Monday, May 9, 2011

A " Burden " Mindset!

Is it wrong to be born as mentally retarded? Who wants to be born mentally retarded?

I was at a restaurant yesterday night when a young teenage girl rushed towards a lady customer at one of the tables and stared at the lady's face very very closely. I was shocked with this young girl's action. However, after I observed her behavior for a while, I found out the she is a mentally retarded girl, I feel really sorry for this young pretty girl. I was especially sad when I saw her dad pulled her away and knocked at her head for disturbing the lady. Although the lady did mention to her dad that it is alright for her, her dad continued to pull her away. I was very sad and really heartache when I heard the young girl cried. I believe no one wants to be born mentally retarded. Since she has already come to this world, I believe all of us in this world must give them the best support, take care of them and give them the due respect! We should not despise them or feel that they are a burden to us! I believe they do have the right to live in this beautiful world. Please respect their right!

Nowaday, we can see in the media that there were many cases of mentally retarded kids being abused or harrased by the mentally healthy persons. I believe not only the parents of the kids need to take extra efforts to take care of them, all of us in this world must also provide our assistance to help them. We should not take advantage of them, abuse or harrass them! As all of us are aware, even animals knows how to protect their babies, why can't we as human beings protect our younger generations especially the unfortunate ones?!

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