Sunday, April 19, 2009

What An Innocent "Suicidal" Mindset

Some people think that when they die, their problem will be solved automatically! However, when they die, what is dead is only their physical body. I do not know whether their problem will be solved automatically or not after their physical body is dead? Personally, I believe there are two parts of a human life, one part is our physical body, the other part is our soul and or our mind (for those who disagree with this view of mine, please share with me your view/s. Thanks in advance.). When our body is dead, I believe our soul and or our mind will definitely leave our dead body. Now, an interesting question is : can our soul or our mind die? Well, if our soul and or our mind can not die, then who can assure us that our problem will be solved automatically after we are dead?!
One more interesting question is : does the Divine Being ( for those who believe there is a Divine Being) encourage or allow this type of cruel and irresponsible act? If yes, then everything will be fine. If not, what will be the consequences? Will the consequences be worse than before he / she dies? As for those who believes in the Laws of Cause and Effect, do you think this person who has committed "killing of himself" can be reborn in a better plane of existence? I have doubt over it!
I believe that we should leave this beautiful world with a serene physical body and peaceful soul and or mind. I do not believe any of us would like to leave this world with an ugly body with widely open mouth, open eyes and a confused mind. Agree?
Anyway, if we don't love our own life, who will love our life? We must be thankful and value every minute and every second of our existence in this beautiful world!
Do good, avoid evils, purify our Soul and or our Mind. If we can do that, not only we will leave the world without any regrets, we will also make the world a better place to stay!
Last but not least, what do we expect to see in our eulogy during the final journey of our life? Do you want others to remember you as a bad person who has done much harm to the society or a good person who had done much good to the society? We have a choice!


  1. I would like proven to me that a person's mindset or "soul" upon death "leaves their body" If that were the case, reincarnation would be sensible. I debate the aspect of "spirit"due to the fact that there is no verification of any. I was born and raised Christian, and wasted time in "prayer". Go a week, month, or year without praying or going to church, and you will see there is No Difference.

  2. Thank you very much for your sharing.

    Just some interesting questions for us to ponder about :

    1. How does man think, analyse and or make decision? Using physical body or their mind?
    2. Can a dead man think?
    3. What is the exact definition of mind?
    4. Is mind consist of stream of consciousness?
    5. Is mind energy based?
    6. After a man is dead, his physical body dis-integrate,what will happen to his mind and consciousness ?
    7. Will his mind and consciousness still attach to his decaying physical body?
    8. It has been proven that energy cannot be created or destroy and it can only be transformed?
    I believe the above questions will give us some hints of whether our mind will leave our body.

    As for prayer, my humble opinion is, during prayer time, our mind will have some peaceful time to calm down all the senses. It is during this prayer time that we are free from stress. At least you are doing some good for your mind and physical body! Hahaha....... .