Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can We Improve " Human Touch " With Advance Communication Tools?

I was watching a documentary film in the television recently. The program talked about how the Chinese from China have created their business empire in one of the states in our country. According to some of them, when they started their shipyard, they built all the ships without any engineering drawings, any advance equipments and tools! What really impressed me about what they said is not how they built the ship but the TEAMWORK of all their employees! How all the employees can stick together and work towards one common goal?

Human being knows the importance of TEAMWORK. They are aware of the best ways to work together, however, when there are differences in views, most of the people will tend to forget the most effective way to resolve their differences. They tend to stick to their own views and refuse to open up their mind to listen to the views of others.

With the advancement of the information technology, advance telecommunication tools and equipments, I believe people should be able to work together more closely. However, I am a bit disappointed to note that although with the advance tools and equipments, people can communicate more effectively, however, the " human touch " does not seem to get closer. In fact, it is getting wider and wider!

One of my friends who owns a three storey house told me this real life story. Everytime when dinner is served, he has to use his handphone to call all his children on the top floor to come down to have dinner together. After the dinner, all his children will run up to the top floor again to do their own work. As my friend is suffering from knee problem, he could not run up and down of the staircase too frequently. He and his beloved wife will have to stay at ground floor to watch television. He told me he regretted to buy the three storey house as he is now having lesser contact hours with his children. He can just communicate with his children via handphone!

Is communication tools or equipments the only way to improve human relationship? Anyone care to share your view?

Monday, January 25, 2010

" Human Beings Are Saddists ?! "

I do not know what to say when I heard one of my friends said that " Human Beings Are Saddist!". Well, what was in my mind at the time was this question : Is it true?

Anyway, I do notice that whenever we see someone making any mistake, we will laugh! Just take an example of the show " Mr Bean ". Why people laugh when they see Mr Bean making mistake or silly act! Is it that they are happy???? I really do not know the reason behind! Can anyone enlighten me on this? Why should we be happy when we see others making mistake or fail in whatever they do?

Whenever there is War, the winner will be very happy when they see that their opponent has been defeated! When in business, the businessman will be very happy to see their competitors fail in their business! When there is any sports competition, the winning party will be very happy to see that their opponent is defeated. It seems finding others' mistakes or weakness is the most happiest thing for us in this world!

I understand that there are always two sides of a coin. However, do we need to be very happy when we see others fail?! I do not have the answer. Anyone can share your views?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What An Unclear Mindset?

A few days ago, I read from the newspaper that some religious fanatics had carried out the arson attack on the places of worship of other religion. I am deeply sadden by the incident.

I remember many many years back I came across a saying by a wise man i.e " you can destroy the place of worship of a religion, however, you can't destroy the religious teaching as they are in heart and mind of the devotees!". I pity the building! Hahaha.....

If we are unhappy or unsatisfied over any issues, it would be better for us to find out the causes of the problem rather than to release our frustration and anger on the buildings, tables, chairs and so on. I believe if we can clearly define our problem, we can find the causes of our problem, and if we can find out the causes of the problem, we can definitely find a solution to resolve the problem.

We are human, we have a mind, we are not like the dogs and cats where they can't think rationally. We should engage our mind power to resolve problem. We should not let our emotion to control us!!!

Any different views? Please share.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Thoughts", "Words" And "Action" !

" May I be free from enmity
free from ill-will and un-trouble
may I keep myself happily
may I keep myself happily ...................

May all my neighbours be free from enmity
free from ill-will and un-trouble
may they keep themselves happily
may they keep themselves happily................

May all beings be free from enmity
free from ill-will and un-trouble
may they keep themselves happily
may they keep themselves happily! "

I heard someone reciting this wonderful verses this morning. I believe if all of us were to recite this verses SINCERELY and MINDFULLY ( that is with full concentration and the awareness of what you are reciting ) every day, the world will be a much better place for us to stay!

Well, I believe some people may be asking why the above verses start from " May I be free from ..... " and not from " May we be free from...... "? I believe this is a very good and valid question! Some school of thought think that this is rather selfish! However, there are also some school of thought think that we should practise : "It Begins With Me! ".

Anyway, I believe the main focus here is not on whether the verses should start from " May I be free from ...... " or " May we be free from........ ". The main focus should be on whether the person who is reciting the verses is really sincere and mindful about what he or she is reciting!

A good question for reflection : " How many of us really align our thoughts and our actions ? "