Sunday, June 5, 2011

An Interesting " Sexual Prowess Took A Front Seat In Marriage " Mindset

Sex lessons to help wives "serve their husband better than a first-class prostitute" will be among the classes provide by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) to help promote harmonious marriages and counter social ills.
Its vice-prsident Dr Rohaya Mohamad said it was time sexual prowess took a front seat in marriage, beyond that of the traditional "good mother or good cook" role. ................ ' - extracted from Sunday Star , 5 June 2011 NATION page 3.

I was stunned when I read the above report by Isabella Lai at :

I really do not know how far is it true that a husband who is kept happy in the bedroom would have no reason to stray, seek out prostitutes or indulge in other social vices? This is really an interesting question for all of us to ponder upon!

Just a thought : Will there be any "side effects" if the wife is too good in bedroom? Will the husband start to suspect why his wife is so good in bed and start a "civil war" between them?". I do not have an answer to the question! By the way, with the formation of the Obedient Wives Club, will the husbands form a Loyal Husbands Club? Hahaha....... .

I am wondering why some women like to lower down their status as to become a "sex slave or sex toy " of the husband?! Is there any universal law stated that woman is born to be the "sex slave or sex toy" for the man?! In fact, can a women really use sex to "tie down" a husband heart? What is the reason why a husband go for prostitute? Is it because the wife is no good in bed? All these questions seem to be just focus on fulfilling the "pleasurable" aspects of Man!

I believe some of the reasons why a husband commit sexual misconduct are the :

1. feeling of " thrill or excitement ".
2. " push " factor from his peer group
3. "ego ( thinking of conquering others )" factor
4. "anything new is better" mindset

In fact, all the above thoughts and feelings arise are because the person does not manage his mind well! Instead he let his mind to manage him!

Last but not least, who has the actual authority to set the service standard for the prostitute? Based on what criteria do they set the standard? Another interesting question is how do we determine whether a prostitute is providing a first class service to a client? Hahaha....... .

Just hope to receive some sharings from my beloved readers.


  1. Yeah women must always try something different so their husbands will not look for prostitutes, nice post!

    Zero Dramas

  2. I believe understanding, patience, tolerance and mutual respect are important than trying something diffrent! Hahaha........ .

  3. I do not think many women would want to be a sex does sound like a man thought of this idea?? just my thinking

  4. Hi Kim, I do concur with your valuable comments. Rgds.

  5. What a wacky idea. No mention of sex lessons for men then?
    Just when you thought you'd heard it all!

  6. Hi Linda, thanks for the valuable comments.