Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The “ Wrong Is Right “ Mindset

Just watched a movie and one of the sayings of the main actress in the movie really makes me to think seriously on what she said. The actress was teaching her daughter to tell lies to cover her own wrong doing. Her daughter disagreed with her. However, she told her daughter that if everyone is telling the same lies, the lies become the truth. Although this happened in the movie, however, I strongly believe this is happening in the world now.

I had a friend who is a Purchasing Manager of a multinational company. He told me that every month the company's suppliers' will automatically bank in some money to his bank account. I asked him why the suppliers' give him the money? I shared my view with him that it is not right to accept this type of money. He said he didn't ask from them and they give him the money willingly. I asked him again why the suppliers' want to reduce his own profit to give him the money? He said that was not his problem and insisted that he didn't ask from them. Is this a right thing right or wrong thing right?

If we were to read the news on the media, there are many corruption cases, cheating cases etc etc. happening in the world now. Are all these acts the right conduct of a person? It seems that all this cases are increasing day by day.

Just a thought, if this type of "Wrong Is Right" mentality continue to grow, what consequences do we have face later on.

Kindly share your view.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The “ Never Ending Competing “ Mindset

I was attending a wedding dinner when I overheard someone trying to show off that he had just bought a big bungalow house in a prestigious area in the city recently. I did rejoice with his achievement however, I was wondering will it really makes a person happy when he or she possesses a big bungalow house in a prestigious area? How long can his or her happiness last?

Does happiness really come from what type of property we possess or how much money we have? In my humble opinion, I believe happiness depends on individual’s definition of contentment level. Just an example, for a young man who comes from a poor family, a small car will make him very happy, however for a young man who comes from a wealthy family, a small car will not make him or her happy as he or she would prefer to have a luxurious high power car.

Well, I believe we really need to define our contentment level. If we can’t define our contentment level, we will never find long lasting happiness.

Some may say that the “never ending competing” mind will lead us to improve our live. I do not know whether is it true? Anyway, I do quite often come cross many "like to compete" type of people died of serious sicknesses like heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure. Some of them can't even have the opportunity to enjoy what they have struggle so hard for. I do not know whether did the never ending competing mind causes them to have high stress which gave them all these sicknesses. 

For those who have different views, please share your valuable views with me. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Pray For Miracle" Mindset

Watching the recent Olympic Men's Double Badminton final prompted me to ponder about this thought, " Which party should the Almighty help? ". Malaysian team or the China team?

I saw many supporters of the Malaysian team were praying hard for their team to win. However, I also believe that the supporters of the China team will also pray hard for their team to win. With this type of last minute "emergency" prayer, I believe the supporters of both the teams were really putting the Almighty in a difficult situation. If the supporters of both the teams were from the same faith, I believe it is easier for the Almighty to decide. However, if the supporters were from different faith, it would be a situation where the supporters were really creating problem for their Almighty?

Sometime, I really do not know why should we trouble the Almighty to handle all our problems? I believe all religious teachings do provide guidance to their devotees on how they can live in a "problem or stress" free way. However, how many of the devotees really practice what their religious teachings guided them?

Any views on this?