Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Interesting " Sexual Prowess Took A Front Seat In Marriage " Mindset

Sex lessons to help wives "serve their husband better than a first-class prostitute" will be among the classes provide by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) to help promote harmonious marriages and counter social ills.
Its vice-prsident Dr Rohaya Mohamad said it was time sexual prowess took a front seat in marriage, beyond that of the traditional "good mother or good cook" role. ................ ' - extracted from Sunday Star , 5 June 2011 NATION page 3.

I was stunned when I read the above report by Isabella Lai at :

I really do not know how far is it true that a husband who is kept happy in the bedroom would have no reason to stray, seek out prostitutes or indulge in other social vices? This is really an interesting question for all of us to ponder upon!

Just a thought : Will there be any "side effects" if the wife is too good in bedroom? Will the husband start to suspect why his wife is so good in bed and start a "civil war" between them?". I do not have an answer to the question! By the way, with the formation of the Obedient Wives Club, will the husbands form a Loyal Husbands Club? Hahaha....... .

I am wondering why some women like to lower down their status as to become a "sex slave or sex toy " of the husband?! Is there any universal law stated that woman is born to be the "sex slave or sex toy" for the man?! In fact, can a women really use sex to "tie down" a husband heart? What is the reason why a husband go for prostitute? Is it because the wife is no good in bed? All these questions seem to be just focus on fulfilling the "pleasurable" aspects of Man!

I believe some of the reasons why a husband commit sexual misconduct are the :

1. feeling of " thrill or excitement ".
2. " push " factor from his peer group
3. "ego ( thinking of conquering others )" factor
4. "anything new is better" mindset

In fact, all the above thoughts and feelings arise are because the person does not manage his mind well! Instead he let his mind to manage him!

Last but not least, who has the actual authority to set the service standard for the prostitute? Based on what criteria do they set the standard? Another interesting question is how do we determine whether a prostitute is providing a first class service to a client? Hahaha....... .

Just hope to receive some sharings from my beloved readers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

" We Deserve To Be Happy " Mindset

What is your view towards the picture on the left?

1。the frog has very good fighting spirit and hold on till the last minute,
2。the frog is so stupid to hold on to the situation?

Human mind does work in a wondeful way. We can see thing either with a positive view or a negative view! Some people like to see thing with a negative view. Does it bring us any goood? Some said that it's good to have negative view so that we can standby with a contigency plan. Some said that it is a waste of time and we must be positive at all times! I believe as long as we do not go to the extreme, it is alright to look at the negative aspect of a matter and prepare a contigency plan.

Positive and negative are actually two extreme. Many people have forgotten that "zero" is the neutral. If we can stay at neutral, I believe we can live a more enjoyable and meaningful life! Two days ago, my cousin came over to visit me. While we were chit chatting, he suddenly brought up the subject of how do we find happiness? He said although he has already get what he wants, he is still not happy with he has right now? He gave me an example of three years ago, he was staying in a condo, currently, he just bought a landed property at a renowned housing area and he is still not happy with what he has? I believe this is an interesting question for us to reflect upon!

In fact, I believe that many people are facing the same problem as my cousin is facing right now! He doesn't know his own level of contentment, he also doesn't know how to appreciate what he has right now! He continues to strive without a direction! At the end of the day, what he will achieve is " Exhaustion "! With all the stress and exhaustion he has gone through, will he live to enjoy what he has acquired or achieved, I do not know! I had seen many people who worked extremely hard and at the end of the day, what they get are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem and they do not live to enjoy what they had acquired! Well, please do not get me wrong that we shouldn't work hard to get what we want! What I am trying to share is we must first define our own level of contentment and must appreciate what we have achieved. No one in this world can really makes us happy except ourselves! If we can define our own level of contentment and not to worry about others "measuring" our status in the society, we can be happy all the times!

Any disagreement with my view? Please share your views!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What A " Mother's Day " Celebration Mindset

" Happy Mother's Day! ". I have seen many people celebrated the recent Mother's Day in posh restaurant! I rejoice with them. However, there are two good questions always linger on my mind, i.e. Should we just make our mother happy only during Mothers' Day? Will all the mothers be more happy during Mother's Day?

