Friday, August 28, 2009

What Should We Do Now ?

" Nowaday, the Generation X and Generation Y are so different from our time. They behave and think so differently!". What an interesting statement which comes from the mouth of the "more wisdom" group of people!

I do not know when they were saying that, did they really think how the Generation X and Y are being "produced"? Who are the one that has "moulded" the Generation X and Y? Can the Generation X and Y "pop up" from nowhere? Are the Generation X and Y the creation of the Divine Being? I believe all of them did not think about it. What they do is just to talk about the "thinking and behavior" of the Generation X and Y!

Let us take a look at the current society. To most of the parents, the most important for them is to earn more money to support the family! I really do not know how one should evaluate how much is enough for a family to survive?! Just imagine how many CEOs' with more than a million dollars income per annum are there in the world? What is the percentage of person with low income are there in the world? Do we mean that those with low income will not be able to sustain their life in the world? Should all the parents just focus on the process of earning more income and ignore the responsibility of educating their children? I came across many rich parents who think that since they do not have much time to spend with their children, the only way they compensate them is to provide more money for their children to do or buy whatever they like. They just couldn't be bother to check the activities of their children. In their mind, as long as they have provided the shelter and money for them, they have already fulfilled their duty as a parent! Sigh!

I believe to provide proper guidance to our younger generations is more important than to just give them the money to spend! Yes, I do not deny that money is important to certain extend, however, if the parents do not take the effort to guide their children, no matter how much money the parents are giving it to them, it won't be enough. I believe the saying, " We should teach our children how to fish rather than to give them the fish!" has a profound meaning in it!

The below meaningful quote which I extract from Auntie Tracye's blog provides us an insight on what should we do to guide our younger genertions to make the world a better place to stay.

We sow a THOUGHT we reap an ACT
We sow an ACT we reap a HABIT
We sow a HABIT we reap a CHARACTER
We sow a CHARACTER we reap a DESTINY!

Any views to share?

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