Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What An Unclear Mindset?

A few days ago, I read from the newspaper that some religious fanatics had carried out the arson attack on the places of worship of other religion. I am deeply sadden by the incident.

I remember many many years back I came across a saying by a wise man i.e " you can destroy the place of worship of a religion, however, you can't destroy the religious teaching as they are in heart and mind of the devotees!". I pity the building! Hahaha.....

If we are unhappy or unsatisfied over any issues, it would be better for us to find out the causes of the problem rather than to release our frustration and anger on the buildings, tables, chairs and so on. I believe if we can clearly define our problem, we can find the causes of our problem, and if we can find out the causes of the problem, we can definitely find a solution to resolve the problem.

We are human, we have a mind, we are not like the dogs and cats where they can't think rationally. We should engage our mind power to resolve problem. We should not let our emotion to control us!!!

Any different views? Please share.