Saturday, February 28, 2009

Auspicious Day For Wedding

Some people believe that we must choose an auspicious day for our wedding. From what I know, I have a relative who engaged a well known astrologer to choose an auspicious day (which co-incidently fall on a Valentine Day) to get married. After a 2 years of marriage life, they found out that they are of different "wavelength" and they decided to file for divorce.

To some people, it could be an exception, but is choosing an auspicious day to get marry really such an important thing for the to-be married couple?

What should be the best advice to the "to be married" couple? Should the "to be married" couple really seriously needs to do some soul searching work before they go serious and tie the knot or should they just based on their emotion and .................................?

Valuable Photo - Be Thankful And Be Happy All The Time

From the above photo which I received from an internet friend recently, we can see a tiny little hand from an unborn baby holding the finger of the surgeon who had just performed a surgery to save his life! My immediate interpretation for the photo is that the little unborn baby is trying to show his appreciation and thanked the surgeon for saving his life.

Well, well, even an unborn baby knows how to show sign of thanks and appreciation to the person who saves his life. We must always be grateful to those who have helped us in life and be happy that we can still see the sunlight again the next day!

Cheers and have a great day!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What Makes Us Happy Forever?

I was asked by one of my friends that what are the things that can make me feel happy forever?

Winning jackpot? Strike lottery? Achieve academic excellence? Getting a promotion or ??????

I was stunned and couldn't give him an immediate answer! What a good and profound question he was asking me? The word "feel happy forever" really makes me to put on my thinking cap.

I believe everyone should ponder over the above question! If we can't define our own happiness, we will be going round and round in this world searching for happiness?

After much thoughts, my answer to my friend is that if I can make people happy, that sort of happiness cannot be erased from my mind. Whenever I think of it, I will feel very happy.

The above is just my view. What about yours?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do Not Make The World An Unhappy Place To Stay

Many people thought that SMILING is easy.

What about you? Do you know how to smile?

Smile is contagious! If you smile at others, others will smile back at you!

No one can take away our Right to be happy and Smile unless you surrender your right!

Identify the root cause which hinders you from smiling. It can be done! Anyone want to share you experience ?


Monday, February 23, 2009

Managing Doubts And Confusion

We must empty our mind of opinions then only we can see clearly what is in front of us!