Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Pray For Miracle" Mindset

Watching the recent Olympic Men's Double Badminton final prompted me to ponder about this thought, " Which party should the Almighty help? ". Malaysian team or the China team?

I saw many supporters of the Malaysian team were praying hard for their team to win. However, I also believe that the supporters of the China team will also pray hard for their team to win. With this type of last minute "emergency" prayer, I believe the supporters of both the teams were really putting the Almighty in a difficult situation. If the supporters of both the teams were from the same faith, I believe it is easier for the Almighty to decide. However, if the supporters were from different faith, it would be a situation where the supporters were really creating problem for their Almighty?

Sometime, I really do not know why should we trouble the Almighty to handle all our problems? I believe all religious teachings do provide guidance to their devotees on how they can live in a "problem or stress" free way. However, how many of the devotees really practice what their religious teachings guided them?

Any views on this?

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