Sunday, August 30, 2009

" Life Never Dies! "


When we talk about life, we talk about age! People like to link "Life" to "Age"! Is there really a linkage between Life and Age? I came across this powerful question, " What is the purpose of Life?" on many many occasions. However, as at todate, I still haven't come across the question of, " What is the purpose of Age?"!

Based on my personal observation, whenever someone attends the wake of any deceased person, the very first thing he or she will do is to look at the age of the deceased person! I really do not understand what is the significant for us to look at the age of the deceased?

Mankind are funny, they always like to interpret a person's death as good or bad according to their own perception. Just take a simple example, if a person dies young, some may be saying, it is a pity to see a person dies young. However, there may be some who will say that we should be happy for the deceased because the Divine Being loves him or her so much that He has to take him back to His Kingdom. Which is the right version? I do not know!

To me personally, we should not worry so much on how long should we stay or live in this world! We should be more concerned about how much good we have done for mankind and the world during the period we are in this world! I believe we will feel much happier if we have done a lot of good deeds before we leave the world. We will have no regrets to leave the world!

I came to know that three of our beloved friends who went to India to do some charity work recently met with a tragic accident and passed away. Leaving the world in the midst of performing a noble task! I believe their good merits will definitely leads them to be reborn in a better place of existence! May I pay my highest respect to them all! May You All Be Well And Happy In Your Next Life!

I would also like to extend my deepest condolences to the members of their families.

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this beautiful song to all my beloved friends who have passed away in the tragic accident, to listen please click on the link:

Friday, August 28, 2009

What Should We Do Now ?

" Nowaday, the Generation X and Generation Y are so different from our time. They behave and think so differently!". What an interesting statement which comes from the mouth of the "more wisdom" group of people!

I do not know when they were saying that, did they really think how the Generation X and Y are being "produced"? Who are the one that has "moulded" the Generation X and Y? Can the Generation X and Y "pop up" from nowhere? Are the Generation X and Y the creation of the Divine Being? I believe all of them did not think about it. What they do is just to talk about the "thinking and behavior" of the Generation X and Y!

Let us take a look at the current society. To most of the parents, the most important for them is to earn more money to support the family! I really do not know how one should evaluate how much is enough for a family to survive?! Just imagine how many CEOs' with more than a million dollars income per annum are there in the world? What is the percentage of person with low income are there in the world? Do we mean that those with low income will not be able to sustain their life in the world? Should all the parents just focus on the process of earning more income and ignore the responsibility of educating their children? I came across many rich parents who think that since they do not have much time to spend with their children, the only way they compensate them is to provide more money for their children to do or buy whatever they like. They just couldn't be bother to check the activities of their children. In their mind, as long as they have provided the shelter and money for them, they have already fulfilled their duty as a parent! Sigh!

I believe to provide proper guidance to our younger generations is more important than to just give them the money to spend! Yes, I do not deny that money is important to certain extend, however, if the parents do not take the effort to guide their children, no matter how much money the parents are giving it to them, it won't be enough. I believe the saying, " We should teach our children how to fish rather than to give them the fish!" has a profound meaning in it!

The below meaningful quote which I extract from Auntie Tracye's blog provides us an insight on what should we do to guide our younger genertions to make the world a better place to stay.

We sow a THOUGHT we reap an ACT
We sow an ACT we reap a HABIT
We sow a HABIT we reap a CHARACTER
We sow a CHARACTER we reap a DESTINY!

Any views to share?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

" Home Sweet Home " ?

When I was visiting my friend at the hospital last week, I was amazed when I got to know that the first sentence a buddhist monk told his followers after he had regained his consciousness from his heart operation was : " I want to go home! ". Being a buddhist monk, he has already renounced from his home and yet he is telling his followers that he wants to go home!

Nowaday, there are many youngsters who do not like to go home! They prefer to loiter around at the shopping complexes, cybercafes or get together with their friends in a nearby food stall to "chit chat"! I really do not understand what is inside the mind of all this youngsters! What are the reasons that they do not like to go home? Is their house really such a "horrible" place for them to be around? What actually went wrong with them or their home?

A buddhist monk who has renounced from home is requesting permission to go home, the youngsters who have a home and they do not want to go home! Sometime, the parents also do not know what their children are doing outside their home till late night! In fact, there are many crime cases happened during night time! What has actually gone wrong with the society? The parental guidance or the education system or both?

Based on the crime rate which has increased over the years, I believe this is a serious issue the society needs to address! If it is the parental guidance that has gone wrong, parents have to re-look at the ways how they guide their children. If it is the fault of the education system, someone in the higher authority needs to take a careful look at the situation. I believe we should be more pro-active and develop a preventive action plan to address the issue before it happens!

I also strongly believe that "Home" is best place to build the character and the right value system of the younger generation! We should put our hands together to help the younger generation to make the world a better place to stay. Just like the beautiful saying "Charity Begins From Home", should I also add "Character building also Begins from Home"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The " I Am Sincere" Mindset

"I am sincere to ....................... . It's true, I am really sincere to ............." .

