Sunday, August 30, 2009

" Life Never Dies! "


When we talk about life, we talk about age! People like to link "Life" to "Age"! Is there really a linkage between Life and Age? I came across this powerful question, " What is the purpose of Life?" on many many occasions. However, as at todate, I still haven't come across the question of, " What is the purpose of Age?"!

Based on my personal observation, whenever someone attends the wake of any deceased person, the very first thing he or she will do is to look at the age of the deceased person! I really do not understand what is the significant for us to look at the age of the deceased?

Mankind are funny, they always like to interpret a person's death as good or bad according to their own perception. Just take a simple example, if a person dies young, some may be saying, it is a pity to see a person dies young. However, there may be some who will say that we should be happy for the deceased because the Divine Being loves him or her so much that He has to take him back to His Kingdom. Which is the right version? I do not know!

To me personally, we should not worry so much on how long should we stay or live in this world! We should be more concerned about how much good we have done for mankind and the world during the period we are in this world! I believe we will feel much happier if we have done a lot of good deeds before we leave the world. We will have no regrets to leave the world!

I came to know that three of our beloved friends who went to India to do some charity work recently met with a tragic accident and passed away. Leaving the world in the midst of performing a noble task! I believe their good merits will definitely leads them to be reborn in a better place of existence! May I pay my highest respect to them all! May You All Be Well And Happy In Your Next Life!

I would also like to extend my deepest condolences to the members of their families.

Last but not least, I would like to dedicate this beautiful song to all my beloved friends who have passed away in the tragic accident, to listen please click on the link: