Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What a "Pitiful" Mindset?!

I was not surprised when someone told me Suzie, an ex-colleague of mine has been admitted to hospital because of liver and kidney problem recently. Suzie is a fanatic towards slimming and anti-ageing products. Personally, I salute Suzie's courage towards trying all the types of newly invented slimming or anti-ageing products. She will buy and try the newly invented slimming or anti-ageing product without second thought if someone tells her the new product can make her slimmer and young! The best human "guinea pig" I have ever come across! However, I totally disagree with her way of managing her health. Suzie is also very choosy over the food she takes. I do not know whether does she really understand the word "Balanced Diet"? I also wonder whether she can understand the two words, "Deficiency" and "Overdose"?!

I do agree that there is nothing wrong if a person likes to be pretty and have a slim figure. However, if it is at the cost of our health or life, I wouldn't advise anyone to try it.

It is no doubt that we need good "maintenance" program for our physical body, however, if the program is going to go against the Law Of Nature, do you think it is worth for us to pursue with it?

From the picture, we can see that from birth to old age and to the the last day of our life, it is a complete natural process. If we do not believe it is a natural process and we insist to go against it, what will be the consequences we have to face? Just take an example of 70 year old lady who goes for "modification ( either through intake of new drugs or newly invented equipment! )" of her face so that she can look like a young lady. Yes, I believe with the current advanced technology, a person can modify the whole face to look young and dress like a young lady, however, what about other parts of the body? Face like young girl but other muscles of the body are sagging, what would be the consequences like? Organs in the body are also aging and perhaps some has started to mal-function...What a suffering world? Hahaha........ .

Just take another example : what would happen if the 70 year old lady were to allow Nature to take its own course and age gracefully, do you think she will be more acceptable or respectable by the younger generation?
I believe there are two major parts of a human life, one part is our physical body, the other part is our way of thinking and experience. How would the society view a "modified young face" with an elderly man mentality? Overgrown young man or .......?

Let's face the "Reality"! I believe if we are mindful on what we are eating, we will have less worry about any sickness, if we have less worry, we would be more happy. It is through happiness that a person's face would be more serene and radiant!

I came across the below "Reflection Before Taking Food" verses in one of the retreats which I had attended sometime ago. I would like to share with all of you. I believe that if all of us were to follow the verses accordingly, we will lead a more healthy life and also look more radiant and serene. Whoever hope to give it a try, please recite the verses slowly with full concentration and full understanding! Please "Pause" and absorb the sentence before you go to the next sentence.
May All Of You Be Well And Happy Always!

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