Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A " Worry After Death " Mindset?

I was reading an article, titled : " A Dead Sure Investment" in one of the newspaper recently, based on what was written in the article, it is good to invest on the good feng shui "after death" property (cemetry). I have no comments over what they said. Well, I do agree that there is nothing wrong to prepare for our own death.

I believe all the religions in the world are teaching or guiding their devotees to do the "Right Thing Right". I do not know how many religions are teaching their devotees to buy their own good feng shui burial ground before they die. I believe no one knows and can predict how we are going to die, will I die during earthquake? Will I die in a tsunami? Will I die in civil war? Will I die in plane crash? etc.... . and also no one knows and can prove to us where we are going after the end of our life.

However, I am aware that everything in this world is subject to impermanence or change. Based on the Law of Impermanency, I believe we cannot exclude feng shui. If feng shui is also subject to change, who can guarantee us that our good feng shui burial ground will not be affected by the buildings, the highways, the telco towers, the high voltage electrical transmission towers or the overhead bridges that our next generations are going to build? Who can guarantee that our bones will not be digged out if the government want to buy back the land for development purposes? Can feng shui predict the unknown future? I do not know.

Please share your views?

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