Why should we tell people that we are sincere? Do we mean we are not sincere all the time or our sincerity is at stake? Action speaks louder than words, why can't we show our sincerity through our actions?!

I have come across many incidences where the person who says he or she is sincere is the most "non-sincere" person!

One of my friends ( a General Manager ) likes to use the above phrase when he is talking to his subordinates. However, from my understanding, he is the most "non-sincere" person in the organization. Whatever he says or does, he has a "secret agenda" behind his words or action. One of the incidences that I still can remember well was when his Human Resource Manager was recommended by his superior to become the Group HR Manager, he was so afraid that he told me he will find ways to stop him to be promoted to the recommended position. When I asked him why, he told me that the current HR Manager may "hurt" all his team members if he is up there! From what I know he has been "mistreating or victimising" the HR Manager all these while. I believe he is more worried for himself rather than for his team members. He told the HR Manager that he was sincere and wanted to help him. He "sweet talk" and convince the HR Manager that the higher level he goes, the position will be more and more hectic. When the HR Manager echoed him that he believe what he said, he immediately picked up the telephone and call his superior to tell his superior that the HR Manager had rejected the promotion. The HR Manager ( also one of my friends ) later told me that he was stunned and speechless when the GM called and tell the MD that he had rejected the promotion. In fact, the HR Manager told me that he would like to take up the challenges.

I came across another incident where a businessman told me that he is very sincere with his employees, however, after knowing him for a few weeks, I can say that he is a real hypocrite! He did not honor his words all the times! He promised the employees if they meet certain targets as set by him, he will give them a good bonus, but when they hit the targets, he just "easily" forget what he had promised the employees! He will use the money for his own "pleasure" instead of sharing some profit with his employees. Honestly, I do not know whether does he really understand the word " SINCERE" mean?!

I believe a sincere person uses his action to prove to people that he is sincere. He does not need to tell people that he is sincere all the time! Any disagreement?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Is Responsible For What We Do?

I was shocked when I read from the newspaper that a married man with four young children told the media this: "I leave it to GOD to move my "merely good friend" status with the lady to the next level". Based on what he said, I believe their marriage last week were blessed by their GOD. I was wondering whether will the Divine Being break the relationship of a married couple? Will the Divine Being helps mankind to cover their wrong doing? Also can mankind just sit and do nothing and wait for their Divine Being to decide everything for them?

Well, the more interesting thing to know is that some of this wedding ceremonies are held or solemnised at the religious places. I believe their Divine Being is aware of what msiconduct they have committed. I also believe thing must have started from somewhere sometime before it can be landed up with this results. If someone were to tell you that this couple have not met each other before and suddenly they got married, do you believe it? I believe you have the answer!

I believe the worst thing we can do in this world is to use religion to cover our own wrong doing! We should be responsible for what we have done! We have the courage to commit misconduct, why can't we also have the courage to admit it?! No only in terms of marriage, there are many things in this world that mankind can push it to the Divine Being if they want to, for example : when there is flood, they can blame the Divine Being for the heavy downpour, when there is drought, they can also blame the Divine Being for no rainfall. When the global warming started, they can blame the Divine Being for creating it. When there is H1N1, they can blame the Divine Being for creating the virus etc........ . I believe mankind is "transferring" too many responsibilities to the Divine Being. Poor Divine Being! Hahaha...... .

Lastly, I just hope that before we push our duties and responsibilities to the Divine Being or anyone, we must reflect : "Is this problem created by me?".

Any disagreement? Please share.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

" Back To The Basic " Mindset!

I was very angry with the Contractor who was doing the renovation work for my neighbor this morning. One week ago, I requested him to remove all the wooden moulds which his contract workers threw at the back of my house. He promised me he will do so. One week has passed and there is no sign that he will remove all the wooden moulds.

Since the day he started the renovation work, his contract workers had been throwing rubbish at the back of my house. My house is now " infected " with rats, mosquitoes, coackroaches and ants. Before they start the renovation work, we don't have this type of problem. Since I can't tolerate the situation anymore, I take the initaitive to clean up the area this morning. When I remove the wooden moulds, I was shocked to see that there were a "group of rats" hiding under the wooden moulds. I was stunned and really do not know what to do. " To KILL " or " NOT TO KILL " them?! Apart from the rats, the mosquitoes flew out immediately and the cockroaches and ants were running for their life!
All religions teach us not to kill or murder! Now, I am facing with this type of "challenges or maybe some may called it a test from the Divine Being", what should I do now? Well, I should say that I am very fortunate, when the rats saw me, they were more freighten than me. When I was in deep thought of what should I do next? Suddenly, all the rats ran away! I was so happy that I didn't need to deal with the rats anymore. However, I was sad that I have no other choice for the mosquitoes and insects but to destroy their "house" immediately by spraying the insecticides.
Based on this incident, I realize that why people said it is not easy for us to practise what the religious teachers taught. This incident has also made me realized that I have to be " back to the basic ". What is the point for me to search "deeper and deeper" whereas I can't even " perfect " the " BASIC "! Moreover, all the advance teaching of the religious teachers are from a "Base"!
Any sharing?