I believe what a mother wants from her kids is not only the celebration during Mother's Day! She wanted to see that her kids are well disciplined, well mannered, successful in their career and most of all they can constantly communicate with her. I mentioned the word "kids" many many times because eventhough we are sixty or seventy years old, in the eyes of our beloved mother, we are always their small kids! Hahaha.............. .

Mothers never think that their kids are their burden! However, in this modern or advanced society, I have seen many people considering their mother as a heavy burden! Should this be the way we show our gratitude towards our beloved mother?! I believe my beloved readers should have the answer! When we were small, we explore the world by asking our mother question with the word "WHY?". However, when we have grown up and our beloved mother started to use the same word "WHY" to ask us questions, we feel irritated and just ignore her! What would happen if our mother were to ignore all our questions when we were young? I do not have the answer.

Well, what is more meaningful? To make our mother happy eveyday or just make her happy only during Mother's Day? I hope to hear you views my dear readers.

We celebrated Valentine's Day in February, this month we have Mother's Day, next month we will have Father's Day. When will we have the Grandfather's Day, Grandmother's Day, Husband's Day, Wife's Day, Brother's Day and or Sister's Day? Hahaha........ . What a great idea for the businessman right? It might not be the correct or right terms for the businessman to use for the celebration, however, given the opportunity and think along the line, I believe many businessman can make some money from all these celebrations! Happy for them! Hahaha.... .

A " Burden " Mindset!

Is it wrong to be born as mentally retarded? Who wants to be born mentally retarded?

I was at a restaurant yesterday night when a young teenage girl rushed towards a lady customer at one of the tables and stared at the lady's face very very closely. I was shocked with this young girl's action. However, after I observed her behavior for a while, I found out the she is a mentally retarded girl, I feel really sorry for this young pretty girl. I was especially sad when I saw her dad pulled her away and knocked at her head for disturbing the lady. Although the lady did mention to her dad that it is alright for her, her dad continued to pull her away. I was very sad and really heartache when I heard the young girl cried. I believe no one wants to be born mentally retarded. Since she has already come to this world, I believe all of us in this world must give them the best support, take care of them and give them the due respect! We should not despise them or feel that they are a burden to us! I believe they do have the right to live in this beautiful world. Please respect their right!

Nowaday, we can see in the media that there were many cases of mentally retarded kids being abused or harrased by the mentally healthy persons. I believe not only the parents of the kids need to take extra efforts to take care of them, all of us in this world must also provide our assistance to help them. We should not take advantage of them, abuse or harrass them! As all of us are aware, even animals knows how to protect their babies, why can't we as human beings protect our younger generations especially the unfortunate ones?!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What A " Victimising " Mindset!

This morning when I was renewing my medical insurance policy, my agent told me that the premium has been increased. I have to pay more for the same amount of sum assured. When I asked her the reason for the increase in premium, she told me that the reason is because many policy holders misuse their insurance claims and thus the insurance company is suffering huge losses. In order for them to recover from the huge losses, the insurance company has to increase our premium. What an interesting reason the insurance company is giving to their valuable customers. The insurance company is transferring their "liabilities" to their "Valuable & Healthy" customers! Hahaha...... .

Looking for "scapegoat" seems to be one of the distinct human behaviors! I understand that some of my beloved readers may disagree with my above view. Well, I do not rule out that there are some exceptional cases! However, how many "exceptional" people can we really meet in this beautiful world? I do not have an answer!

Can anyone share your views please?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What An " Easily Convinced " Mindset

Recently, my neighbor's husband bought a set of very expensive " wonder medicine " for her. According to my neighbor, her husband told her that this medicine can cure cancer and also help to cure her back pain. She requested me to explain to her the contents of the brochure. As I was also interested to know what this " wonder " medicine is, I read through the brochure word by word very carefully. On the first page of the brochure, they highlighted the benefits of promoting this product. On the second page, they highlighted the benefits of " beautification " and " anti-aging " after consuming the " wonder medicine". On the third page, they highlighted that scientists believe that some of the contents of this " wonder medicine " can prevent cancer and ......... . However, I did not come across any proven cases or evidences written in the brochure that this " wonder medicine " can cure cancer. After I had gone through the whole brochure, I found out that this so called " wonder medicine " is actually a supplement sold by the direct selling agent. Well, I am not here to criticise or insult any direct selling company. What I wish is that the direct selling company should set up a code of ethics and provide proper training to their agents as not to mislead their potential customers. I also hope that anyone who wish or are selling health food or supplement, they should not begin with " Profit or Money " as the end in mind. They have to always bear in mind that they are dealing with health food which will either improve the health status of their customers or they are going to destroy the life of their customers! I believe all potential customers of all these wonder products should be more cautious about the functions of the product! Whether is it use as a supplement or is it a real medicine. There are many wonder medicines available in the market which contains steroids and need to be prescibed by a qualified medical practitioner and not to be simply sell to the customers.

