Thursday, March 3, 2011

" Save Money Or Committing Crime " ?

I overheard someone saying at a coffee shop that since the increase in electricty rate, there were many companies taking steps to save their electricity bills in the organization nowaday. I believe this is a good approach for the companies. However, according to the person, some of the companies are using a wrong approach to reduce their electricity bill. They couldn't be bothered whether they will be caught by the Authority. What they did is to fix a illegal gadget to slow down the smooth running of the electricity meters so that their bills will not be high! It seems that the amount of money they can save is quite substantial. Well, I believe they can save the electricity bills, however, I believe they did not lower down the consumption of the electricity. In fact, instead of saving money in the right way, he or she has committed a crime.

I believe some of us may have this type of experience before where we do thing without thinking thoroughly. If we are mindful, we will not commit this type of misconduct.

Do share your views.

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