Saturday, April 2, 2011

What A " Problematic(?!) " Mindset!

I believe it is interesting to know about the political scenario nowaday. If we were to group the "infotainment" produced by some of the politicians, it can only be categorised into 7 categories. 1. " Backside " case , 2. " Front side " incident, 3. " Corrupt " practises, 4. " Criminal " case, 5. " Color " case, 6. " Religion " case and 7. " Cronism " case. They just keep on highlighting, highlighting, talking, talking and amusing the public but there were no solution in place! Knowing the problem, highlighting the problem, chanting the problem, married with the problem, have children with the problem, and when comes to solution of the problem, another set of problem will be highlighted to cover or divert the attention of the people away from the previous problem! Hahaha... . What an interesting human act! It is true that we are living in a world of "Challenges"! From one challenge to another challenges, e.g we have to tell a bigger lie to cover a small lie.

What an interesting world we are living in now? Creating bigger problem to cover a smaller problem! I do not know when will human being learn from all these lessons?


  1. It does seem hopeless, no end in sight but we must keep trying to agree?? maybe?? No more covering with bigger problems...

  2. Thanks for sharing your views Kim. Will this type of behavior is going to destroy the world? Hopefully, people can realise the truth behind this type of act.

    May all human beings have a sound mind.