Saturday, April 18, 2009

How Could a "Comparing" Mindset Help?

I just love the meaningful sentences in this beautiful photo which I received from a long lost friend recently.
In fact, this is a reality of life. Most people just like to compare their life with others. Some of them eventually landed up in the state of mental anguish.
Can comparing our life with others make us happy????
Real Story No.1
Recently, my aunty told me that she has already shifted to her new two and a half storey semi-detached house which her son bought one year ago. Many other relatives was admiring her for staying in such a comfortable new house. However, what I came to know is that since the day they shifted in to the new house, she doesn't have much chance to see her son and daughter in law. Previously, when they were staying at a condominium, she can see them everyday. Now, her son and daughter in law will straight go up to their bedroom which is on the top floor of the house after they have come home. When they have gone up, they will not come down as they say it is too tiring for them to climb up and down the stair again. As for my old aunty who has knee problem, she also can't afford to climb the staircase too much. She have to wait for them to come down only got chance to see them.
Well, for those who are admiring her, do they know what my aunty is facing now. She feel that her son and her are staying very far apart now. She feels very lonely and no one to talk to. Is she happy? Based on "surface or appearance", my aunty should be lucky and happy, however, the type of suffering she has to go through no one knows. She told me she has to take care of her grand daughter and also take care of the house. She does not have a maid. Personally, I do not admire her life at all.
Real Story No.2
One of my childhood friend is an illegal money lender. Currently, he is staying in a bungalow in a gated community. He has a driver, a bodyguard and two maids in the house. Many people admire him for being so rich. However, he told me he is living in the shadow of fear everyday. He scares that people may plan to kill him as his subordinates used to harrass those people who can't repay them the money, he scares that people may kidnap his children, he scares that robbers may rob his family so on and so for. Based on external view, many people will say that he is a very lucky man. However, no one knows what type of mental torture he has gone through.
I believe we are not born in this world to compare our life with others, moreover, by comparing our life with other, it does not help us to lead a better life! So, we need to be ourself and live our life to the fullest and most importantly, DONT COMPARE!!!
Agree? Disagree? Please share your view. Thanks.

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