too busy with their work and do not have time to bring their grandchildren to see them!

They are extremely unhappy over what they considered as "un-grateful" act of their children! Some even said that if they know their children will be so un-grateful, they would ask their spouse to abort it! I was stunned when I heard that!

However, this is what their children said: "What our parents want? We have already given them the money, what they want some more? With the money, they can go and buy whatever they want! They really don't understand us! We are very busy and not like them - "pensioners". They don't need to work, but we need to work and survive! Previously, when we were young, we also hardly see their face! When we wake up inthe morning, they had already gone to work. When we go to sleep at night, they still hadn't come back. We seldom have chance to talk to them! Whenever we encountered problem and need they advice, they are not there to help us also!!!" Based on what their children said, we can see that their children want their parents concern, attention and love when they were young, but their parents were just too busy with their work. This has cast a deep impression into their mind till they are adults now!!!

Now, what went wrong? The parents are looking for "Heart" love from their children. Whereas the children were thinking that providing "material love" to them are more than sufficient!

Parents, beware!!! It seems that our life will "reverse" back to the young age when we grow old. It would be too late and too painful for us to discover that we did not provide the right thing right to the children i.e "Parental Love" and NOT "Material Love"! when they were young.

We have to ask oursleves : What type of family life do you want when you grow old? With lots and lots of material gains and no family love and bonding? Or with moderate material gains and have plenty of family love and bonding?! The decision is in our hands!