Lastly, we should not be blinded by the " convincing " talk by any sales agents! We should verify all the facts and data before purchase or consume any products. In God, we trust, however, with people, we need data and facts to justify what they said.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The " Simply Let Others To Control " Mindset

Many people like to despise their own country and admire those " super-power" countries because they are the strongest and supposed to be the most advanced nation. Well, I really do not know whether is it true that there are no unhappy people in a "super power " countries. Does happiness really come from staying in a " super power " country? Do we really need to stay in an advanced country only can we find happiness? Do we mean we can't find happy people in the under-developed countries? I do not have an answer!

I believe as long as we can't define our own contentment level, we won't be able to find happiness in this world! We will be just like a lost soul in the sea. Just to share a real life story with my beloved readers, my brother in law is a retired man and he leads a simple life after his retirement. He is staying in a small comfortable house and driving a 20 years old car. All his children were professionals. When his friends saw him still using the old car. They asked him why is he still using the same old car? To his friends, changing car is not a problem to him at all. He gave his friends two reasons : 1. the car is still in good condition and can take him anywhere he likes. 2. He doesn't need to service any car loan anymore, why should he look for all this burden again? According to my brother in law, he is happy with his old junk! Hahaha.... . Well, my brother in law can find his happiness in his old car, however, how many people can do that? Nowaday, many people just can't resist the temptations of the world and the worst case is that they can't stand the challenges of people measuring their status in the society and their wealth. All these have caused many people to lost their mind!

I believe the choice is in our our hand, should we let others or external factors to control our happiness or should we create our own happiness from within ourselves? Please share your views.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What A " Problematic(?!) " Mindset!

I believe it is interesting to know about the political scenario nowaday. If we were to group the "infotainment" produced by some of the politicians, it can only be categorised into 7 categories. 1. " Backside " case , 2. " Front side " incident, 3. " Corrupt " practises, 4. " Criminal " case, 5. " Color " case, 6. " Religion " case and 7. " Cronism " case. They just keep on highlighting, highlighting, talking, talking and amusing the public but there were no solution in place! Knowing the problem, highlighting the problem, chanting the problem, married with the problem, have children with the problem, and when comes to solution of the problem, another set of problem will be highlighted to cover or divert the attention of the people away from the previous problem! Hahaha... . What an interesting human act! It is true that we are living in a world of "Challenges"! From one challenge to another challenges, e.g we have to tell a bigger lie to cover a small lie.

What an interesting world we are living in now? Creating bigger problem to cover a smaller problem! I do not know when will human being learn from all these lessons?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A " Worry After Death " Mindset?

I was reading an article, titled : " A Dead Sure Investment" in one of the newspaper recently, based on what was written in the article, it is good to invest on the good feng shui "after death" property (cemetry). I have no comments over what they said. Well, I do agree that there is nothing wrong to prepare for our own death.

I believe all the religions in the world are teaching or guiding their devotees to do the "Right Thing Right". I do not know how many religions are teaching their devotees to buy their own good feng shui burial ground before they die. I believe no one knows and can predict how we are going to die, will I die during earthquake? Will I die in a tsunami? Will I die in civil war? Will I die in plane crash? etc.... . and also no one knows and can prove to us where we are going after the end of our life.

However, I am aware that everything in this world is subject to impermanence or change. Based on the Law of Impermanency, I believe we cannot exclude feng shui. If feng shui is also subject to change, who can guarantee us that our good feng shui burial ground will not be affected by the buildings, the highways, the telco towers, the high voltage electrical transmission towers or the overhead bridges that our next generations are going to build? Who can guarantee that our bones will not be digged out if the government want to buy back the land for development purposes? Can feng shui predict the unknown future? I do not know.

