Sunday, April 10, 2011

What An " Easily Convinced " Mindset

Recently, my neighbor's husband bought a set of very expensive " wonder medicine " for her. According to my neighbor, her husband told her that this medicine can cure cancer and also help to cure her back pain. She requested me to explain to her the contents of the brochure. As I was also interested to know what this " wonder " medicine is, I read through the brochure word by word very carefully. On the first page of the brochure, they highlighted the benefits of promoting this product. On the second page, they highlighted the benefits of " beautification " and " anti-aging " after consuming the " wonder medicine". On the third page, they highlighted that scientists believe that some of the contents of this " wonder medicine " can prevent cancer and ......... . However, I did not come across any proven cases or evidences written in the brochure that this " wonder medicine " can cure cancer. After I had gone through the whole brochure, I found out that this so called " wonder medicine " is actually a supplement sold by the direct selling agent. Well, I am not here to criticise or insult any direct selling company. What I wish is that the direct selling company should set up a code of ethics and provide proper training to their agents as not to mislead their potential customers. I also hope that anyone who wish or are selling health food or supplement, they should not begin with " Profit or Money " as the end in mind. They have to always bear in mind that they are dealing with health food which will either improve the health status of their customers or they are going to destroy the life of their customers! I believe all potential customers of all these wonder products should be more cautious about the functions of the product! Whether is it use as a supplement or is it a real medicine. There are many wonder medicines available in the market which contains steroids and need to be prescibed by a qualified medical practitioner and not to be simply sell to the customers.

Lastly, we should not be blinded by the " convincing " talk by any sales agents! We should verify all the facts and data before purchase or consume any products. In God, we trust, however, with people, we need data and facts to justify what they said.


  1. Like scammers by sending spams over the internet, there are also many dishonest individuals and groups that take advantage of the vulnerability of the consumers..And i agree that they should really be smart to discriminate facts from myths..The name itself is funny 'Happy Pills'..I suspect they named it as that because the suppliers have the happiest laugh every time they deceived the buying public..Tsk tsk.

  2. Thank you very much for your valuable sharings. I agreed with your view.

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