Saturday, August 1, 2009

" Back To The Basic " Mindset!

I was very angry with the Contractor who was doing the renovation work for my neighbor this morning. One week ago, I requested him to remove all the wooden moulds which his contract workers threw at the back of my house. He promised me he will do so. One week has passed and there is no sign that he will remove all the wooden moulds.

Since the day he started the renovation work, his contract workers had been throwing rubbish at the back of my house. My house is now " infected " with rats, mosquitoes, coackroaches and ants. Before they start the renovation work, we don't have this type of problem. Since I can't tolerate the situation anymore, I take the initaitive to clean up the area this morning. When I remove the wooden moulds, I was shocked to see that there were a "group of rats" hiding under the wooden moulds. I was stunned and really do not know what to do. " To KILL " or " NOT TO KILL " them?! Apart from the rats, the mosquitoes flew out immediately and the cockroaches and ants were running for their life!
All religions teach us not to kill or murder! Now, I am facing with this type of "challenges or maybe some may called it a test from the Divine Being", what should I do now? Well, I should say that I am very fortunate, when the rats saw me, they were more freighten than me. When I was in deep thought of what should I do next? Suddenly, all the rats ran away! I was so happy that I didn't need to deal with the rats anymore. However, I was sad that I have no other choice for the mosquitoes and insects but to destroy their "house" immediately by spraying the insecticides.
Based on this incident, I realize that why people said it is not easy for us to practise what the religious teachers taught. This incident has also made me realized that I have to be " back to the basic ". What is the point for me to search "deeper and deeper" whereas I can't even " perfect " the " BASIC "! Moreover, all the advance teaching of the religious teachers are from a "Base"!
Any sharing?


  1. what is the intention of killing?

    In Buddhism, intention is extremely important.

  2. Thanks for your sharing.

    My intention is to get rid of them so that they don't come in to my house again.

    I thought for anyone to commit a bad deed it must comes from intention and action.

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  4. Hi Bill,

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  5. I agree with Robin, the intention is important. In any case it is the basic thoughts or ideas that we start from.

  6. Thank you very much for your valuable sharing. I just wish all the little creatures may they be well and happy always.