Tuesday, May 17, 2011

" We Deserve To Be Happy " Mindset

What is your view towards the picture on the left?

1。the frog has very good fighting spirit and hold on till the last minute,
2。the frog is so stupid to hold on to the situation?

Human mind does work in a wondeful way. We can see thing either with a positive view or a negative view! Some people like to see thing with a negative view. Does it bring us any goood? Some said that it's good to have negative view so that we can standby with a contigency plan. Some said that it is a waste of time and we must be positive at all times! I believe as long as we do not go to the extreme, it is alright to look at the negative aspect of a matter and prepare a contigency plan.

Positive and negative are actually two extreme. Many people have forgotten that "zero" is the neutral. If we can stay at neutral, I believe we can live a more enjoyable and meaningful life! Two days ago, my cousin came over to visit me. While we were chit chatting, he suddenly brought up the subject of how do we find happiness? He said although he has already get what he wants, he is still not happy with he has right now? He gave me an example of three years ago, he was staying in a condo, currently, he just bought a landed property at a renowned housing area and he is still not happy with what he has? I believe this is an interesting question for us to reflect upon!

In fact, I believe that many people are facing the same problem as my cousin is facing right now! He doesn't know his own level of contentment, he also doesn't know how to appreciate what he has right now! He continues to strive without a direction! At the end of the day, what he will achieve is " Exhaustion "! With all the stress and exhaustion he has gone through, will he live to enjoy what he has acquired or achieved, I do not know! I had seen many people who worked extremely hard and at the end of the day, what they get are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem and they do not live to enjoy what they had acquired! Well, please do not get me wrong that we shouldn't work hard to get what we want! What I am trying to share is we must first define our own level of contentment and must appreciate what we have achieved. No one in this world can really makes us happy except ourselves! If we can define our own level of contentment and not to worry about others "measuring" our status in the society, we can be happy all the times!

Any disagreement with my view? Please share your views!

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