Friday, April 24, 2009

What A "Kia-su" ( Scared To Lose ) Mindset

Two days ago, one of my neighbors asked me whether will I be interested to buy a bigger and more prestigious house? I asked her why? She told me that many people in our housing area has already shifted to the new housing estate next door. According to her, the houses at the new housing estate are bigger, more prestigious and it is a gated community! She also told me that the houses there are for wealthy people with certain status in the society. Anyone who stays there will be respected by the society.

In our so-called modern society, there are many people who have fallen into the trap of being scared of others measuring their wealth and status. In their mind, we must not let others to look down upon us. We must stay in a prestigious house, drive a luxurious car, enjoying good food at luxurious restaurants, playing luxurious games and with many maids serving the family so that others can look up upon us. Well, I believe there is nothing wrong to aim for that status if we can do it in a proper and legal manner.

I did come across a businessman who told me that we must buy prestigious house and luxurious car first so that others can look up upon us and trust us. He also said that image is very very important. According to him, we just need to pay for the upfront money and the rest we can get the loans from the financial institution. His view is that if we don't have the so called right image ( his perception towards image is different from mine ), we can't be in business. He also emphasized that people look at appearance to judge a person. I agreed with him to certain extend. To me, you can "blind" people with all these temporary wealth or assets ( I said temporary is because as long as you still haven't settled your loans, the assets does not belongs to you! ), however if we can't deliver what people expect you to deliver ( in terms of your products, services or payments ), do you think you can have a good image or reputation in the market? I have doubts over it.

This was what happen to Susan Boyle, one of the participants in the British Got Talent contest. Susan did not have an outstanding appearance when she was on the stage ( I salute her for showing the "Real Me" attitude! ). All the three judges were sceptical over her ability to sing. Well, I believe I do not need to highlight what happened to her next. All the media are busy publishing her story now.

Do we really need people to measure our own happiness? Do we mean the society must have people with this type of "Kia-su" ( scared to lose ) attitude only can progress? I would leave it to my beloved readers of this blog to give the answer. Everyone has a choice in life! We should not let others to control our own destiny!


  1. I agree with this post, it is great, we do not want to put material things very high. Life is not about how much you have, but how you live,

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable comments. Cheers!

  3. Really great post day by day our mentality going to show off manner so all are in non stop rat race........

  4. Thank you very much for your valuable comments. Cheers!