Please share your views?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Have A Cool And Calm Mindset

A friend of mine forwarded an interesing email to me recently. Inside the mail, it said that when we are practising yoga, evil spirit will take over our body. Well, I am not in a position to comment anything about it as I am not either a Yoga Master or a Yoga practitioner. I just deleted the mail after reading it as I am not interested in the topic.

The world is in a messy situation now. Sometime it is difficult for us to differentiate who is telling the truth and who is telling lies! Sometime we can see that when everyone in the community believe in the lie, the lie becomes the truth. Only when the truth reveals that people will then change their view accordingly.

I believe the best thing for us to do from falling into confusion is to constantly watch our mind. We have to keep our mind cool and calm so that we can see thing clearly. We must be mindful in whatever we do, write and say. We should not just believe in whatever we heard or see, we have to find out the real cause or causes of the event or happening.
Any disagreement? Please share your views.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

" Save Money Or Committing Crime " ?

I overheard someone saying at a coffee shop that since the increase in electricty rate, there were many companies taking steps to save their electricity bills in the organization nowaday. I believe this is a good approach for the companies. However, according to the person, some of the companies are using a wrong approach to reduce their electricity bill. They couldn't be bothered whether they will be caught by the Authority. What they did is to fix a illegal gadget to slow down the smooth running of the electricity meters so that their bills will not be high! It seems that the amount of money they can save is quite substantial. Well, I believe they can save the electricity bills, however, I believe they did not lower down the consumption of the electricity. In fact, instead of saving money in the right way, he or she has committed a crime.

I believe some of us may have this type of experience before where we do thing without thinking thoroughly. If we are mindful, we will not commit this type of misconduct.

Do share your views.

" Life Is More Secured " Mindset

" Many robbery and murdered incidences made me feel my life is not secured nowday. I feel more secured and comfortable to stay in a gated housing estate. " . This is what my friend told me recently.
Does staying in a gated housing estate make us more secured? I do not have the answer. Anyway, I did read from the newspaper before that there were incidences where the security guards were the culprits in the unfavorable incidences.
I was asked by a friend recently that who can guarantee our house will not be "visited" by the thief if we were to go for a long holiday without locking our house? Can we pray hard and depend on the Almighty Being to save our house? Can we depend on our neighbor to help take care of our house 24 hours? Can we depend on the security guard to guard ur house? Well, I really do not have a clue on this.
I believe no one in this world can saves us. We can't depend on others to save our life. We have to do our part to prevent all the unfavorable incidents to happen to us.
Agree or disagree? Do share your views with us.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Overcoming The "Unknown"

We are living in an " Unknown " world! We do not know how long can we live in this world? We do not know what will be our future like? We do not know who will be our spouse one day? We do not know how we will leave this world? We do not know who we will be one day? We do not know............ etc. There are so many unknown in our life!

How should we face the unknown? I believe we should live in the PRESENT and forget about the unknown!!! I still can remember what Master Ogui said in the movie, "Kung Fu Panda" - "Yesterday is a history, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a gift. That is why today is known as PRESENT! Live life to its fullest in the present moment and we will not regret at the end of our life!
As the saying goes, "Good begets good, Bad begets bad", I believe if we were to do good, avoid evils and manage our evil thoughts so that it is under control, there is nothing for us to worry about the unknown! The future unknown is the results of what we do today!

Anyone disagree, please share your views.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The "Happiness" Mindset

Below are the excerpts from a heart touching article which I received from a friend recently :
"Bai Fang Li, died 93 years old, lived in poverty. Yet he donated an aggregate sum of RMB350,000 to universities and schools in Tianjin to help 300 poor students in need."
For almost 20 years, he paddled his tricycle earning yuan by yuan to save up for his donations.
"It's alright I suffer,"he said, "but let the poor kids go to school".
90 years old, he arranged his last saving of RMB 500 neatly in a box and handed to Yao Hua school, saying, "I cannot paddle anymore. I am not able to donate anymore. This shall be my last .......". All the teachers and student in the school wept.
I believe not many of us will do the same thing as Mr. Bai Fang Li did! Anyway, I believe even live in poverty, the beloved Mr Bai was happy all the times!
I belive happiness will arise in our heart when we can define our own level of contentment and are not scare of others measuring our success and our wealth. Happiness does not come from external factor. It is in ourself!
Anyone disagree? Please share your thoughts.