Monday, August 29, 2016

The “ Never Ending Competing “ Mindset

I was attending a wedding dinner when I overheard someone trying to show off that he had just bought a big bungalow house in a prestigious area in the city recently. I did rejoice with his achievement however, I was wondering will it really makes a person happy when he or she possesses a big bungalow house in a prestigious area? How long can his or her happiness last?

Does happiness really come from what type of property we possess or how much money we have? In my humble opinion, I believe happiness depends on individual’s definition of contentment level. Just an example, for a young man who comes from a poor family, a small car will make him very happy, however for a young man who comes from a wealthy family, a small car will not make him or her happy as he or she would prefer to have a luxurious high power car.

Well, I believe we really need to define our contentment level. If we can’t define our contentment level, we will never find long lasting happiness.

Some may say that the “never ending competing” mind will lead us to improve our live. I do not know whether is it true? Anyway, I do quite often come cross many "like to compete" type of people died of serious sicknesses like heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure. Some of them can't even have the opportunity to enjoy what they have struggle so hard for. I do not know whether did the never ending competing mind causes them to have high stress which gave them all these sicknesses. 

For those who have different views, please share your valuable views with me. Thank you.


  1. Very nice write up,So true! Totally agree. Luxurious life doesn't matter happiness does. Precious moments with family and friends lasts forever. It is much better to sit on the last seat of a bus with friends and family than sitting alone in a luxurious car.

    1. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings. May you be well and happy always.