Monday, August 17, 2009

Who Is Responsible For What We Do?

I was shocked when I read from the newspaper that a married man with four young children told the media this: "I leave it to GOD to move my "merely good friend" status with the lady to the next level". Based on what he said, I believe their marriage last week were blessed by their GOD. I was wondering whether will the Divine Being break the relationship of a married couple? Will the Divine Being helps mankind to cover their wrong doing? Also can mankind just sit and do nothing and wait for their Divine Being to decide everything for them?

Well, the more interesting thing to know is that some of this wedding ceremonies are held or solemnised at the religious places. I believe their Divine Being is aware of what msiconduct they have committed. I also believe thing must have started from somewhere sometime before it can be landed up with this results. If someone were to tell you that this couple have not met each other before and suddenly they got married, do you believe it? I believe you have the answer!

I believe the worst thing we can do in this world is to use religion to cover our own wrong doing! We should be responsible for what we have done! We have the courage to commit misconduct, why can't we also have the courage to admit it?! No only in terms of marriage, there are many things in this world that mankind can push it to the Divine Being if they want to, for example : when there is flood, they can blame the Divine Being for the heavy downpour, when there is drought, they can also blame the Divine Being for no rainfall. When the global warming started, they can blame the Divine Being for creating it. When there is H1N1, they can blame the Divine Being for creating the virus etc........ . I believe mankind is "transferring" too many responsibilities to the Divine Being. Poor Divine Being! Hahaha...... .

Lastly, I just hope that before we push our duties and responsibilities to the Divine Being or anyone, we must reflect : "Is this problem created by me?".

Any disagreement? Please share.

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