Friday, March 4, 2011

Have A Cool And Calm Mindset

A friend of mine forwarded an interesing email to me recently. Inside the mail, it said that when we are practising yoga, evil spirit will take over our body. Well, I am not in a position to comment anything about it as I am not either a Yoga Master or a Yoga practitioner. I just deleted the mail after reading it as I am not interested in the topic.

The world is in a messy situation now. Sometime it is difficult for us to differentiate who is telling the truth and who is telling lies! Sometime we can see that when everyone in the community believe in the lie, the lie becomes the truth. Only when the truth reveals that people will then change their view accordingly.

I believe the best thing for us to do from falling into confusion is to constantly watch our mind. We have to keep our mind cool and calm so that we can see thing clearly. We must be mindful in whatever we do, write and say. We should not just believe in whatever we heard or see, we have to find out the real cause or causes of the event or happening.
Any disagreement? Please share your views.