Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can We Improve " Human Touch " With Advance Communication Tools?

I was watching a documentary film in the television recently. The program talked about how the Chinese from China have created their business empire in one of the states in our country. According to some of them, when they started their shipyard, they built all the ships without any engineering drawings, any advance equipments and tools! What really impressed me about what they said is not how they built the ship but the TEAMWORK of all their employees! How all the employees can stick together and work towards one common goal?

Human being knows the importance of TEAMWORK. They are aware of the best ways to work together, however, when there are differences in views, most of the people will tend to forget the most effective way to resolve their differences. They tend to stick to their own views and refuse to open up their mind to listen to the views of others.

With the advancement of the information technology, advance telecommunication tools and equipments, I believe people should be able to work together more closely. However, I am a bit disappointed to note that although with the advance tools and equipments, people can communicate more effectively, however, the " human touch " does not seem to get closer. In fact, it is getting wider and wider!

One of my friends who owns a three storey house told me this real life story. Everytime when dinner is served, he has to use his handphone to call all his children on the top floor to come down to have dinner together. After the dinner, all his children will run up to the top floor again to do their own work. As my friend is suffering from knee problem, he could not run up and down of the staircase too frequently. He and his beloved wife will have to stay at ground floor to watch television. He told me he regretted to buy the three storey house as he is now having lesser contact hours with his children. He can just communicate with his children via handphone!

Is communication tools or equipments the only way to improve human relationship? Anyone care to share your view?


  1. Satira, I wrote about some aspect of this some time ago in the blackberry etiquette post. It is wonderful that we have the ability to communicate so easily and broadly however that ability had led to the isolation and lack of personal contact/touch with those around us.
    It amazes me to watch people, especially young folks, in groups, walking, eating - socializing- but each or some in the group are on their phones engrossed in conversation with others while the ones around them are detached and 'isolated' in their presence. Is this a cause for concern? Do they not know how to interact with each other- play nicely together - or only through technology/electronics? So the question is.. is our phenomenal access to communication devices/methods handicapping our ability to humanize our communication -relationships and touch? hummmm!

  2. Thank you very much for your great sharing! I fully agreed with your view.

    Is this what we called modern society?! Are we training ourself to be a "Robot ( with no human feeling and human touch )"?!

    Well, I believe all inventors of any new device must take into consideration of how to bridge or improve "human contact and touch"!

    Apart from the latest developed advance communication equipments and tools, food especially infants' food is also another area we really need to look at it seriously! I remember sometime ago, many countries were promoting breast-feeding, however, I believe this seems to be a tabooo for the " figure " conscious ladies! If all the newborn babies were to just feed through the milk bottle, how are they going to get close to the parents and thus improve the human touch?!

    Nowaday, I have seen many advertisements saying that DHA had been added to their infant formulae and this will made those babies who consume their product to be more intelligent! I am wondering will their product made the babies to have more human feeling? Maybe the younger generation nowaday are more intelligent, however, I do not see the human value aspect of the younger generation has been improved!