Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A " Worry After Death " Mindset?

I was reading an article, titled : " A Dead Sure Investment" in one of the newspaper recently, based on what was written in the article, it is good to invest on the good feng shui "after death" property (cemetry). I have no comments over what they said. Well, I do agree that there is nothing wrong to prepare for our own death.

I believe all the religions in the world are teaching or guiding their devotees to do the "Right Thing Right". I do not know how many religions are teaching their devotees to buy their own good feng shui burial ground before they die. I believe no one knows and can predict how we are going to die, will I die during earthquake? Will I die in a tsunami? Will I die in civil war? Will I die in plane crash? etc.... . and also no one knows and can prove to us where we are going after the end of our life.

However, I am aware that everything in this world is subject to impermanence or change. Based on the Law of Impermanency, I believe we cannot exclude feng shui. If feng shui is also subject to change, who can guarantee us that our good feng shui burial ground will not be affected by the buildings, the highways, the telco towers, the high voltage electrical transmission towers or the overhead bridges that our next generations are going to build? Who can guarantee that our bones will not be digged out if the government want to buy back the land for development purposes? Can feng shui predict the unknown future? I do not know.

Please share your views?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Have A Cool And Calm Mindset

A friend of mine forwarded an interesing email to me recently. Inside the mail, it said that when we are practising yoga, evil spirit will take over our body. Well, I am not in a position to comment anything about it as I am not either a Yoga Master or a Yoga practitioner. I just deleted the mail after reading it as I am not interested in the topic.

The world is in a messy situation now. Sometime it is difficult for us to differentiate who is telling the truth and who is telling lies! Sometime we can see that when everyone in the community believe in the lie, the lie becomes the truth. Only when the truth reveals that people will then change their view accordingly.

I believe the best thing for us to do from falling into confusion is to constantly watch our mind. We have to keep our mind cool and calm so that we can see thing clearly. We must be mindful in whatever we do, write and say. We should not just believe in whatever we heard or see, we have to find out the real cause or causes of the event or happening.
Any disagreement? Please share your views.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

" Save Money Or Committing Crime " ?

I overheard someone saying at a coffee shop that since the increase in electricty rate, there were many companies taking steps to save their electricity bills in the organization nowaday. I believe this is a good approach for the companies. However, according to the person, some of the companies are using a wrong approach to reduce their electricity bill. They couldn't be bothered whether they will be caught by the Authority. What they did is to fix a illegal gadget to slow down the smooth running of the electricity meters so that their bills will not be high! It seems that the amount of money they can save is quite substantial. Well, I believe they can save the electricity bills, however, I believe they did not lower down the consumption of the electricity. In fact, instead of saving money in the right way, he or she has committed a crime.

I believe some of us may have this type of experience before where we do thing without thinking thoroughly. If we are mindful, we will not commit this type of misconduct.

Do share your views.

" Life Is More Secured " Mindset

" Many robbery and murdered incidences made me feel my life is not secured nowday. I feel more secured and comfortable to stay in a gated housing estate. " . This is what my friend told me recently.
Does staying in a gated housing estate make us more secured? I do not have the answer. Anyway, I did read from the newspaper before that there were incidences where the security guards were the culprits in the unfavorable incidences.
I was asked by a friend recently that who can guarantee our house will not be "visited" by the thief if we were to go for a long holiday without locking our house? Can we pray hard and depend on the Almighty Being to save our house? Can we depend on our neighbor to help take care of our house 24 hours? Can we depend on the security guard to guard ur house? Well, I really do not have a clue on this.
I believe no one in this world can saves us. We can't depend on others to save our life. We have to do our part to prevent all the unfavorable incidents to happen to us.
Agree or disagree? Do share your views with us.