Thursday, March 3, 2011

" Life Is More Secured " Mindset

" Many robbery and murdered incidences made me feel my life is not secured nowday. I feel more secured and comfortable to stay in a gated housing estate. " . This is what my friend told me recently.
Does staying in a gated housing estate make us more secured? I do not have the answer. Anyway, I did read from the newspaper before that there were incidences where the security guards were the culprits in the unfavorable incidences.
I was asked by a friend recently that who can guarantee our house will not be "visited" by the thief if we were to go for a long holiday without locking our house? Can we pray hard and depend on the Almighty Being to save our house? Can we depend on our neighbor to help take care of our house 24 hours? Can we depend on the security guard to guard ur house? Well, I really do not have a clue on this.
I believe no one in this world can saves us. We can't depend on others to save our life. We have to do our part to prevent all the unfavorable incidents to happen to us.
Agree or disagree? Do share your views with us.

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