Monday, January 25, 2010

" Human Beings Are Saddists ?! "

I do not know what to say when I heard one of my friends said that " Human Beings Are Saddist!". Well, what was in my mind at the time was this question : Is it true?

Anyway, I do notice that whenever we see someone making any mistake, we will laugh! Just take an example of the show " Mr Bean ". Why people laugh when they see Mr Bean making mistake or silly act! Is it that they are happy???? I really do not know the reason behind! Can anyone enlighten me on this? Why should we be happy when we see others making mistake or fail in whatever they do?

Whenever there is War, the winner will be very happy when they see that their opponent has been defeated! When in business, the businessman will be very happy to see their competitors fail in their business! When there is any sports competition, the winning party will be very happy to see that their opponent is defeated. It seems finding others' mistakes or weakness is the most happiest thing for us in this world!

I understand that there are always two sides of a coin. However, do we need to be very happy when we see others fail?! I do not have the answer. Anyone can share your views?

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